EPL - Sat 23 & Sun 24

Aston Villa v Charlton

EPL Encounters

25th Feb 06 Charlton v Aston Villa 0 - 0
26th Nov 05 Aston Villa v Charlton1 - 0
20th Apr 05 Aston Villa v Charlton 0 - 0
25th Aug 04 Charlton vA ston Villa 3 - 0
27th Mar 04 Charlton v Aston Villa 1 - 2
20th Sep 03 Aston Villa v Charlton 2 - 1
22nd Feb 03 Charlton v Aston Villa 3 - 0
11th Sep 02 Aston VillavCharlton 2 - 0
21st Jan 02 Charlton v Aston Villa 1 - 2
24th Oct 01Aston Villa v Charlton 1 - 0

Waiting for more news to trigger my play on Aston. I personally feel that Charlton team will have difficult time to avoid relegation this season under Ian Dowie :down:
Newcastle v Everton

If Shay Given is still not recovered on time, I will put my money on Everton to win more than 1 goal.

If you play with 2nd string GK, this kind of thing will happen
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNNcf5aZR2A and on top of that my club has world class back line to stop Andrew Johnson and Co :down: .
ray, shay given is out 4-6 weeks. i don't expect the magpies to fold just
like that.
i really like west ham on saturday.stuart pearce is on his way out of town.

don't be afraid to pound aston villa at home,o'neill has that team playing

if i can get a +1.5 i just might take reading at home vs. man utd

if i can get a +1 or more tottenham might be a good play on
saturday (maybe)let me think about it some more.
Aston Villa -1/2 @ 1.77
Liverpool -3/4 @ 1.83
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Like Liverpool at home to Spurs. They looked sharp during midweek action and are always a force at Anfield.

The over in Reading-Man United is a beauty. Reading love to attack and United are deadly in open play or on the counter.

Villa have looked organized to start the season and could be worth a look at home to Charlton Banks.

The obvious plays of Chelsea and Man United make sense and the -1 is a decent option as well.
hey guys, these are the teams that have not played any soccer this
week.these teams should be more rested and healthier when they play
this weekend.

ARSENAL at home
CHELSEA on the road
WEST HAM on the road
BLACKBURN on the road
MAN UTD on the road
TOTTENHAM on the road

all their opponents have played during the week.hope it helps you.
i've been suggested by a friend in England to play the Reading/Man Utd Over 2.5

I really dont' fancy a team like Tottenham on the road. They have yet to show any qualities of a CL team that a lot of pundits had predicted before the start of the season. Liverpool has a history of playing plenty of games during a week and seem to themselves fine so i think a Liverpool win against Tottenham at Anfield is ideal, especially since Berbatov will be out of this encounter.
I am not seeing Rossi on the starting XII. Glenn Roeder will most likely stick with Ameobi and Martins upfront.