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I Know You Are A Texas Fan But Let Me Here A Quick Analysis Of How You Think The Game Will Go Next Week V. Osu? I Have My Opinion I Just Wanna Hear Your Thoughts And A Prediction I'll Hsare Mine After I Hear Form You On Here
Stacks where is your thread i want to see how u did.. i know we had a lot of similar plays which is trouble for the books
Texas defense is sick and if Garrett Wolfe and his OL were blowing up the tOSU front seven Charles and Co. will as well.

Texas gave tOSU a starting avg field position of their own 47 last year on the road.

tOSU could only score 1 TD vs Texas last year and their FG kicker was a stud. They used 2 different kickers today and both missed their FGs.

Texas wins this game more then they won it last year.
I capped the line at Texas -4, factoring in a home field of 3.

DKR will be rocking. We had 85K for UNT and there will be 88K for Ohio St.

No, not Horseshoe numbers but it will be loud and we will support Texas big time.

Texas D wins this game.
OSU's new defense couldn't tackle for shit. The LB's looked slow, out of position, and were not sheding off blocks well at all. The saftey's couldn't tackle and missed a couple of easy tackles.

You can get away with that vs UNI and yes Wolfe is a great tailback but if you miss tackles like that vs Charles he's gone. Plus the UNI OL had a great day and they are nowhere close to Texas.

Go read how confident the Buckeyes are on their message boards about this game after watching their defense today.
If you stop the run game, and force smith to beat u with his arm, texas wins by 8 to 10.. Ill have a prediction once i read some notes!
LOL fondy. So big 10 guys don't root for their conferences?

Trust me I caught myself cheering for UAb yesterday.
Completely off topic but Paul Thompson made Reggie Ball look like John Elway..
I always cheer for Big 10 teams....Wolfe is a better back than Charles IMO
I think OSU is more talented BUT there are many other factors that come into this game. I do not think the home stadium will help Texas that much- for the fact that OSUs offense (offense is usually the only thing effected by home crowd) has played in huge games before (ND at Happy Valley last year, at the Big House last year). Texas' stadium is not really that intimidating compared to those places. With all this being said I think this will be a great game. I think both teams have an equal chance to win this game. The only way a blowout happens is if OSU wins. I am looking forward to this game and it should be a classic. People pointing to last year- lets not forget that without a dropped ball and a coaching mistake OSU would have probably won that game
How can u say they are more talented? Are we talkin about on offense or defense? More talented at what position? I think Texas is loaded. They shut down ginn last year, and texas's OL and rb's are a lot better than Ohio St's.
yessir, Are you talking about the drop ball that Kelson had that Troy smith through right in his chest that he would've took in for a pick 6?

All kidding aside it should be a great game but I disagree with you on the home field advantage. tOSU is 7-6 on the road in their last 13 under Tressel. Last year you pointed out both tough road games and Penn St. dominated the tOSU offense and a bad Michigan squad should've won that game if Carr wasn't such an idiot.

The only reason you don't think Texas crowd is intimidating is because they really haven't had many big homes games over the years. The big rival OU is played in Dallas and the games vs A&M over the years have been huge blow outs. This is the first #1 ranked team to come play vs Texas in Austin ever. The crowd will be rocking since Texas is usually the heavy favorite in its home games. This game has MNC title written all over it so don't think the crowd won't be more fired up then a rivalry game.

If your basing your opinion on Charles vs Wolfe becuase of last years game it was his first time ever seeing extensive action when SY went down to injury in the Shoe and he did play well. Take away a 14 yard fumble he had to recover on a bad pitch he had a spectacular day vs that tOSU defense.

Wolke is 5'7 173 pounds. Charles is bigger and faster running the 100 M in the NCAA championship. The only college football player to do that. He is crazy fast if he gets to the second wave of defense like Wolfe did it will be a long day. UNI's OL vs Texas Ol isn't even worth comparing. They gave up almost 300 yards to a player that is a one man team.

Plus UNI has no downfield passing attack and Texas has a ton of WRs they will throw at tOSU. I went from Texas winning this game 60% to now 80%.

But then again I am a homer so don't listen to me. :cheers:
SHSUHorn said:
But then again I am a homer so don't listen to me. :cheers:

Your a texas homer? I had no idea :cheers:
All kidding aside, im drinking the kool aid this year and think this texas team is better than last years( although i think USC is better as well.. which will lead to another 10 page debate in the national championship game between me and horn ;). Love the wr and rb combos as well as the lines.. I think they win by 8 to 10.
Go read any publication that ranks units or go look athem your self and this is what you'll see...

RB - Texas
WR - Texas
OL - Texas
DL - Texas
LB - Texas
DB - Texas
Special Teams - OSU
Coaching - Who out coached who last year?
Home field Advantage - Texas with a nice 95 degree sept night in Austin with a ton of humidity.

OSU is not more talented then Texas. They just happen to have two players in Smith and Ginn that everyone is in love with in the media therefore they are getting all the hype and love kinda like Quinn and ND.

If I'm wrong on any of these let me know.
I'm hoping for a Total in the 40s but I know that's probably wishful thinking. I think it could be a game similar to last year's Texas/USC game with lots of points be tallied. I think both these teams have stronger offenses than defenses with the offensive edge going to tOSU and the defensive edge going to Texas.

McCoy is going to be seeing a lot more defensive pressure this game than he did against NT. So, I expect to see him being put more to the test with this game and he'll likely make a few mistakes.

Also, and Horn can help me out with this question, why did Texas run off tackle and around the end so much yesterday? Is their a question mark about the strength of the inside blocking, or did they just take advantage of their speed around the corners? They are not going to be able to rely on that aginst tOSU. tOSU is a lot quicker around the ends and corners than UNT was.
i like texas no matter the spread great point about the olines and allowing all those yards my thoughts exactly texas should run all over the buckeyes this year. and i won't lie, i have always like osu but when it comes to money i toss all that out the window. texas will run run run and oh yeah run more...no reason to pass and let the rookie blow the game, hahah but sneed will be open all day as well. LONGHORNS BIG
Something you guys need to remember about tackling and the season opener -- they usually have very little practice at high speed tackling in camp. Coaches work more on technique and positioning and try to stay away from the injuries high speed tackling involves. So, by game one, they still have to get adjusted to tackling at high speed and it makes for poor tackling in game 1 unless you are playing a really slow team.

My point is this, tOSU missed tackles yesterday for this reason. Oklahoma's defense did a lot of this as well. (Of course Oklahoma defense also had the attitude that everyone would lay down whenever they said, "BOO!" too.
) You can't watch game one and make a solid stand that this is the way it is going to be. tOSU and Texas will both play a little better next week than they did this week. Most teams do.
who is going to cover Ginn? LMAO...don't tell me that UT is fast enough to cover Ginn, that's bullshit he was 10 yards ahead of every man yeserday. who isgoing to cover him on reverses, direct snaps? you better believe OSU will do this.

remember guys OSU was up HUGE right away, they stopped Wolfe initially and then kind of coasted with the big lead.
Texas looks focused right now. OSU's lack of offensive production yesterday isn't going to fix itself by traveling to Texas. You gotta like Texas ATS in this game as they will be looking to knock off the early season #1 and assert themselves as the top team in the country.

Mack Brown and the boys are going to bring heat and I wouldn't be surpised if this game turned out like the Arkansas/USC game.
Mack Brown and the boys are going to bring heat and I wouldn't be surpised if this game turned out like the Arkansas/USC game.

Are you serious? I have not decided to play this game yet but all this UT talk makes me want to vomit.
It was 28-0 in the first quarter scourge..lack of production? they didn't give a shit.
Huntdog, The same guy that's going to cover Ginn is the same guy that covered him last year Terrell Brown. That's the same guy that let Ginn explode for 2 catches and 7 yards total for the game. Brown runs a 4.40 40 as do most of the seocndary for Texas. Ginn ran a 4.37 not much difference.

Don't confuse the speed of the Texas secondary to that of UNI or ND. Speed doesn't kill the Texas defense size and power do as you witnessed in Michigan two years ago with Hart and Edwards and USC last year with Jarrett and no not Bush but Lindale White.

Love this match-up.
Sooner, Texas played about as Vanilla as you can get but losing All-Big C Lyle Sendlien early on hurt the inside game. He is expected back for tOSU and they kept him out for the rest of the game.

Also UNT did stack the middle of the field trying to make Mccoy beat them which is why WRs were open all over the place and Mccoy had such a big day.

But then again it was UNT so questions will be answered next saturday. Mccoy isn't going to be as bad as mnay of you think. There was a reason he was the second most prolific QB in the HISTORY of Texas HS football.
Horn..I understand...BUT, I think TG is bigger and seems faster this year. He is a much better player than he was in the first game of last year IMO.
GO TEXAS!!! hehe... I love wisky doesn't play Ohio State, so strength of schedule for Wisky doesn't get effected much win or lose for Ohio State.
also..none of this platoon crap at qb that we saw last year....Smith is light years better than that game last year...remember guys LAST YEAR IS LAST YEAR.
SHSUHorn said:
Go read any publication that ranks units or go look athem your self and this is what you'll see...

RB - Texas
WR - Texas
OL - Texas
DL - Texas
LB - Texas
DB - Texas
Special Teams - OSU
Coaching - Who out coached who last year?
Home field Advantage - Texas with a nice 95 degree sept night in Austin with a ton of humidity.

OSU is not more talented then Texas. They just happen to have two players in Smith and Ginn that everyone is in love with in the media therefore they are getting all the hype and love kinda like Quinn and ND.

If I'm wrong on any of these let me know.

COuldnt agree more.. as far as which team is more talented ( with nfl talent) its texas by a mile!
RB's is debatable.

WR's is debatable as well.

DL is also debatable.

no clear advantages for either side in those areas.

HF is the big advantage in this game.
Ohio St has pittman yes, but you are comparing him to charles and young. Sure the freshman back was highly recruited but he hasnt proven anything yet. WR's.. Im sorry but as far as nfl talent goes Id take sweed over ginn. Ginn is maybe 5 foot 11.. yea hes fast but as far as going off being strictly a wr id take sweed.

Running Backs
This should be interesting. Antonio Pittman emerged as a star last season with eight 100-yard games, but it's possible he's the team's third best back. Quick Maurice Wells was a bit tentative as a true freshman, but he could be a superstar if he figures out what he's doing. The real excitement is over top recruit Chris Wells, who could do for this year's team what Maurice Clarett did in 2002. [FONT=verdana, arial, sans serif][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]The key to the unit: The two young Wells have to be reliable enough to get meaningful carries to keep Antonio Pittman fresh. More big runs would be nice.
Running Back Rating: 8.5

Santonio Holmes left early for the NFL, but that wasn't a shock. It's also not a major surprise that Ted Ginn Jr. now appears ready to be a superstar number one target. Anthony Gonzalez can do a little of everything well and should thrive in the number two role. Big receivers like Roy Hall, Brain Hartline and Brian Robiskie will combine to form a good rotation. The tight end will be used more in the passing game this year with good, big receivers in Marcel Frost and Rory Nichol.
The key to the unit: Ginn needs to adequately replace Holmes, and Gonzalez has to adequately replace GinnThe big young backups have to come through early on.
Receiver Rating: 8.5
Running Backs
[SIZE=-1]This is one of the few teams that tailback-by-committee is a positive. Selvin Young and Jamaal Charles will get far more work without Vince Young's 155 carries to rely on. Henry Melton is a powerful back who'll also get more carries. The one downside is the loss of the team's all-purpose running star Ramonce Taylor after issues due to marijuana possession, but there's more than enough talent to pick up the slack. [/SIZE]
The key to the unit: Texas will have one of the nation's top five rushing attacks again as long everyone can be effective in a rotation.
Running Back Rating: 9.5

[SIZE=-1]As crazy as this might sound, there's more NFL talent than college talent here[/SIZE][FONT=verdana, arial, sans serif][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]. Limas Sweed, Billy Pittman and Quan Cosby all have the measurables to get scouts excited, but they don't get used nearly enough in the offense. However, they did help to make Vince Young one of the nation's most efficient quarterbacks and should flourish in single coverage with the safeties cheating up to help against the run. Backups Jordan Shipley, Myron Hardy and Nate Jones would be a great starting trio for almost any other Big 12 team. The loss of top tight end David Thomas won't be felt with the expected emergence of receiver Jermichael Finley and top blocker Neale Tweedie. [/SIZE]The key to the unit: Make the quarterback shine. There's enough experience and talent here to help out the young signal callers and pick up the overall offensive slack.
Receiver Rating: 8.5

Looks like cfn agrees with me..
Defensive Line
[SIZE=-1]This might be a bit of a no-name front four, and there aren't any sure-fire proven pass rushers, but this should be a rock against the run. It all starts in the middle with All-America candidate Quinn Pitcock at tackle, while David Patterson will be a solid running mate moving inside after starting last year at end. There'll be a nice rotation at each spot if sophomore ends Alex Barrow and Vernon Gholston become players. Lawrence Wilson might be the end who solves the pass rushing issues.The key to the unit: Get in the backfield from all four spots. Stopping the run won't be an issue, so there has to be plays made in the backfield on a consistent basis from anyone who's not double-teamed.
Defensive Line Rating: 8

Defensive Line
The[SIZE=-1] loss of [/SIZE][FONT=verdana, arial, sans serif][SIZE=-1][SIZE=-1]Rodrique Wright in the middle will be big unless Derek Lokey and Roy Miller can be more than adequate, but the rest of the line will be oh-my-goodness good with three All-America candidates in tackle Frank Okam and ends Tim Crowder and Brian Robison. There's more than enough quality depth to get plenty of production if injuries strike, but other than Okam, there aren't the huge, hulking tackles Texas usually throws out there.
The key to the unit: Derek Lokey and Roy Miller. If they're not rock-solid, teams will be able to double and triple team Frank Okam.[/SIZE]

Defensive Line Rating: 9

I see we have people with texas and ohio st in their avatar or name.. so i am non partisan and dont like either team that much. But as far as overall talent goes, its texas easily. People are enamored by ginn and smith ( rightfully so) but the explosivness of the rest team isnt that scary!! Not sure about the coaching advantage since i think both coaches are good recruiters but not that good at play calling.
We heard all this talk about speed with Bush as well and what did he do? Notice USC didn't pour it on untill the second half when White was the featured back.

Chris Wells is the one player that scares me the most on this team. I'm glad Texas doesn't have to see him in two years the kid would be a monster vs the style of play the Texas defense uses.

Please remember in last years game if you take away the saftey OUS had an avg starting field position of their own 47. Texas gave them the ball 4 times inside their own 37 yard line. 4 times fellas.

One TD and 5 FGs. tOSU doesn't have Huston back there kicking FGs either and they went 0-2 on FGs in yesterdays game.

Sooner, Yes you can say the tackling was bad because it was game one but how do you explain not being able to take on blocks correctly, LB speed, being out of position constantly, the safties looking lost and no pass rush from the DE's? Every OSU board right now is screaming to bench two of the LBs. Kerr is horrible on the outside and shouldn't even be on scholarship, Laurinitis is small and slow not a good combo.

This is against UNI at home. This is suppose to be corrected in one week in a hot and humid hostile Austin enviroment?

The difference between OU and OSU is OU has proven talent that we've seen get it done. tOSU lost 9 starters 6 of which are in the NFL and have played forever. And its not like these guys got a ton of snaps last year look at the tackle numbers for the new guys plus alot of these were probably on special teams.

DE Richardson 11 tackles
DE Wilson 2 tackles
LB Freeman 4 tackles
LB Kerr 14 tackles
LB Laurinitis 9 tackles
CB Jenkins 37 tackles
S Mitchell 12 tackles
S O'neal 2 tackles
CB Antonio Smith (who is 5'9 and i can't wait) 6 tackles

I don't even think OSU eeven knows who should be starting as they rotated 11 reserves into the first team defense yesterday.

UNI had 343 yards on offense and 13 of their 63 offensive plays went for 10 yards or more. They just kept blowing their opportunities when they got in close. You think Texas will?

Need any more info to sway you to bet on Texas?

I know I've been emphatic on Texas winning this game and I will eat all the crow in the world if they lose.

But when was the last time I've been wrong about a Texas game? OU? No I've been on the right side of that game for the last 4 years.

Horn, you know I lean toward your knowledge on your Horns and I will not have a full week to cap these games this week (have to head out for a weekend seminar on Thursday and will not be back until Saturday.) I'll have to do some thinking on it between now and Wednesday. Thanks for your insight.
QB play is huge to me...It changes the whole game...this is a damn tough game to cap.
Hunt, you are right the homefield is huge. Much easier on offense when you can hear the blitz calls, false starts, and being able to audible freely. Very huge.
absc- who gives a shit about NFL talent on September 9 th???

Scourge- lol did you watch the OSU game? They ran basic sets the whole game and scored pretty much at will. All their scores were basic slants or outs or Ginn on straight go.

Horn you make some great points! All I am done with this thread because I am too biased to talk about just the game (not capping). Call me crazy but I think this game will be determined by kickers and if OSU can effectively use Rory Nichol
The biggest question mark for Texas is nolt the QB its the kicker. In last years game Texas gave up a ton of field position because both kickers they tried to kickoff with hit linedrives and short kicks giving OSU great returns. P Greg Johnson ffinally took over and placed alot of height on his kickoffs which is huge because it gives the coverage team more time to get down the field.

Only problem is GJ will not only be kicking off but punting (which he is going to be the best punter we've had in 20 years) but also doing the kicking because true frosh Hunter Lawrence can't get any heights on his kicks and they are getting blocked in practice. GJ made all 8 XPs but didn't attempt a FG yet.

This is a MAJOR concern for UT backers and fans in this game.
YesSir said:
absc- who gives a shit about NFL talent on September 9 th???

WHat kind of talent are you talking about? What has ohio st's wrs proven besides ginn??
horn getting off topic here but your the prop guy. do me a favor and checkout for mia/fsu o/u receptions by greg olson for miami ithink he will be getting the ball alot tomorrow thansk
no where yet just seeing what you think of it so i can check it out tomorrow there should be one i would think?!??!?