Friday Pucks


Pretty much a regular
Started going over my plays from the season right now because Im not too pleased with treading water in the early going. Decided I was forcing some plays and playing way more games than I did last year early on. So... going to see how this goes and not add on any games for a bit after the initial post.

Sides 9-9 +0.09 unit
Totals 16-18-1 -1.85 unit
YTD 25-27-1 -1.76 unit

Buffalo / Carolina over 6

Buffalo and all their firepower have come out of the gate this season and really shown their team speed. They are scoring close to 5 goals a game in the early going at 4.7 a game, and doing it efficiently with just around 30 shots on goal a night. Their PP is clicking at 21% overall, 29% at home, and 27% since their second game, 33% in their last 4. Carolina has found some scoring touch too, they have bumped up their season to 3 a night, and have scored at least 4 in their first 3 games of this road trip.

Dallas -0.5 -119

Chicago has looked good this season with the addition of Havlat yes, but they are now going into Dallas for a short 1 game road trip to play one of the better teams in the Western Conference riding Marty Turco. Turco has some real nice #'s vs the Hawks with a 10-0-1 lieftime # vs them and a 1.22 GAA. Throw into that, the Hawks are 5-23-6 last 34, and 2-14-1 in Dallas this is a good price to play a regulation. I expect to see Boucher as reported in the Tribune in net tonight for the Hawks as they play tomorrow in a Divisional game vs St Loo.

Minnesota / Anaheim over 5

In all honesty, I just think this total is too low. Both teams score 3 goals a game, and have alot more offensive punch this season. Both teams PP's are at the same % close to 30% on the season. Thats damn good, early or not. Both teams are allowing over or close to 30 shots a night in the same token. Both teams have great team speed. I understand that they allow under 2 goals, but think with the open ice that should be there tonight it will create some good chances. Also throw in that last season the over would have been 2-0-2 with a total set at 5 and that was when they didnt have the same scoring threats IMO.

Thats it.

GL everyone:cheers:
Hey, many times as cappers we have to take a stretch and re-evaluate what may have been done differently in that time. It happens to all of us. Shit, myself prolly once a month(lol). Your thoughts have helped me to be up about 3 units this year(and I only bet 1/4 units on hockey).

Rolling with all three tonight. I think this is a start of a great stretch.
Yes my HAWKS play is just a shot...I like taking the road dog after home team has a very good long trip...even though it was only to the West.

I reevaluated yesterday...see my THURS NOOSE thread...then went 3-0 last night.

I agree that most of us have been playing too many games just for the sake of "action" is the time to pick a game or two and HAMMER them!

GL tonight.
Popcorn - g/f wouldnt approve of those:hairout: Thanks. GL tonight

BAR - feel I have capped them 'right' for the most part with some learning curve errors with the teams and stuff. Glad its only down a unit and a bit though right now. :cheers: Let's get em tonight. GL:cheers:

Liquid - thats good with the re-evaluation. Agree, time to "put the women and children to bed":wacka wacka: GL tonight:cheers:
the ducks line is definitely way too low, that probably the play of the day. i also like the buffalo over...i think the dallas game is prettyy tough to pick and could go either way so i gonna stay away from that one....BOL :cheers:
Cass - just think saying, we'll save our #1 goalie for tomorrow night is a good sign of where the Hawks think they stand in this game:shake: GL tonight:cheers:
Gl tonight Santa. I'm looking at Chicago, Carolina and St.Louis tonight. Minny has been hot as hell, but I guess San Jose has more overall talent.
SMH - 2 of the 3 look like nice fades. lol. I think Dallas has owned the Hawks so far. But if the money is moving that way then I know you will take em. GL

Charvik - glad you like em too. GL tonight