How is LSU favored -3 in Knoxville?


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I may not be a very smart individual, however, when I look at the LSU Tigers, I don't see any quality wins for them this year. Let me explain. In their six wins, all at home I don't see any special teams or anything:

Here is a list of teams they have played at home and won the way they were suppose to:

La Lafayette (Sun Belt) 4-3 won 45-3
Arizona (Pac-Ten) 3-5 won 45-3
Tulane (Conf. USA) 3-5 won 49-7
Miss State (SEC) 2-7 won 48-17
Kentucky (SEC) 4-4 won 49-0
Fresno State (WAC) 1-6 won 38-6

Two loses both away games against quality teams:

Auburn (SEC) 8-1 lost 3-7
Florida (SEC) 7-1 lost 10-23

Now some may ask who has Tennessee played. Yes we did get beat by Florida at home 20-21. But lets look at California 35-18 now with a record of 7-1 and leading the Pac 10 at 5-0. Lets look at our last 3 games, Georgia won 51-33 and they was only giving up 6 pts per game they have a record of 6-3, another 6-3 team Alabama we won 16-13, and last was South Carolina who has a record of 5-3 and we won that game on the road 31-24 we was also on the road at Georgia. I believe that the wrong team is favored in this game. If you look at Tennessee their opponents they have faced so far this year is 38-27, compared to LSU, their opponents are just 32-32.

How does everybody else feel about this game, especially you Purple and Gold?

Most peopl think that LSU has the most talent by far of any SEC team..but they have lost both big road I'm not buying...Show me..

Russell hasn't come up big in a big spot..

If Ainge practices and the ankles show fine, I'll be on the home doggie..
I was planning on maybe trying an LSU ML or LSU +3 hopefully
This really has me puzzled but hey we ended up being favored at Florida for the early part of the week before the swing back to Florida.

LES MILES nuff said :smiley_acbe:

This should be a game that LSU treats as its SEC champ game.
Miles knows his ass is on the line - if not literally through media outlets
Broussard was benched during one game (never played) then half quit then rejoined the team and ran with an old spark the last time out.

If Ainge is hampered by the ankle I could see this line being legit.
I cant lay points on the road at Arky with this team much less Tenn.

Lots of people think we can win but the numbers are nowhere near the hype leading into AUB and FLA. The coach thing could be an easy cop out to an underperforming OL but I think its a mixture of both.

Brady last night was what I have envisioned for this offense for years.
Saban didnt utilize the talent enough but did allow much more than this staff we got running things now. REVENGE FACTOR may be larger than anyone can know cause TENN flat out ruined our season last year.
CORRECTION: MILES ruined our season by giving TENN a game last year.
Regardless this game means more to TENN for the year but could have a special place in the hearts of my Tigers.

So DCLARK.....if I were you I would play TENN heavy as your going to now and then wait to see what the line is going to do. I think it shifts back around Thurs night and sits close to a PK at kickoff. Grab a little ML now and maybe a couple points and be happy.


I played OVER Auburn LOST played Over Florida LOST

Same destination, but you got there the wrong way. That's some nice homework with the records, but it doesn't matter. You are making the facts fit your conclusion. Don't get me wrong, LSU is indeed the wrong team favored here.

LSU's defense is one of the best and can keep them in a game with anyone. The coaching and the offense, specifically offensive playcalling, will take LSU out of any game. It's as simple as that. Any time LSU has faced an aggressive coaching plan, it gets outdone. Witness 3-7 at AU. That plus LSU miscues gets you UF.

This game is a toss up and a no play for me. LSU's defense could single handedly win this game. They are the most talented defense UT will face this season and will be getting after it. Can the LSU coaches come up with a gameplan that is aggressive and not just play not to lose? Can Jamarcus Russell not just execute but perform at a high level? They will have to in order to win on the road in the face of a great team.
Fulmer says Ainge will be "ready to go" against LSU
Oct. 29, 2006
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge injured his right ankle in the Volunteers' win over South Carolina, but he "should be ready to go" this week against No. 13 LSU, coach Phillip Fulmer said Sunday.
Ainge was injured in the fourth quarter when he was tackled after a run. He finished the drive, but did not return in the game. His backup, redshirt freshman Jonathan Crompton, finished the game.
X-rays and an MRI taken on Ainge's ankle on Sunday were negative, Fulmer said. The injury does not appear to be serious, but Fulmer didn't say what the exact diagnosis was.
He said he didn't expect Ainge to be very limited in practice this week.
"We'll have to see as the week goes on. I don't think so," Fulmer said. "I don't think he'll be too limited."
The Vols will get Crompton up to speed in case, he said.
"We will work Jon as well to get him ready if needed, but we're expecting Erik to be ready to go," Fulmer said.
Ainge, a junior, was 21-of-29 for 254 yards and two touchdowns in the 31-24 victory Saturday.
Not so fast.. score in the FLA game is misleading.. LSU coughed it up in key situations and I believe should have won that game.

Auburn? Too conservative playcalling in that one. I don't know how Tenny's O can handled LSU's speed on defense... if Ainge aint 100% the pick is easy
TENN will have 0 rushing yards,just like the FLA game.TENN o-line can not handle LSU's defnse.TENN's defnse will be on the field all day. I see LSU winning if they don't turn the ball over more than 3 times. :wacka wacka:
Damn UTSUX, U know deep down inside your a TENNESSEE fan. hey wags were both losers,we both work at a shithole for a just got to come to gripes that your a UT fan and then your misfortune will change,hahahaha GL wags im pulling for you,rut:drinking:
Inspekdah said:
Not so fast.. score in the FLA game is misleading.. LSU coughed it up in key situations and I believe should have won that game.

Auburn? Too conservative playcalling in that one. I don't know how Tenny's O can handled LSU's speed on defense... if Ainge aint 100% the pick is easy

But Les Miles is still there and so is Russell...

Why shouldn't it be assumed they do it again???

Don't you remember the Ten/LSU game last year and Miles dumb ass decisions...

RUTDOG,buddy you know you love working hard all week just to lose it on the weekend.:hairout:

shoot me a PM.
If Ainge does play, he has got to stop making the bone headed one or two throws a game at crucial times. He got by with it against SC, but dont think he would be so fortunate against the afletes the Bayou Bengals have. will be a close one decided in the final minutes.

no play for me.:down:
Yes. I don't see LSU being so much more accident prone than TENNY.. and Tenny has looked bad at home this season... I think the team with the motivation here is LSU... Tenny's is... to come in 2nd in the SEC? Don't understand this one.
The point your missing is while they lost two tough games on the road they were coin flips...

Tenny was 4.5 pt home dogs to Fla and LSU was favored @ Fla simple math tells you LSU is going to be favored @ Tenny especially withCoker Out and Ainge less then 100%....

Its not about results but rather lines on the games versus results.....

Sure Fla shouldnt have been -4.5 @ Tenny thats why I played Tenny but they should have been road chalk. Whne Fla played Auburn it was the classic bounce back spot for them. You get a bad line cause AUB lost to ARK at home so instead of AUB -2.5 it sthe other way around......

Tenny at home did what ...Bama ? AF ? Fla? They dont have a defense like AUBURNS or FLORIDA's so LSU gets a plus there...then factor LSU defense facing a bad ankle QB w/o a running game.....

South Carolina is an okay team and Tenny had to battle them.....LSU wins by a touch here IMO.....