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Lost my ass last week on 2nd halves. Chased pretty much all day after Clemson and Pitt lost. Thankfully I pretty much swept the late games and I did real nice for myself on the weeknight/Sunday night game to have a great overall week in CFB. It still feels though as if I lost my ass as draining as Saturday was. There will be very few if any 1Q and 2H plays from me this weekend. I need to start enjoying these games a bit more again instead of stressing out all day. That means bar time!

2006 College Football 307-286-14 +$3103.85

Week 1 37-33-1 +$286
Week 2 26-25-2
Week 3 19-6-2 +$1357
Week 4 25-20-2 +$13
Week 5 29-29-1
Week 6 35-41-1 -$884
Week 7 38-27-1 +$2885.20
Week 8 30-44-1 -$1798
Week 9 25-25-1 -$443.10
Week 10
43-36-3 +$1287

1st Quarter Record 14-17 -$204.35
1Q ATS 7-8 -$152.25

1Q ML 1-1 +$1.60
1Q Tot 6-8 -$53.70

1st Half Record 89-78-1 +$778
1H ATS 72-69-1 +$544
1H Tot 17-9 +$234

2nd Half Record 31-33 -$53.30
2H ATS 26-28 +$107.50
2H ML 1-2 -$25
2H Tot 4-3 -$135.80

Full Game Record 173-158-12 +$2583.50
143-124-12 +$2998
ML 2-5 -$59.50
Tot 28-29 -355

As always, this first window will be used to keep track of all the games I'm on, and will be edited as I add games.

Night Games
$200 Western Michigan +6
$250 UAB -2

Thursday Night Games
$10 Buffalo +17
$50 Wyoming +17.5
$200 Ville (hopefully -5.5)

Tuesday Night Game
$75 NIU -11.5
$50 NIU 1H -6.5
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Good luck this week...Looks to me like the full games is where you rake in the cash...Hope you have a great week!
Good luck fondy...I think we have the right side in this one. Good luck tonight and this weekend!!
Good health Fondy, but I will be on the other side in this one as I feel this is just too many points and Toledo will be able to pass all over on this NIU defense and has a shot at winning this game outright.

Thursday Night Games
$10 Buffalo +17
$50 Wyoming +17.5

Just playing these two games for shits and giggles. I'll be concentrating on CBB for the most part now.

I'll be making a $150-$200 play on Ville tonight too... Just waiting on the line...

Good luck fondy. Thanks for the welcome last week as I think you were one of the few to visit my thread.
I'm a degenerate. I was going to stay off of both plays, but I just wanted something on the games tonight. Didn't cap either of them to the extent I normally do.
$200 Western Michigan +6
$250 UAB -2 (put in drunk) - otherwise I'd go about $100 on it...

Doing all my main work in CBB forum.