I Believe in ghosts..... Friday NFL Plays.


Semcon Don
Dave Ragone haunts me. Ben Roethlisberger haunts me. Lets add to the mix........

THE PLAYS: (1 unit)

Tampa Bay -3 <------ Looking for the ghost of Bruce Gradkowski to make an appearance here.

Detroit +2 <------ Dan Orlovsky supposedly has the upperhand in Martz style of vertical offense........lets see.(Look for the ghost of Bradlee Van Pelt to make a special guest appearance)

:drink: Good Luck:moose:
lmfao...the ghost of Bradlee Van Pelt...he actually made me some green.

I'm on DEN so health on that one...good luck on the other bro.


It's fuckin rain' money in South Eastern Michigan.

Nice work!!!!:cheers:
Nice calls, dude!