Farm's Tuesday

It may not cash, but it could credit. Good Luck Farm. Totals have been shaky for me this year.

Adding a couple plays...

Detroit @ Philly Philly ML for (1 unit)

Wizards +5 @ Dallas for (1 unit)

GL to all
Be careful with that Sixers game as of now...

Trying to find out if AI is playing

there was some talk of him getting an abcessed wisdom tooth removed and it causing him to miss games tonight and tomorrow, but i havent been able to confirm it yet...
I dont know...he was at practice and giving out food to the homeless yesterday, and I find it hard to believe hed miss a game with a tooth...this guys played through everything

thinking more and more the original report of him missing the games was bogus

webber and hunter might be out though

good luck
Guess he is out...


The tooth hurts: Iverson to miss game vs. Pistons news services



Allen Iverson was expected to miss the Philadelphia 76ers' game Tuesday against the Detroit Pistons after having surgery to removed an abscessed wisdom tooth.
The team said it was not known if Iverson would miss Wednesday night's game against the Milwaukee Bucks as well.
Iverson has 28.7 points per game and 7.7 assists per game in nine games this season.