Human Torch's Bankloan - NCAA Week 4 Picks



USC -19 $550 to win $500:hairout:

WVU 1st Half -11 $220 to win $200:hairout:

GA Tech 1st Half -9 $110 to win $100:smiley_acbe:

These are the only plays I have set right now,


Nevada 1st Half -3.5 $120 to win $100:smiley_acbe:


Ohio State 1st Half -9.5 $120 to win $100:hairout:

adding <---A little late

ASU TT Over 25 +115 $50 to win $57.50:hairout:

I lost a big chunk of money this weekend, and its only SATURDAY........

Leans for

VA Tech Over 44.5 & TT Over ??.?

Michigan 1st Half -7.5

Lousiville 1st Half -6.5 -125

Clemson 1st Half -9

ASU if it gets to +8
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yeah...lookin good, scourge.

as you prolly know...arizona is fucking horrible this year. would not be surprised to see the kind of ass kickin here that TX put on Rice this past saturday.
guess i should jump on USC too...before it goes over 3 TDs.
Moosecock said:
C'mon man why you gotta bet against US and then bet on the SCUMDEVILS :(

That's just a lean Moose. But that way the action has been and the fact that I can get ASU at +9 now really makes me want to play them more.

I know ASU suck in Cali but if I can get +9.5 at game time I'm gonna play them regardless. They have an extremely checkered record in the state of Cali but I don't think Cal is that good and/or the ASU is as bad as everyone thinks.

And I also like money. After 5 years of going to Zona I've learned that Cats are one of the worst football teams to bet on.
Added OSU 1st Half play
WVU 1st Half -11 $220 to win $200:spank:


Ohio State 1st Half -9.5 $120 to win $100:spank:

nice INT in the end zone White.:down: