Friday NBA Thoughts


Breaking it down briefly
Here we go:

Philadelphia +2 -108 (5x)

Okay exactly what has CHI done since opening nite to warrant being road chalk?? I believe its now 7 straight road losses and 0-5 on there Circus trip. Philly has listed Steven Hunter and AI as probable so I would expect them to play here. Webber is doubtlful and the Philly homers claim they are better off w/o him so I will respect there opinion. Philly is 2-2 at home with one loss vs DET missing 3 key players. They also lost to Denver . If Chi were playing good ball I could understand the line but thought a PK was fair. Lean towards the OVER as CHI has allowed 100+ in 6 of 8 away.

Over 209 -115 Boston (4x) & NYK +4.5 +100 (1.5x) ML +174 (1.5x)

We have the rematch of the game that saw 113 FT attempts! I think you tend to see a run & gun game with these two cause of the lack of big men. There isnt much posting up going on Or big bodies to clog the middle. The Forwards are athletic wing players who like to shoot . Three of the last 4 hvae sailed OVER in Boston..Boston last two at home they put up 118 and 114...These teams avg about 60 Fts but as I said over 11o 1st meeting....and obviously stops the clock at th eline. Lets face it NYK has struggled on D ..107 to Minny!!! I played NY only cause they appear to play better away...the points havent mattered in the past 10 meetings...SU winner covers....

Raptors +3.5 -105 (3x) ML +147 (1x)
1st Half Under 103 -105 (2x)

Dog seems to bark in this series and I believe Tor is the better team. ATL opened some eyes early but despite hanging tough they cant seem to pull out a win. hawks dropped 4 straight one on a buzzer beater , 2 in OT and a 5 pt loss @ DET. I hope Tor uses the mopmentum from the win over Cle the other nite. I am aware Tor dropped 14 straight away but they have won last 3 in A-T-L. TJ Ford is talking about the defense and thats a good thing...raps 4-0 ATS last 4 games..Road team is 7-1 ATS in the series & ATL just 1-8 ATS as chalk

Heat -110(4x)

Simply put Heat suck now BUT home doggie?? or Pkem?? Against a team they have won 8 of 10 against. Against a team that is 2-3 away including a loss @ Memphis recently....Miami was overmatched by SA but this aint the Spurs...its the streaky shooting Magic

Under 185.5 -103 Pistons (3x)

Just see a Bobact team usually around 85 points on the road. While they hold oppoenents to about 41 % from the floor , DET is at 43%...

Cavs +3 -112 (3x) ML +130 (3x)

While Cavs have dropped 2 straight away I havent liked anyof the past 6 games for Indiana. They had the miracle win and cover vs MILW recently and lost at home to despite a home dominanted series I'll rid Lebron...

Wolves +5 -110 (5x) Ml +178 (1x)

Hornets won a close game in Minny and despite playing well recently I just feel Minny is flying under the radar. How bout these trends DOg 8-1 ATS in the series but Minny is 1-8ATS in the series. Basically this tends to be a tight game in NO but in years past MIN was road chalk. West still doubtful ...I guess I feel Minny wants to make up for blowing a DD 4th quarter lead and if you look NO played a perfect game...expect KG to be sharp here..

Grizzlies +2 +101 (3x)

Just fading WIZ till they win away especially as chalk. Wiz played much better versus Houston but the seem to be only able to muster 1 good half away.

Spurs -4.5 -115 (6x)

Hard to believe I think this line is soft due to Mavs depth issues. I have this about -6 / -6.5 for SA. SA already beat them on opening nite and here is were we miss Josh Howard. See SA on a roll right now everything is clicking even they are avg 100+ lately. Think Spurs win by 7 or 8 dont be fooled by Dallas beating bad teams to get on there streak. Expect an over but maybe 2nd H total play is better....101-93 ish..

Warriors +5 +100 (5x) +195 Ml (1x)- Missed baron Davis being OUT here...

Just one of those lines that doesnt make sense to me. Maybe its a sucker play but I like the revenge spot in the back end of a b to b where they lost by three. Nuggets have played much better on the road for whatever erason. GS now has Davis and Murphy back in the lineup

Lakers +5.5 +100 (5x) +207 ML (1x) Over 202.5 -113 (5x)should read 5 not 4

2nd H under 102 -115 (5x) something I just dont about the half ended had like 75 with 8 minutes and went cold

Similiar to the GS line. main difference is UTAH is smoking hot and get AK back. However they have had 3 huge comebacks in arow and at some point taht has to take a toll. Against a team I think matches up well it should be interesting to see..

NJ Nets +6 +103 (3x) ML +171 1st H (1x)

Nets have lost but played poorly in the 4th quarter. Amare is battling the FLU still I believe and was scoreless last time out. I dont recall much of the home game last yr when NJ smoked PHO but was wondering if they figured something out defensively as I dont ever recall Suns shooting so poorly 26 of 97! Could be revenge though for SUNS after such abeating. However a team that plays sound D like NJ I like them in big dog roles...

Staying away from the other late game ...due to SAC injuries..but I liek SAC..

Be back with the rest...GL
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gL nut love the boldness my nba start dismal hopefully with a little following I might get on =the right track
Thanks Ret ...Mr.Walker got hurt against SA. The way he has played this season kapono is a nice upgrade. Walker doesnt exactly play D or board much now anyway...just hoist threeeeeesss and Kapono has him beat in that department...GL

Thanks antmagic and 3gamblers! GL
Actually Walker and Payton were benched...Kapono with 8 though..Posey & Williams also appear OUT here as well ...seee yahoo Sports article
Haven't looked at any scores yet so heres my quick takes..

I think your right on in Philadelphia tonight. I had similar sentiments but didn't get involved enough in this game to wager on it. I think your right on though.

I also think Miami is starting to get some disrespectful lines. They are somewhat warranted but not as a home dog to a potential 7-8 seed in the East.

Like the
Thanks Bar- GL bro

As for totals I am fuckin disgusted at myself. I always try and tell myself dont play the whole board. Well I try and wait and dont play the overs in SA and Philly ...there basically wins already. Then I dont play the unders in Indiana or Cle again same deal that 4 freakin W's off the boad. Thanks to Josh Howard I get screwed in with SA as well...never would have played SA if he was available.
2nd H Totals

Over 92 -114 Heat (2x)
Under 100 -121 ATL(2x)
Over96.5 -112 Chi (1x)
NYK +4 _110 (1x)

More ( this is always about value never chase)

Over 98 -114 Wiz (3x)

On the surface a crazy play but look at the 1st H numbers I assure the 2nd H wont see such poor shooting . I also feel this will be a close game with alot of late FTs. Wiz allow about 51 ppg in the 2nd H away and Grizz best offense Q is the 4th...

Over 95 -105 SA (2.5x)

Partially looking for away to get back some of my SA play. However I really likes this over to begin with and SA trailing at home at the half make sthe OVER the play logically speaking!

Under 92 -108 DET (1.5x)

Charlotte tends to fall aprt offensively in the 2nd H

DET -4.5 -113 (2.5x)
same reason as the total

Over 91.5 -110 Ind (2x)

Similar to SA reasoning home team trailing at the half. Plus I jinxed teh under by moaning about it earlier...

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Just a shot with NJ...Suns are up and down so far and Amare seems to have the FLU bug. NJ desperate now after blowing 2 close games ...

GL j3pj3p
Like I said the NBA will take years off your life...right play , wrong play really doesn t matter losing 15pt lead and losing 4 play sbut a 1 pt can tear your heart out.

The Cavs of all teams collapse ! Worse is I oculd had Indy -3 2nd Half for a hedge.....