Fondybadger's Week 15 NFL


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I'll use this window to update all my plays this week.

- Won a decent amount last week. Won money the first 1/4 of the season, lost my ass for 4 weeks straight and I've won the last three now... hopefully it keeps up.

1st Quarter Plays
$10 San Fran 1Q ML +202
$20 SF/Sea 1Q under 7.5 -144

1st Half Plays
$100 San Francisco 1H +7 (bought .5)
$75 SF/Sea 1H under 19.5

2nd Half Plays

Game Plays

$150 San Francisco +10
$150 SF/Sea under 38.5
Thursday Night Play
$150 San Francisco +10
SF/Sea under 38.5
$100 San Francisco 1H +7 (bought .5)
SF/Sea 1H under 19.5
$10 San Fran 1Q ML +202
SF/Sea 1Q under 7.5 -144
There is a high-wind advisory for the Puget Sound area tonight, with a forecast for gusts up to 70 miles per hour. "Wind changes a lot of stuff, if it's real, real windy," coach Mike Holmgren said. "Then it's a little more problematic when it comes to throwing the ball, or kicking it. That's the worst. That's worse than snow or rain."

Player Props
$100 UNDER 201.5 passing yards by Matt Hasselback -111
$75 UNDER 160.5 passing yards by Alex Smith -125
$100 OVER 108.5 rushing yards by Frank Gore -110
$125 OVER 109.5 rushing yards by Shaun Alexander -113
$200 Arnaz Battle +21.5 receiving yards over Deion Branch -113
$50 D.J. Hackett +4.5 receiving yards over Antonio Bryant +110

Game Props
$75 No - Will there be a score in first 6:59 of the game? -117
$50 No - Will either Team score in last 2 min of 1st half? +172
$100 No - Longest Touchdown be over 40.5 yards? -117
$100 Yes - Total amount of Quarterback sacks over 5.5? +156
$150 Yes - Total amount of interceptions be over 1.5? -168
$125 No - Total field goals made be over 3.5? -213
that is a bunch of bets bro.

hey i am flying into GB to see the game this weekend. i have been a lifelong Packers fan and its my first game there. i am friggin pumped!!!!
Thursday Night Recap 12-6 +$794
Player Props 3-3 +$9
Game Props 4-2 +$300
Game Plays 5-1 +$485

And I hardly spent money at the bar last night... woo woo... 50 cent captain and coke mixers... thought I had died and gone to heaven, especially when I didn't wake up with a hangover.
Falcons have some distractions for tomorrow as their fearless leader loves the Pacific NW. Cowboys roll!
smo1a said:
Falcons have some distractions for tomorrow as their fearless leader loves the Pacific NW. Cowboys roll!

I saw that article or heard about the radio interview the idiot gave saying if offered the Washington job he'd take it right away.
Fondybadger's Saturday NFL

I'm livid today. I apologize about our serving being down for 5+ hours. As soon as we can possibly switch with our bowl contest running we will. I'm past the point of being frustrated and I can only imagine how everyone else feels. From the site load time/errors messages on Thursday and Friday, to it being completely shut down today to still more crap load times today. I understand the frustration as much as everyone else. The customer service that our server provides and their 99.99% guarantee (or being down 48 minutes a year) is a f'in joke. They refused to help me or talk about our server problems today because I didn't have the credit card number that our fee's are paid by. Idiots, I'm sitting in our account with the username and password, but because I can't tell them a f'in credit card # they wouldn't help. 15 minutes later they finally did and then they told me the server would be down for a few hours you can only imagine how pissed I was... Anyways, here's my plays for tonight...

$225 Dallas -3 -115
$150 Dal/Atl under 45
$175 Dallas 1H -2
$100 Dal/Atl 1H under 23
$25 Dallas 1Q -0.5 +115

$50 Over Ton Romo 262.5 passing yards -128
$75 Over Julius Jones 74.5 rushing yards +105
looks good bro. On Dallas with ya but I got it at -4. Was gonna play that Romo prop earlier today but figured I'd leave that to you lol Lets get some cash tonight
Fondybadger's Early Sunday NFL Games

Four winning weeks in a row now. Thursday started off really well hitting just about everything and last night I hit Dallas but the totals and 1H sucked.

1st Half ATS
$75 Detroit +3

Game ATS
$200 Jets +3.5 +104
$200 Carolina +3 +107
$200 Washington +10 -112
$150 Jacksonville -3 -115
$150 Green Bay -5.5

Game Totals
$75 NYJ/Minny under 41
$75 Wash/NO under 47 +104
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Fondybadger's MNF

Having another great week in the NFL. I don't know what happened to my post but I'm 99.99% sure I posted my game plays right after I posted my CBB plays this morning. This is what I'm on...

$325 Cincy +3.5
$150 Cincy/Indy over 55
$250 Cincy 1H +1.5 +105
$400 Cincy/Indy 1H over 27.5
$25 Cincy 1Q ML +125
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MNF Props
$250 OVER 259.5 yards passing Carson Palmer -125
$100 Over 301.5 yards passing Peyton Manning -117
$75 Over 68.5 yards rushings Joseph Addai -128
$50 under 108.5 rushing yards Rudi Johnson +111
$175 Chad Johnson -2.5 receiving yards over Marvin Harrison -116
$100 Houshmandzadeh +18.5 receiving yards over Regging Wayne -130
Chad has the magic shoes on.. Those are the ugliest but coolest things that i have ever seen
DDD - they were talking about him holding his arm going off the field, but i'm pretty confident they're just trying to keep people intrigued...