Fondybadger's - Week 1 - College Football Plays


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For convenience purposes I'm going to recap all of my plays in this first post. So if I'm on a game, it will be listed here. Writeups of most of my plays can be found somewhere else in this thread.

Monday 9/4 Plays 1-2 - $129
LOSS $125 Miami -3 -120
LOSS $75 Miami -4 -105
WIN $100 Miami/FSU under 38.5

Sunday 9/3 Plays 1-1-1 -$61
Push $125 Mississippi -3 -115
WIN $100 TCU -6 -117
LOSS $150 Kentucky +22.5 -107

Saturday 9/2 Plays 27-26 -$275
Overall 1st Half Record 8-12 -$852
1H Faves 6-8 -$606
1H Dogs 0-2 -$300
1H OVER 1-2 +$4

1H Under 1-0 +$50

Overall Game Record 19-14 +$577
Faves 6-4 +$42
Dogs 7-5 +$183
ML 2-1 +$128
[FONT=&quot]Over 2-2 +$122
under 2-2 +$102

LOSS $200 Michigan 1H -14 -105
LOSS $100 Michigan 1H -14 -118
LOSS $50 Mich/Vandy 1H OVER 24 -105
LOSS $50 Mich/Vandy OVER 47.5 -105
LOSS $200 Michigan State 1H -16.5 -110
WIN $50 MSU/Idaho under 59 +100
LOSS $150 North Texas 1H +22.5 +100
WIN $150 NT/Tex 1H OVER 27.5 +105
WIN $50 Oregon 1H -6 -108
WIN $50 Oregon 1H -6 -110
LOSS $150 Fla Atlantic 1H +18.5 +102
WIN $150 Fla Atl/Clem OVER 23 -105
$200 Ohio State 1H -10 +101
WIN $200 Penn State 1H -8.5 -108
LOSS $125 Nebraska 1H -12.5 -115
WIN $75 Rutgers +4.5 -105
WIN $50 Rutgers ML +156
WIN $100 Rut/unc OVER 43 -102
LOSS $75 OSU/NI OVER 48.5 +101
WIN $75 Nebraska -23.5 -110
WIN $75 San Jose St. +20 -109
WIN $75 West Virginia -24
WIN $75 Wyoming -12.5 -104
LOSS $50 California ML +104
WIN $50 Tenny +3.5 -101
LOSS $100 Tenny/Cal 1h OVER 21 -101
LOSS $200 Navy -12.5 -110
LOSS $100 Navy 1H -6.5 -110
LOSS $200 Florida 1H -11 -108
WIN $150 Florida -20.5 -109
LOSS $75 Western Michigan +6 +101
LOSS $75 Western Michigan +8 -104
WIN $125 Syracuse/WF under 44 -108
WIN $75 Syracuse +15 -110
WIN $100 Hawaii +17 -110
WIN $75 Hawaii +15 -105
LOSS $50 Utah +3 -109
LOSS $75 Utah +3 -111
WIN $100 Utah/UCLA under 52.5 +103
LOSS $75 Virginia/Pitt under 42.5 +103
LOSS $150 Oklahoma -23 -105
LOSS $200 Oklahoma 1H -11 -115
LOSS $75 SMU +24.5 -101
WIN $300 Wisconsin -10
WIN $200 Wisconsin 1H -5.5 -105
LOSS $50 Wisky/BG under 47 -101
WIN $350 Auburn -14 -110
LOSS $300 Notre Dame -6.5 -110
LOSS $200 Notre Dame 1H -3 -130
WIN $100 USC ML -310
LOSS $250 Houston -13.5 -110
WIN $100 BYU +7 -110
WIN $200 LSU 1H -17

Thursday 8/31 Plays 7-4 +$551
1H Faves 1-0 +$50
Faves 4-3 +$354
Under 2-1 +$147

LOSS $75 Boston College -13 -110
WIN $50 Boston College 1H -6.5 +105
LOSS $50 BC/CMU under 42 -105
WIN $300 Northwestern -3 -110
WIN $150 Northwestern/Miami (Oh) under 56 -114
WIN $100 Minnesota -16.5 -110
WIN $100 Minnesota -14 -112
LOSS $125 Iowa State -7 -110
WIN $125 South Carolina -6.5 -111
WIN $50 SC/Miss St under 40.5 -105
LOSS $50 SDST -2.5

I'm actually disappointed with how the games turned out. Should have been 8-2 or at least I would have hoped. I need to nip that adding a game on at the end of the night in the butt right now. It's cost me money all baseball season, and it did again last night. I was out at the bars going nuts like an idiot when I saw Iowa State got up by 8 points in OT, but I find out this morning that they allowed a td. Was hoping that one would go my way. Ah well... Still a nice day overall - and I expect just as much the rest of the weekend.

Friday 9/1 Plays 1-0 +$300
Dogs 1-0 +$300
WIN $300 Nevada +11

Nice solid victory. I'll take it, although it was by no means easy. Nice start of the season for me, hope I can carry this over the rest of the weekend.

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$300 Wisconsin -10
7:00 PM Saturday 9/2
Bowling Green is a perfect team for Wisconsin to start the season against. The Falcons will need to respect John Stocco's arm with their young secondary and will be probably using some zone schemes and keeping their linebackers back to help. This will allow Wisconsin and PJ Hill to establish their run game. Wisconsin has one of the largest offensive lines in the country, and should be able to neutralize BG defensive strenght. It's going to be a bit different this year in Wisconsin as the passing game will open up the ground game.

On the defensive side, Wisconsin should be able to tee off on whoever is in their at QB. The Wisconsin defensive line can go 7 or 8 deep as almost all of those guys got starts last year because of injuries. In the first game of the season conditioning/heat will be key and keeping the defensive linemen fresh should provide an edge against the offensive line.

It is my opinion that Wisconsin has one of the top punters in the country which will give them an advantage in field position all day. They have more experience in almost all facets of special teams and should be dominate against Bowling Green. Marcus Randal El should be able to provide some big play returns and make Wisconsin a winner in this game.

Looking at some of the intangibles in this game is the stadium where they're playing. Wisconsin players are use to playing in front of 100,00 people in the crowd. Playing on National TV in an NFL stadium will not faze them. The Bowling Green coach had this to say about the game, "It's a great opportunity for our program," Brandon said. "It will be great exposure and a television game." Look for Wisconsin to get an early lead and never give it up.

Predicted Final Score: Wisconsin 38 Bowling Green 20

$300 Northwestern -3

7:30 PM Thursday 8/31

Miami-Ohio needs to replace most of their team. They're only returning 5 starters on offense and 2 on defense. The lost 8 All-Mac selections including QB Josh Betts. No QB has has been decided yet to replace him, but whoever steps behind center will do so behind a new center and two other 3 year starters. Miami needs to replace all 3 starters at Linebacker, there top defensive linemen and 3 of their 4 DB's. The most electrifying players returning for Miami Ohio are receiver/return man Ryne Robinson who caught 75 passes for 1,119 yars and 8 TD's - He's also in position to break the all time NCAA career punt-return yardage. Brandon Murphy also returns at RB who was a second team All-Mac pick a season ago.

Northwestern returns 8 starters on offense and defense, but has a huge question mark on how the team will respond to the death of Coach Walker. Sophomore RB Tyrell Sutton returns after being named Big Ten Freshmen of the Year and a second team all conference pick after rushing for 1,474 yards and 16 TD's. The Northwestern defense also lost there best player but they return plenty of depth.

Overall, Northwestern has a fairly better job recruiting than Miami. Last season 11 freshmen started for Northwestern with 24 playing overall. Northwestern should be able to control the inside and allow Sutton to make inexperienced linebackers miss. Sutton should have a field day, and Miami should get some of the experience they need to compete in the Mac.

Predicted Final Score: Northwester 31 Miami (Oh) 23
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I like em and I'm on both games. I got whisky at a ridiculous PK from betmill. Just hope I eventually get paid on it.
SHSUHorn said:
I like em and I'm on both games. I got whisky at a ridiculous PK from betmill. Just hope I eventually get paid on it.
My original write up that I did breaking down the entire Wisconsin season, I said I'd sell any item I had to and max out every credit card to take them at pk. Like Wisky -14 or better, so hopefully that still works out. Not a line to get stupid over though. LOL

Wish I would have been paying attention to my lines tonight instead of doing mlb, golf, and tennis - I had been checking them every 30 minutes or so to see if CFB lines were posted for me. Then I hadn't checked them from about 8pm until 2am and they all were posted with some line movements. I have about 10 more games here I need to do writeups on, but I'll do 1 or 2 a day until the season starts... then all my additions.
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I'll be on Wisky too, Fondy! Good luck!
Thursday NCAA FOOTBALL 8/31/2006

$75 Boston College -13 (coattail)
$100 Minnesota -16.5
$125 Iowa State -7 (coattail)
(Check out SHSUHorn's thread for write-ups on the above games)

- I may go on South Carolina if it drops a bit lower, say -6 or so would look pretty good to me.

- I like UTEP, especially with them being a dog. Going to keep a close eye on that line.

Rest of the games I'll stay off of, although I can't wait to see a Buffalo/Temple writeup by Rexy...
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Thanks for posting a write-up on the Wisky play. That will save me some time and effort.

It seems that both Miami,O and BG are two programs that are on the downslide this season. It's tough to replace key losses with smaller schools that lack depth at key positions.

They could both be CASH for you.

GL :shake:
GL fondy...only have one play so far for week onee (Wazuu +15), but I'll keep you updated...
If the lines don't change much, I'll be tailing the Northwestern, Boston College, and Wisky plays.

I really think I can prove that the Nevada/FSU UNDER is the best play in that game. But, I have to wait until they get the official TOTAL lines out.
Freshman experience

Youth might play major role for UW


Posted: Aug. 6, 2006

Madison - When the University of Wisconsin players take the field today for the opening of pre-season football camp, coach Bret Bielema expects 22 freshmen to be among the campers.
AdvertisementHe envisions most of them contributing this season.
"Only two or three aren't physically ready to play," he said.
That doesn't mean 19 or 20 freshmen will see the field in 2006. But Bielema has expressed no reservation about playing freshmen, even if only to bolster UW's special teams.
"Freshmen expect to play," he said. "In recruiting they're told they're going to play right away."
That attitude is a 180-degree change from Bielema's playing days at Iowa (1989-'92). Bielema walked on at Iowa, but he recalls many of the freshman recruits talking openly about wanting to redshirt.
"I was amazed," he said. "It has changed. Everybody talks about the change in college the way we develop players. It's into high schools. Players are coming in physically ready to play more than they were 10 years ago."
Bielema prefers playing freshmen, if they're ready, and saving a redshirt year for the future if needed.
He cites junior defensive end Jamal Cooper as an example.
Cooper redshirted as a freshman in 2003, played in all 12 games in 2004 and suffered a season-ending knee injury in Week 3 last season. Since he had already redshirted, his chances of gaining a medical waiver for 2005 were zero.
"If he had played as a freshman then he could have redshirted last year," Bielema said. "There are so many times you get those things (redshirt seasons) back."
Playing time this season is available at two key positions - wide receiver and tailback - and Bielema thinks the staff has recruited players who can play immediately.
Wide receivers Isaac Anderson and Xavier Harris have impressed quarterback John Stocco during summer passing drills, and it appears both will play. Bielema noted that wide receiver Lance Kendricks, a former standout at Milwaukee King, was physically ready to contribute.
"My goal is to play," Kendricks said. "I feel I have enough athletic ability to play."
Tailback Lance Smith, who rushed for 1,850 yards and 20 touchdowns as a senior at Howland High School and was considered among the top 30 seniors in Ohio, will be given ample opportunity in camp to earn playing time.
Camp is scheduled to run today through Aug. 26, with 24 scheduled practices.
Here are five questions to ponder:
How will Joe Thomas fare? UW's senior left tackle, who suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in the Capital One Bowl on Jan. 2, hopes to gradually build his confidence. If Thomas avoids any setbacks in camp, he should be ready to play a full game no later than the Big Ten opener Sept. 23 at Michigan. Thomas, who is up to 313 pounds, is the anchor of the line and a leader in the locker room.
UW has options if he isn't ready to contribute. Remember that Eric Vanden Heuvel took Thomas' spot at left tackle in the bowl game.
Will the "veteran" receivers provide comfort? Bielema has stated that the staff expects as many as three freshman receivers to work into the rotation. However, the onus is on several juniors to lead the way as UW attempts to replace its top three wide receivers from last season.
Marcus Randle El appeared to be UW's most consistent receiver in the spring and must continue to develop.
Paul Hubbard has as much physical ability as any receiver on the team but was inconsistent in the spring. According to Stocco, Hubbard has made strides in route-running and catching the ball during the summer. He must show that improvement in camp.
Who will have Stocco's back? Backups Dustin Sherer and Tyler Donovan didn't challenge Stocco for the starting quarterback spot in the spring, and they won't do so in camp. However, one of those two players must improve to the point that inspires confidence they can lead the offense if Stocco is injured.
Will the secondary issues be settled? UW's staff seems confident it has four talented players at safety and a budding star at cornerback in sophomore Jack Ikegwuonu. However, it appears they want more consistent play at the other cornerback spot (sophomore Allen Langford) and have worries about the depth. Langford likely will be challenged by Zach Hampton in camp and look for at least one freshman to work into the two-deep.
Who will spark the return game? The departed Brandon Williams handled punt and kickoff returns in 2005 and consistently gave UW's offense excellent field position. Randle El and Hampton appear to be the solid options to handle punt returns. UW still must find someone to handle kickoffs, and Bielema has said he will look at several freshmen.
You're right Denny, it's going to be a young wisconsin team this year, but I really think they have key guys at certain positions with experience that will be a big help.
Fondybadger said:
You're right Denny, it's going to be a young wisconsin team this year, but I really think they have key guys at certain positions with experience that will be a big help.

AND, they are playing a MAC team that will have to enlist the aid of "young players" this season as well. :cheers:
SoonerBS said:
AND, they are playing a MAC team that will have to enlist the aid of "young players" this season as well. :cheers:

Especially on defense. ALSO, let's not forget this -- The kicker and punter for Bowling Green are both FRESHMEN!
SoonerBS said:
Especially on defense. ALSO, let's not forget this -- The kicker and punter for Bowling Green are both FRESHMEN!

Biggest thing is at QB where whoever starts (last years 2nd stringer suspended for the first game) will be either a true freshmen or a redshirt freshmen. Talk about having to replace Omar Jacobs...
probably fondy...isn't it late around your parts?, 'cause I'm behind you and it's late around my parts...
pags11 said:
probably fondy...isn't it late around your parts?, 'cause I'm behind you and it's late around my parts...

yeah 408 am right now... just making dinner and making some last minute plans for my 5 year class reunion today/tomorrow...
So, how does your Wisconsin-Bowling Green take change now that John Stocco is out?
Jonk said:
So, how does your Wisconsin-Bowling Green take change now that John Stocco is out?

Tyler Donovan is a solid back-up who has had some game time over the past couple of years. Hopefully we'll get a better line here, but I'd still ride Wisconsin.

What do you think, Fondy?
Jonk said:
So, how does your Wisconsin-Bowling Green take change now that John Stocco is out?

I saw you sent me an AIM saying he was out... That was news to me Jon. You know the team as well as I do, what are your thoughts?

Initially I like an under a lot more (as Donovan is more of a scrambler like Brooks Bollinger) - and still like Wisconsin covering...
Notes: Backup quarterbacks have lousy practice

Donovan, Sherer very inconsistent


Posted: Aug. 12, 2006

Madison - Day 1 with starting quarterback John Stocco recuperating from minor knee surgery went well as backups Tyler Donovan and Dustin Sherer performed soundly.
AdvertisementThat was Friday.
Day 2 was, well, not as smooth.
"The key with them is going to be consistency," University of Wisconsin offensive coordinator Paul Chryst said after practice Saturday morning. "And that's what we lacked today. That part we have to be tons better at."
And then some.
The struggles for the offense, and Sherer in particular, began during the team's inside running drill. In short, the No. 1 and No. 2 defenses humbled the offense by stuffing the line of scrimmage and recording several tackles for loss.
Sherer three times turned the wrong way while trying to hand off to a back. To his credit, the redshirt freshman regrouped and hit several impressive throws in live situations.
Chryst acknowledged that Sherer appears to execute better in game situations than he does in drills. However, he stressed that Sherer needs to display more consistency throughout the entire practice.
"He'd better be careful. . . because if he's not a good practice guy he'll never see a game," Chryst said. "And that's what I've talked to him about."
Donovan struggled through an uneven day, with the worst moment coming during a scrimmage session at the end of practice. Under a heavy rush, Donovan floated the ball down the middle of the field, overshooting his receiver by several yards. Free safety Roderick Rogers made an easy interception.
Chryst clearly wasn't happy with Donovan's decision on the play but tried to use the mistake as a teaching tool. The lesson: Understand the importance of ball management whether in a scrimmage or a game.
"I will cringe on the next one more than on this one," Chryst said.
Change in Monty case: Senior defensive end Joe Monty learned recently that his citation for driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated had been reduced to reckless driving by the Madison City Attorney's office.
Monty was cited after he crashed his moped into the back of a sport-utility vehicle in April. According to police and court records, Monty's blood-alcohol level was .15%, over the state's legal limit of .08%.
Monty faced fines of $716 for DUI and $109 for following another vehicle too closely. His fine for reckless driving was $298.
Short yardage: Reserve middle linebacker Josh Neal put on a hitting clinic during the inside running drill. Neal's lateral speed is limited but he can be effective in goal-line and short-yardage situations and he hits as hard as any player on the team. . .
Several players did not practice because of unspecified injuries - linebackers Mark Zalewski and DeAndre Levy, wide receivers Lance Kendricks, Luke Swan and Isaac Anderson, tailback Dion Foster and tight end Garrett Graham. . .
Reserve strong safety Johnny White practiced Saturday but sat out the scrimmage session during the last 30 minutes. . .
Stocco attended practice but did not speak to reporters. . .
UW was forced to practice inside the McClain Center despite ideal conditions outside - temperatures in the 70s with sunshine. Camp Randall Stadium was being used for the final day of the Drum Corps International's World Championships and the grass field just north of the stadium was too wet because the sprinkler system had been turned on.
Fondy, how is the Badger defense shaping up? Have you heard any reports?
Nevermind, Fondy:

Notes: Defense the more advanced unit

Offense struggles in live scrimmage


Posted: Aug. 19, 2006

Madison - University of Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema surmised his defense was further along than the offense entering practice Saturday, the 13th day of the pre-season football camp.
UW's first-year head coach should buy a lottery ticket tonight because the Badgers' top two defensive units dominated the live scrimmage sessions during the second half of practice.
"I had a good feeling coming into today's scrimmage," Bielema said, "that the offense wasn't going to be at the same level."
The No. 1 offense, led by quarterback Tyler Donovan, was paired against the No. 2 defense. The No. 2 offense, led by quarterback Dustin Sherer, was paired against the No. 1 defense.
Each offense got five series and started from no worse than its 20-yard line. The No. 1 offense generated just one scoring drive, a 10-play, 50-yard march on its fifth series that was aided by a 15-yard penalty for pass interference. Another drive ended when Taylor Mehlhaff missed a 35-yard field-goal attempt to the right. The No. 1 offense finished with 127 total yards in 31 plays, 4.1 yards per play.
Donovan completed nine of 15 passes for just 57 yards with a long completion of 16 yards to Paul Hubbard. However, Hubbard dropped what would have been a 40-yard completion on a beautiful deep throw by Donovan.
P.J. Hill was the most effective runner and carried 10 times for 50 yards and a touchdown.
"I really like what P.J. is doing," Bielema said. "Again, if you practice well you play well. He has practiced well all along and now he is jumping out and doing good things."
The No. 2 offense managed one scoring drive, a six-play, 53-yard march that ended with a 24-yard field goal by backup kicker Matt Fischer. The No. 2 offense managed just 54 yards in 20 plays overall.
Sherer, under a heavy rush for most of the period, completed five of 10 passes for 48 yards. Redshirt freshman Jerry Butler rushed six times for 10 yards, and freshman Lance Smith had three carries for 7 yards for the reserves.
The struggles of the No. 2 offense shouldn't surprise anyone. UW's defense is more experienced and more versatile.
By contrast, the No. 1 offense clearly misses senior quarterback John Stocco and the unit was hampered more Saturday because tight ends Andy Crooks and SeanLewis were out with unspecified injuries and tight end Travis Beckum was slowed by an injury.
That forced redshirt tight end Garrett Graham and freshman tight end Mickey Turner to play extensively.
"Obviously they need to know what they're doing," Bielema said of Graham and Turner. "And they need to know the intensity level we expect."
After the 10 series, the staff then evaluated four situational sessions, and the No. 1 defense fittingly closed practice with a goal-line stand against the No. 2 offense.
The offense got the ball at the 4-yard line and had three good chances to score.
Smith gained 0 yards on second down and just 1 yard on third down, though. On fourth and goal from the 1, end Matt Shaughnessy and free safety Roderick Rogers combined to stuff Smith for no gain.

Losing patience

Junior tailback Jamil Walker rushed twice for 14 yards with the No. 1 offense during the first five possessions of the scrimmage. He fumbled on his second run, though, an 8-yard gain. Guard Kraig Urbik recovered the fumble, but Bielema bellowed to Walker that lack of ball security was unacceptable.

"He will be in full gear this afternoon," Bielema said, referring to his policy of making players practice twice a day in full pads if their play in the first practice is lackluster. "I think it's a mental approach."

Short yardage

Bielema was not pleased with the play of junior wide receiver Jarvis Minton, who has had a solid camp. "I need him on every play of every day," Bielema said, "and until we have that we're not going to be satisfied."
Freshman defensive back Jamathan Lyle has returned home to Boulder, Colo. "Whether or not he is back in the mix by the time school starts is yet to be determined," Bielema said.
Brad Thorson, a freshman from Homestead High School, has moved ahead of junior Luke Knauf and is working at center with the No. 2 offensive line.
pags11 said:
looks like P.J. Hill will be the next great Wisconsin RB...

Without a doubt... I think he's a 1000+ yard rusher this year and on the All-Freshmen team...

Kids gonna be a good one. A real good one... he appears to be the next first round rb out of Wisconsin...
I've been busy with a lot of other stuff, and I'm not sure how many write-ups I'll be able to get done for the first week here (multiparagraph ones). Was hoping to do a lot more, but if there's any games you'd like a large indepth explanation on, please hit me up.

Lots of line movement on my plays - some good, some bad as I put them in 2-4 weeks ago. Recently added a few more and my totals as well...

Saturday 9/2 Plays

I need to do a bit more research on Vandy. Not as familar with the team as I need to be yet. A first half play of under two Td's for MICHIGAN looks like something I'll strongly look into. As I dont' know Vandy that well I can't comment on the over/under.

When the line first came out on Northern Illinois at +20.5 I was tempted to buy it up to +21 and ride them and RB Wolfe against Ohio State, but I don't know what I want to do. My biggest concern in this game is how Ohio State reacts to NI with Texas the following week. Human nature to look ahead, and I can see some starters getting pulled early. Possible 1h play on Ohio State.

I think Akron is getting way too much credit for how their season ended. Penn State is still a very very good team even after some of the graduations... I'll be taking Penn State, but I want to see how low the line drops...

I'm interested in looking at Idaho... yah, yah, yah... want to see where the line ends up against Michigan State. But I might take the over and Idaho for the same price and hope for a middle (need 14 points out of Idaho to guarantee a split)

Can you tell I'm a fan of the Big 10? Pretty sure I'll have something on all of these games - but we'll have to see...
I have my thoughts on Wisconsin and Bowling Green above.

$75 West Virginia -24 (Line Dropped to -21.5)
Yah it's a rivalry game and Marshall returns a large % of their starters, but WV is a Big East title contender and will be making a statement in the opener. I think in the last few years the quality of recruits coming into Marshall has dropped a bit. Just in a bit of lull, and I like the Big East boys showing them who is boss. If the line keeps dropping I will be adding more onto this play.
Don't hesitate on UM and MSU first halves. right under key numbers on both. Hit em.
I'm glad to be on board with a Big Eleven expert .
It's my favorite conference.

( When are you guys going to learn how to count? ) :4_12_13:

Any mention of how much Wisky might miss Barry ?

I'll probably abstain from Big Eleven this week except possibly betting on NIU.
At first i didnt like the line in the WVU game over Marshall, but i have learned that Marshalls number one reciever will be suspended for the game for an off field incident, and exploiting the neers' young secondary was is there only chance at a cover, so badger i now like that game
Doug Clayton said:
At first i didnt like the line in the WVU game over Marshall, but i have learned that Marshalls number one reciever will be suspended for the game for an off field incident, and exploiting the neers' young secondary was is there only chance at a cover, so badger i now like that game

Thanks for that information - as soon as I get all my current plays/write ups posted I've got to go back through and doublt check all of the games again for injuries and suspensions in the last 3 weeks... so glad we have that thread and locals like you making my job so much easier...
bull said:
I'm glad to be on board with a Big Eleven expert .
It's my favorite conference.

( When are you guys going to learn how to count? ) :4_12_13:

Any mention of how much Wisky might miss Barry ?

I'll probably abstain from Big Eleven this week except possibly betting on NIU.

We're the bakers dozen conference... Just need to add Notre Dame to the conference and we'll really confuse people.

For game lines in Big 10, for the most part I'm abstaining from them, but as Big Al Reno said, hit those Michigan 1H lines and a few others as they're right at key numbers or around it as of now.

As for missing Barry Alvarez, I really don't feel the team will miss him too much. I always felt he was a terrific recruiter, but as a play caller, he left a bit to be desired. Over the last few years Bielema has been the main recruiter for Wisconsin... The kids playing for him now, are for the most part his kids. He's been on staff, and he has a great pedigree...

He's played under Hayden Fry and was a coach under Fry, Kirk Ferentz, and Bill Snyder at KState... Remember he's responsible for a lot of those awesome defenses at KState in the mid to late 90's...

My biggest concern is the change-over with the position coaches and offensive/defenses coaches. I believe only one position coach remains from last year and I can't figure out who that is looking at the coaches. I know the one coach I was very sad see leave was John Palermo (defensive line coach) who went to Miami.

ESPN Ivan Maisel has this to say as well...

3. Of the two 30-something head coaches, Pat Fitzgerald of Northwestern will have an easier first year than Bret Bielema of Wisconsin. True, Bielema has had 12 months to prepare to take over and Fitzgerald has had six weeks. But I think the death of Randy Walker has brought the Northwestern team and the entire university community behind Fitzgerald. There will be a lot less transition there than in Madison, where Bielema made some coaching changes and has a lot of rebuilding to do on the offense.
Thursday Final Card
$75 Boston College -13 -110
$50 Boston College 1H -6.5 +105
$50 BC/CMU under 42 -105

Eastern Michigan/Ball State NO PLAY
Temple/Buffalo NO PLAY
$300 Northwestern -3 -110
$150 NW/Miami (Oh) under 56 -114
$100 Minnesota -16.5 -110
$100 Minnesota -14 -112
$125 Iowa State -7 -110
$125 South Carolina -6.5 -111
$50 SC/Miss St under 40.5 -105

Florida Intl/MTSU NO PLAY

I believe this is my final card, on the 4 games I'm not playing I could end up taking a play here or there that I end up coattailing from someone else.
Fondybadger said:
Thursday Final Card
Eastern Michigan/Ball State NO PLAY
Temple/Buffalo NO PLAY
Florida Intl/MTSU NO PLAY

I believe this is my final card, on the 4 games I'm not playing I could end up taking a play here or there that I end up coattailing from someone else.

NO plays??? what are those? :drinking:
Wolfpack17 said:
NO plays??? what are those? :drinking:

That's something new for me isn't it? I don't know my minor conference games in cfb as well as i do in cbb... most of the time i coattial mac plays if rexy/jump are on them, and sunbelt if fade/razor are on them...
BOL Fondy :shake: :beer:

Love the Northwestern and Boston College plays. Time to win some money on College Football. money;
This weekend is coming up way too quickly here... I've got plays I've put in 3-4 weeks ago I haven't posted (as I'm still trying to do writeups on them), but here's my newest plays w/o write-ups...

1H Plays $200 each
Michigan -14 -105
Ohio State -10 +101
Penn State -8.5 -108
Michigan State -16.5 -110
Wisconsin -5.5 -105

We'll call this my Big 10 five pack... I really feel that I should sweep these, or go 4-1 at worst, but I'll even take a 3-2 for a nice profit of $166+

Most of the time I like to wait on totals and 1H plays until game day, but There are too many key numbers here that I want to hit.