G-Man's Football Plays COLLEGE WEEK 2.


Pretty much a regular
Friday night. & saturday.

College YTD 14-7 (67%)
Week 1 6-5
Week 2 8-2

Pitt -8 WON. Over Cincy

Pitt is clearly on a mission here. LW win was no fluke. LY Pitt beat Cincy 38-20 in Pitt. Same result TY in Cincy.

Pitt by 17.


Adding Kent State +6.5 WON over Army. Army is not talented this year at all IMO. Kent is far better than what they did LW.

Michigan State --25.5 WON over Eastern Mich.

I had Mich St. picked in a route last week which they barely won. No over-confidence setting in here this week. Good bounce-back to true form for MS.

Iowa -20 LOSS over Syracuse. Big lead early, short game, sound defense and ball control makes this a 24 point win. All Drew Tate here. 31-7.

Notre Dame -8.5 WON over Penn State

Level of opponent for PS radically different than last week with Akron. Dame was flat and expected to win easy at GT last week and found themselves in a battle. Weis will get them re-focused thia week and have them play up to FULL potential. Loss of offense and defense talent at Penn State, will show up here by losing badly. ND by 20.

BYU -4 WON over Tulsa

Good chance here for Tulsa to play some defense and stay close for most of this game. Can't see BYU losing at home though. Spread won't mean much if Beck gets going. Late scoring pulls BYU away with the cover.

Florida -23 WON over Central Fla.

Although this looks like a warm up game for Florida with Tennessee on deck - I see a lot of scoring here by the Gators.
Central Fla. hasn't played a ranked team too often. This will be as bad as Fla wants to make it. Expect lots of mistakes by Cent Fla here. Most resulting in scores for Florida.

Adding Iowa State -13.5 LOSS over UNLV by 20.

Ohio State +2 WON over Texas.

WRONG LINE here IMO. Texas should be the dog (+3). Troy Smith, Ginn and company will get revenge ON THE ROAD for loss LY at home. Talent level has slipped too far with loss of VY. Buckeyes have potent offense and will show it here this week.

UTEP +7 WON over Texas Tech.

This game is all about Jordan Palmer. He had 3 straight int's last week (4 overall) late in the game at SDSU. Home fied as a "DOG" is a real challenge for any top rated qb. TT is going to UTEP with only 5 returning starters on defense. Bad spot to be a favorite against a good qb IMO. Last week Utep/SDSU opened with a 7 point early line and it was bet down to a pk at one point. Seems like eveyone who had SDSU and lost, will be loading up on TT as well this week. Thanks for the 7 here. I see a SU win for UTEP.
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Oh hell yeah! Pitt, Iowa, Florida :shake: . Although I do like Texas Tech :spank: .
Good pics. I would stay away from the BYU/Tulsa game. It could be close game.

I do disagree with you on the Texas Tech game. I think that is going to be a track meet, with Tech leading the way.
DREW TATE of IOWA was scratched just before game time. Thats gonna hurt. Minimal chance for a cover by Iowa now. Maybe even a SU loss?
Well done G-Man...you certainly called the UTEP play :bow: .

Keep it going bro!
Mags said:
Well done G-Man...you certainly called the UTEP play :bow: .

Keep it going bro!

Thanks Mags,

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while...:cheers: