Fellas... IM tellin you right now right here


dirty hippie fuckslave
Fellas... IM tellin you right here right now

Im gonna bank on this FRIDAY game ... fuck MLB action get ready for Saturday games by doublin on this...

All sides tell me this play is gonna be an easy pick.. its better than picking a side... comments welcome ... IM taking

Kansas/Toledo OVER 48 .... 3 UNITS ............ GOOD LUCK:smiley_acbe:
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Ichabod that picture is hilarious ive seen that video and BAR nice quote man good shit there..!!!

haha good luck fellas hopefully i dont fuck myself by being so confident but ive capped enough for this game and WVU pulled me out one tonight big with that backdoor cover threatening
Toledo scores and gives up alot, all Kansas has to do is just play normal football. I could see 35 - 28 easily.

And no matter how bad of a day I have all I have to do is think of the le-ri-cahn


And if I have anymore WVU games I'm gonna have a heart attack at a young age. Thank God that receiver dropped that pass.
GL Barm...

I don't know shit about these teams so I am staying away. I will be rooting for you.
I'm on the Toledo side in this game, but I see value in the OVER as well. Good luck!
Very nice!!
got some lucky breaks throughout the game to get the OVER i must say ..but thanks for the props you all look forward to SATURDAY GAMES