Friday's Plays

reNew Orleans

Clubbin' with Rasual Butler
YTD: 11-4 +7.84 Units
ATS: 5-3 +2.19 Units
Totals: 3-1 +1.95 Units
ML: 1-0 +2.0 Units
ML Dog: 2-0 +1.7 Units

Hit Spurs +5 yesterday night going 1-0 +1 Unit. I was scared when I saw others posting Mavs -3 or -2.5 plays. Didn't see the game but looks like the Spurs were able to disrupte the Mavs offensively from the stats.

Here's what I like so far tomorrow night.

New Orleans Hornets @ Indiana Pacers Under 195.5 - 1.09 Units for 1

Two teams that like to use up the shot clock here. Because of this I think this should easily go under. Last year these two teams played twice and scored 182 and 170 in both the games. Still taking time for Peja and Bobby Jackson to get used to playing with this team and without Chris Paul the Hornets just can't score. The Pacers and Hornets match up well with some physical big men that will challenge shots the entire game and Desmond Mason is a decent defender who should be able to slow down Stephen Jackson.

Detriot Pistons -2 @ Boston Celtics - 1.12 Units for 1
Detriot Pistons @ Boston Celtics Over 194 - 1.09 Units for 1

Don't know much about the Celtics except their defense isn't exactly great. Pierce shouldn't be slowed down and I think as long as the Celtics hit some shots this is over easy. More of a play with the Pistons ability to score and lack of defense now. If the Hornets can win @ the Celtics, I dont think the Pistons will have a problem either... especially since losing their home opener, they want to prove they can win without Ben Wallace.

Portland Trailblazers +7.5
@ Golden State Warriors 1.07 Units for 1

Who will stop Zach Randolph inside? The Trailblazers aren't a terrible team offensively outside of Randolph too. Brandon Roy is too good to be slowed down by any of these Warrior guards and he looks like a mismatch no matter who guards him. I'll take a team getting 7.5 when you have the best post player in that game and are playing a team that lives and dies by the three.
I may play the ML here, see good value.

Looking at these lines for tomorrow as well:

Philadelphia 76ers @ Orlando Magic -6
Cleveland Cavaliers @ San Antonio Spurs -5
Sacremento Kings @ Chicago Bulls -6
Utah Jazz +7 @ Phoenix Suns
New York Knicks @ Atlanta Hawks Over 205

Your opinions are welcome anytime! :4_12_13:
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Orleans, very nice start to your year so far. That looks like a very solid card for tonight too.

I like your angle on the Blazers-Warriors game. I expect them to be pretty solid as dogs this year with all the young talent, especially when they get Aldridge back.

Good luck tonight!:shake:
TY Killa, Mac, and Farm

Mac - wish i waited a little longer on that portland line, its up to +8.5 now and that just seems way too much early for most teams to cover.

Now adding a play:

New Jersey Nets @ Miami Heat -3.5 1.10 Units for 1
Tailing B.A.R. here pretty much, a popular trend around here. But a let down game last time, the Heat should not come out that flat again @ home.
Thanks Fondy, you too.

Philadelphia 76ers @ Orlando Magic ML
Sacramento Kings @ Chicago Bulls ML
Detriot Pistons @ Boston Celtics Over 193
1 Unit for 3.04 Units

I couldnt resist, I just feel that Magic and Bulls should win easily at home and the over in the Pistons/Celtics looks good. Already played that as a single bet earlier.
Thanks Inspekdah, your card was good looking too.

I really should stop adding plays but after looking at this game more closely I thought it was a good play.


New York Knicks @ Atlanta Hawks -2.5 1.15 Units for 1 Unit
Both have offensive weapons but heres why I like the Hawks. The Knicks shot a ridiculous 10-22 from 3 and shot very well as a team from the FT line shooting 28-36 in their 1st game of the season. But they nearly lost the game... blowing a 19 point lead. They survived only because they hit the 3's that night... they turned it over 23 times. The Hawks played terribly in their 1st game and I think they should play better in their home opener than they did in Philly. The Hawks shot .333 percent from the field and could never really get into the game after getting blown out to start the game. The Knicks should also be tired from the 3 OT game while the Hawks should be more well rested and refocused to win their home opener. The hawks have a few long players that will create turnovers and keep the Knicks pressing to stay in the game.
Excellent thread as we have come to expect. I like that parlay a lot. I may do that and add a 4th team for later tonight or on foots morrow to hegde off..

GL tongiht
Looks like we got the good side of that under, peaked up to 196 and now down to 193... gotta like seeing that.

anyway, gonna tail that parlay with ya... need action on my bulls but dont like the spread.
Thanks guys

Big Al - I hope I can keep it up... I feel I'm playing too much today but I can't really help it. GL on the parlay if you do it.

Inspekdah - Hope we hit this parlay tonight. I wish I had placed another bet on the under at 196 but the juice was pretty brutal at -118 so I didn't touch it and the total just fell from there.

I think I've played a few too many tonight but I like some value on these ML Dogs.

New Orleans Hornets ML @ Indiana Pacers 1 Unit for 1.65 Units
-I think this depends on how if Tyson can stop JO tonight.

Charlotte Bobcats ML @ Memphis Grizzlies 1 Unit for 1.81 Units
The Grizzlies 3 OT loss should take some umph out of there game. The Bobcats know they can play and win some games with Gerald Wallace who can shut down Mike Miller. Okafor will be too much for Warrick inside, too much offense on Charlotte for the Grizz.

Cleveland Cavaliers ML @ San Antonio Spurs 1 Unit for 1.87 Units
Spurs exerted some energy yesterday night to beat Mavs at their house. LeBron's got a lot to prove, no where better than a favorite to win the title.

I will probably add these:

Portland Trailblazers ML @ Golden State Warriors
read above... personally think there's GREAT value at +380, how much better is GSW compared to Portland?

Seattle Supersonics ML @ Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers might be getting a little cocky. They caught the suns off guard and GSW just shot terribly. The Supersonics are better shooters than the GSW and if they shoot nearly as many 3's as they did and hit some, this should be close. After a loss @ home to Portland, the Sonics should come out firing tonight against this poor defense. Others like it too so they've influenced me.
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Locking in...

Portland Trailblazers ML @ Golden State Warriors - .5 Units for 2
Seattle Supersonics ML @ Los Angeles Lakers - .5 Units for 1.14
Seattle Supersonics +6
@ Los Angeles Lakers - 1.1 Units for 1