ETG - WK 5 Plays - (8-4 ytd)


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Ok guys, I will update this all week but I see some lines I am not missing out on..I will give my thoughts on this later..These are all from Pinny

Auburn -10 @ South Carolina - Already missed the 9.5, This is an ass whooping waiting to happen. Ok guys here is my breakdown of the game:
Auburn comes into this game after a dog fight for their conference with LSU and then a practice game where they got to do whatever they wanted vs. Buffalo, including rest some players like Kenny Irons. South Carolina comes into this game with a QB change that has now been effective for two weeks. Blake Mitchell is out and Syvelle Newton is in for now. 2wks ago we saw USC escape Wofford at home and this past wk, they followed the trend of thrashing FAU. However, one important note about both games is the pressure on the QB. If you can not block Wofford and FAU, how the hell do you block Auburn. Another concern for me is that while they roll FAU, They did it like a game of NCAA on PS2. Roll out with QB and throw ball up to best receiver. Sidney Rice finished the game with 5td's and around 160yds. Syvelle only threw for 220 or so. The reason Sidney didn't perform like that against Georgia is because we could not get him the ball or he was not open, expect more of that this wk. Syvelle after the game in the interview even said "I was just running around and I seen Sidney out there so I just threw it up to him" mind you this was a play with about four FAU players around Rice and somehow they all missed the ball. Auburn will not let that happen. Cory Boyd sat this wk out as he is resting for the Auburn game but he will have to have a monster day to keep this close. He is by far USC top RB and the other ones should not even touch the field. Mike Davis has been dancing in the backfield and goes down as soon as the first person touches him. Last but not least, I am a big believer in revenge. I think for some players that can be the motivation between having a good day and a great day. For Kenny Irons, this game is the one he has had circled for 2yrs. Yes he got to play USC last yr, but that one was not in Columbia. This is the school that Irons was recruited to, and then left to third string behind Demetris Summers and Cory Boyd when Lou Holtz was here.. South Carolina fans sure wish they still had him. He will get to come into Columbia and have an opportunity to show them what they missed out on, I am betting that he takes advantage of that chance. Spurrier will have to pull alot of magic out of the hat in this game, I just do not see how USC can keep it close. They are outmatched in every facet of the game. I will stay steady with my prediction of 34-10

Mich - 6.5 @ Minny - I think Mich continues to roll and is atleast a TD better than Minny who just lost to Purdue. I was a little worried about Mich after that game vs. Vandy, they just weren't clicking but I think that Notre Dame beatdown did something for this team and they will roll until the matchup with OSU.
OSU - 6.5 @ Iowa - I am very unimpressed by IOWA this season. As someone else said in another thread, I thought they would be better than they are this year.. Maybe they felt content after their 21-0 first half lead vs. Illinois but it sure took them longer than expected to put some points on the board. And that game vs Cuse, Does Tate really mean that much to the team. No way that game should even be close, let along a dogfight in OT. They do not have the tools to hang around all game long in this one.
Georgia T + 11 @ VT - Not sold on the VT offense 1 bit yet, I am looking for GT defense and a few big passes to Calvin keep them in this game. I would like to see less designed run calls from Reggie Ball, OK ya he ran for 130yds vs. Troy, the same team Nebraska just beat 56-0, but he is not Mike Vick so on third down stop calling those Qb choice draws and throw Calvin the ball.
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Congrats South Carolina on your 2 game win streak, you snuck by wofford and you beat FAU. Showcase game for Auburn who wants to get votes so they wont be left off like a few years back from the big game
Lean toward Texas Tech + 1.5 @ A&M.. Need to do a lot more research but at first glance this stuck out to me..
everythingthatsgreen said:
Lean toward Texas Tech + 1.5 @ A&M.. Need to do a lot more research but at first glance this stuck out to me..

Already a 1.5 point jump since I posted this 10min ago. I will wait this one out to see where the spread falls too but still like to side with TT so far.
Some significant line movements already from when I placed those 4...

Auburn currently at -14.5
GT +8.5 ....As I am typing this it goes back up to +10 so I guess from +11 to +10 is not that big of a move..
Michigan - 8

Texas T -1 (I missed out on this one so I never punched the ticket but had it at +3 than watched it drop slowly all the way to -1) Still don't know how i feel about this game..
Cal - 10 @ Oregon St - Got to see Cal play against ASU this week for the first time since that Tennessee killing. Before the season I was pretty high on Cal and thought they would be pretty legit. After that Tenn game and when I heard Corso liked the same team as me, I knew I was wrong. Anyway, Cal I think has bounced back, I think they will be USC's biggest test. I watched Boise dominate Oregon St and think Ian Johnson is no Lynch/Forsett combo. Oregon St LB'S will be nowhere to be found.. Matt Moore is good for a few picks as well. The thing that worries me is Cal's rush defense. Where was it vs ASU? Benson is a pretty good back but I think Cal is too much for this team..
Figures after I bet, Cal line drops.. Will keep my eye on this, If it dropped to say 7 or something, I might make another play on it. What do people see in Oregon St? I see a defense that can not tackle and a QB who can not throw to the right team.. Cal has Oregon the following week but I do not think they are looking ahead. I think with 1-loss already, they have to take 1 game at a time.
Havent been able to post because of school, but that hell week is over.. 0-1 for the week so far, but I am really not to mad about that loss. I was at the South Carolina game and I was a little wrong about this team. They are hard to predict but I think we are a team that plays or tries to play to the level of the competition, no matter who. I thought Syvelle looked good back there and he showed ability to throw to a different receiver (mckinnley). Boyd made a hell of a play running down that fumble return. I am pretty proud of USC today, they played their hearts out. The opportunity to tie the game was there, Cook just dropped the wide open ball. Even after that, we marched on to come down to 4th & 1 on like the 6. Damn! I'm not sure about Auburn, their road is tough and not sure they can make it through the whole thing undefeated. The pontiac game changing performance has got to be that onside kick. Tubberville surprised 99% of the world on that call, what a great call. Anyways, it was a great game to be at and I hope we can give that kind of effort EVERY WEEK.

Other games I have added for this that are placed with a local..

Oregon -1
Florida -14

I am also giving that system powerade uses a try, I tracked some games last week and it went 6-0.. I found two games that looked good to try..

$100 parlay Miss St +33, Under 41 - 80%
$100 parlay LSU -33, Over 41 - 80%
$100 parlay Temple +34, Under 43 - 79%
$100 parlay Vandy -34, Over 43 - 79%

When I placed this he was pretty confused.. I was just laughing but than he told me that they are fine..

The way I figured it out is: $100 parlay pays 2.6 = $260. If you win 1 and lose one ($110 , 10% juice), Your net profit is $150 for that bet.

To recap my bets for the wk:

Early lines:
Auburn -10 = Loss
Mich - 6.5
OSU -6.5
GT + 11

Other plays

Cal - 10
Oregon -1
Florida -14

2 system parlays as stated above