Friday Pucks


Pretty much a regular
1-3-1 last night, PL and regulation bit me in the ass:down: still trying to get something together this season, 1 step forward 2 steps back. long season so Im not worried:cheers: Leaving 4:30 AM tomorrow for Ann Arbor, so I'll be capping tomorrows games tonight and hope to get em up.

Sides 16-15 +1.53 unit
Totals 27-28-5 -0.63 unit

YTD 43-43-5 + 0.90 unit

Atlanta / Washington over 6

Trends, stats you name it are pointing here. Lehtonen gets the bench after a tough stretch of games and the Thrashers will start Hedberg. Both teams are over 3 goals a game, 3.4 for Atlanta and 3.2 for Washignton. Thrashers have gotten away from their defensive play that started off the year adn their PK has been playing poorly allowing PP goals in 7 of the last 10 games, at 84% and 76% in their last 5. Capitals are scoring 4.25 goals at home this season, but allowing 3.5 where the over is 4-0. Atlanta is right around their season average in H/A splilts, and both have PP units over 20% in H/A situations. Atlanta is having a hard time on their PP of late, but vs the Caps in 2 games this season they have managed a PP goal in each game, both games going over, seeing a combined 25 minor penalties. Over is 7-2-1 ATlantas last 10, 6-2 Washingtons last 8. 4-0 last 4 meetings.

Thats it right now. Have to run for a minute, but have 2 more I most likely will play.

GL everyone:cheers:
GL today santa...

Let me be the first to say..
WELCOME TO MICHIGAN, maybe SEMCON will turn the heat up a little this weekend for your game at the big house..Your gonna have to ask
good luck. im going to guess that last night was rough on a lot of people
Farm - looking at the weather outside here, Im sure its pretty much the same. Just have to drink enough so its not the cold causing the numbness in my legs:wacka wacka: Thanks. GL

Cass - I managed to stay clear of the upsets and had a nice dog in TB but the faves that won, did it so that I lose... in OT and by 1:down: thanks. GL:cheers:
eames said:

And wait. Youre Going To MICHIGAN on PURPOSE?

ehh!! juts dropped 2 notches to my 6th most trusted poster:down:

Santa, gonna tail these ice hockey totals tonight...GL...:cheers:
B.A.R. said: juts dropped 2 notches to my 6th most trusted poster:down:

Santa, gonna tail these ice hockey totals tonight...GL...:cheers:

BAR - I just rated eames a 4:smiley_acbe:

Sounds good, I owe ya for the NBA plays:cheers:

eames - you know you are on my buddy list :shake: something about seeing the + beside your name:really_happy:
BAR - I still like them, if you would rather play em at 5dimes and buy it up, get some plus money there is that option. These are the times I love my deal with the local. GL

eames - he sure is getting down. loves the pelvig thrusts. GL