European Hockey, Oct 11th...


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Two games in Finland for Wednesday morning...


There is no way Karpat loses this game. I can not see that at all, especially at home where they have a 27-9 GS-GA stat over 6 games... Assat is next to last in the league and has injuries too... They should let a couple past quickly...

The line is -2, which is ridiculous, but I will try the Karpat/Assat OVER 5.5 -131. I hope I can get 1 from Assat, and I'll let Karpat take care of the rest.


Lukko was off Tuesday, while Jokerit played and lost. Both teams average over 6 goals per game on the home/away splits and the history between the teams indicate an over too:

060202 Lukko-Jokerit 3-6
060120 Jokerit-Lukko 2-4
051122 Lukko-Jokerit 4-2
051016 Jokerit-Lukko 3-2

That's last seasons meetings (with the old rules)...

Josef Straka is among the points leaders in the league for Lukko and Jokerit always has a lot of scorers. One interesting note is that the 4th formation for Jokerit is 5 forwards... They play them without any defenders on the ice. Interesting idea for a checking line, LOL.

Lukko/Jokerit OVER 5.5 -114

Thanks. Yeah, it is kind of tight, but the stats and goalies tell me this should go over... we'll see...

OK, I have started to look at the Swedish games for Thursday (no lines available yet):


Daniel Larsson in Djurgardens net is playing great at the moment. Bryunas is missing some key players due to injury and currently only have 11 forwards and 6 defenders healthy on their roster. I will check into this game more, but I am leaning Djurgarden here, at home...


Linkoping played with their backup keeper in the last game, but Cechmanek is expected to start for them here, which should mean that they are strong defensively again, especially at home. Farjestad has a good PP, but has some injury concerns... leaning under and/or Linkoping...
No lines in Finland yet for tomorrows games:


I am going to wait for the result from today, especially Lukko... thoughts in a while...

Two teams that are struggling offensively right now. Most of the last 5 for either team has gone under 5.5, and that's the way I am leaning here. I want to get some more info and see the line before commiting...

HPK should've won their last game, but messed it up in the end. KalPa is continuing to play bad hockey, and I don't think they are strong enough here. Kimmo Kapanen is in goal for KalPa, but they have injuries on forwards Savolainen and Virtanen, which won't help their offensive production. HPK's first choice in net is out with an injury, and they are replacing him with Mika Oksa, who played lower level Swedish hockey last year. Leaning towards a low scoring game, maybe 1 goal the difference and a HPK win late or in OT.

SaiPA is averaging over 7 goals in their home games and HIFK over 8 goals away... Both teams won in their last outing. Junior Aleksis Ahlqvist is playing in net for HIFK as their 1st choice has been awful, and that is a slight improvement. HIFK is also missing defenders Pasi Saaronen and Cory Murphy. Jan Hrdina, forward for HIFK, is also expected to miss the game, but they have other players behind that can pick up the slack.

Strong lean on OVER, and slighter lean on HIFK.

Finnish Sides 8-6-5
Finnish Totals 10-10

Swedish Sides 10-6-1
Swedish Totals 4-5
SWE/FIN YTD 32-27-6, 4.33 units

NHL Sides 4-4
NHL Totals 4-2
NHL Salami 2-1
NHL YTD 10-7, 1.65 units
WOW... I do some work and check the scores, and Karpat is up 2-0 after 4.40 in the first! :wacka wacka: :wacka wacka:
2-0, +2u today

Finnish Sides 8-6-5
Finnish Totals 12-10
Swedish Sides 10-6-1

Swedish Totals 4-5
SWE/FIN YTD 34-27-6, 6.33 units

NHL Sides 4-4
NHL Totals 4-2
NHL Salami 2-1
NHL YTD 10-7, 1.65 units