Fondybadger's NFL - Week 5


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2006 NFL Overall 128-104-6 +$2487.70
Preseason 54-36-3 +$1042.10
Week Onee 17-11 +$688
Week Two 9-15 +$240.50
Week Three 16-16-1 +$364.25
Week Four
22-26-2 +$152.85

1st Quarter 19-17-1 +$242.20

1Q Fave 11-5 +$154.40
1Q Dog 2-2 +$30.10
1Q Over 6-9-1 +$67.70
1Q Under 0-1 -$10

First Half 26-18-3 +$1425.50
Faves 16-8 +$1090
MoLine 0-2 -$178.50
Dogs 7-1-1 +$634
Over 3-5-2 -$50
Under 0-2 -$70

Second Half 4-6 -$192
Fave 1-4 -$247
Dogs 2-1 +$100
Over 1-1 -$45

Full Game 79-63-2 +$1009
Faves 38-28-1 +$183
Dogs 22-18-1 +$586
ML 1-1 -$85
Over 3-7 -$47
Unders 15-9 +$372

Props 5-12 -$358.60

Sunday Plays

$200 Colts 1H -12
$125 Colts -18

Ken Dilger at TE will be the difference maker in this game for the Colts. If Harbaugh is having a hard time reaching Dawkins deep down field, he'll look up the middle to Dilger or on a swing pass to Faulk. Trev Alberts and Tony Siragusa will make things tough in the middle of the Colts defense. I look for the rookie QB for the Titans, Steve McNair to really struggle in this game. He really doesn't have much of a running game supporting him, Gary Brown is really just a flash in the pan.

$150 Redskins +4.5
Heath Shuler and the Redskins will dominate the NY football Giants.

$100 Lions +7 (bought hook)
$50 Lions 1H +3.5
Barry Sanders should be able to control the clock and keep the Lions in this game. Just am hoping Scott Mitchell doesn't pull a Brett Favre imitation and have more completions to Scott Fuller and Corey Washington then he does to Herman Moore and Brett Perrimen.

$225 NO/TB OVER 34
$150 New Orleans -6.5
Jim Everett and Trent Dilfer should light up the scoreboards and Eric Rhett should be a future star.

$200 Rams ML 1H -119
$400 Rams -3 +115
$100 GB/Stl OVER 46
Ground control to major tom
Commencing countdown, engines on
Check ignition and may god''s love be with you

$100 Miami +10
$75 Miami 1H +7
(bought hook) Party in the city where the heat is on
All night on the beach till the break of dawn
Welcome to Miami

$150 Bills/Bears 1H OVER 17
$50 Bills/Bears OVER 34.5
$75 Bills 1H +7
$50 Bills +10
Take a Whiff CHICAGO
U Can Smell It in Tha Air
There’s a Hungry Team Called: “Da Bears”

$350 Carolina -7 (bought hook)
$150 Carolina 1H -4.5
Hands, touching hands, reaching out
Touching me, touching you
Oh, sweet Carolina
Good times never seem so good
I've been inclined to believe it never would

4:00 PM GAMES Thoughts...
All 4 home teams (jax, sf, philly, zona) look really good... prolly hit most of them game and half... Like all the unders except zona as well... We'll have to see what happens in the early games.

Lean towards Pitt in Sunday Night Football... and Baltimore big on Monday Night.

Also - Name that year...

nice card fondy...

like the first 3; saints line stinks to high heaven...was at 7 now 6.5 with everyone and their mother on the saints. can it be that easy?

not sure why everyone is so high on the fish...i know they play NE well, but this fish team is awful. friend of mine is an enromous miami fan and told me that their o line is the worst he's ever seen...harrington may start today

i will be on cleveland today +7.5...frye, kellen, braylon looking better and better each week and the panthers tend to let teams hang around...or come back on them

i dont think car is the ideal team to lay a TD+ on. i dont trust jake or fox to lay the hammer down in the 4th qtr

Thanks for the thoughts Mattingly. I don't really pay attention to % of people on a side while I'm capping a game, but I never care to be on the side in a situation like this.

That Fish game is just a gut play. I see a let down for New England this week and Miami starting to actually play like they know how. Just keep handing off to Ronnie Brown Mr. Saban.

I think this week Carolina gets everything together (with Steve Smith back in the lineup with some pt under his belt). Cleveland always hangs around, but they have a tendency to lose by 7-10 at the end of the games. I look for an 11 point win in the game.

I do plan on making a few extra 2nd half plays today then I normally do. I wanted to save some Pinny money incase CFB lines come out here sooner than later.
understood about the fish play...but RB is avg 3.5 a carry and culpepper cant make decisions and reads quick enough to get rid of the ball in normal circumstances...this Pats D always confuses opposing offenses and they will again today

i wont lay the 10 but i wouldnt take it either

I think Rhett is may be OUT. Hope that doesn't effect your total play...LOL...GOOD LUCK.
with reasoning that can I not tail your plays:smiley_acbe: GL bro:cheers:
Week Five Recap 20-18-2 +$1151
1H Faves 3-1 +$255
1H ML 0-1 -$79
1H Dogs 4-1 +$167
1H Over 1-0 +$50
Faves 3-2-1 +$472
Dogs 2-4-1 -$217
Over 3-2 +$232
under 0-2 -$138
2H Fave 4-1 +$671
2H ML 0-1 -$75
2H Dog 0-2 -$100
2H under 0-1 -$87
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$275 Jax -7
$125 Jax 1H -4
$75 Jax/NYJ under 38.5
$75 Arizona +3.5 (think I'll get an even better line in the 2H)
$75 Arizona 1H +3 -115
$150 SF -3
$50 SF/Oak under 39
$175 Philly +1
$75 Philly 1H ML -105