First ever post on this forum has got to be...

TWITA said:

"Those who stay will be champions."

Can we get a vote on banning this Yag ass maize/blue shit on this site...

We don't want to scare off the intelligent people...

tiger hater said:
I HAVE TO SAY COCKS all the way what can i say i love cock

wheres the sec

OK, this is about as close to "disrespecting another member of this forum" as I will get, but I want everyone on here to know that I don't swing this way. :nono:

Now that that is out of the way . . . . . .

Yeah!!! Go L. S. U.
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All you guys can talk trash all you want, but everyone knows that God is a Carolina fan...why else would he have made the sky "Carolina Blue"???

Here's to a great season this year guys, nice site!

I'm ready for Monday but to bad I don't play.

Not enough Buckeye/Horn smack talk on these boards three days before the game...


Hook Em' Horns.


I see that this first thread started around the summer of 06. Though I am only a tailgater I never realized that I have been here almost from your infancy. Now a day doesn't pass without me browsing this wonderful site that has actually changed my life. (It's a long story) Although I have never P.M.ed anyone except Rex I feel like I know many of you and want to take this opportunity to wish all of you,from Rexy to Sammy,and Vegas, Jpicks,Esq,and Shark plus all the rest I don't have room to mention, a prosperous new year.This is one first class site made up of unselfish fantastic people!
PS to NY Giants 25 Lets do it again!
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