Fondybadger's - Thursday Night College Football


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Was a long night out last night, just got home this afternoon, and I need a nap. Wanted to get my play posted here, but no write-up for me today. I'll try to get one by later tonight, but I can't promise anything.


$150 Clemson -4.5
$150 Clemson/Va Tech Over 42
$100 Clemson 1H -2.5
$100 Clemson/Va Tech 1H Over 21
$50 Clemson/Va Tech 1Q Over 7.5 +111 (Pinny)
just got in,eh

On Clemson with ya. The over bets scare me though. 2 very tough defenses. Staying away from those and staying with the side only.
For the record...while site was down...the world keeps moving and fondy keeps betting...

This is his 2nd half play for the records..

fondybadger: for record purposes i'm on $125 Clemson 2H -3 +118