English Premier League


For those that have had their interest peaked because of the World Cup please, please TIVO the English Premier league action this year. Lots of big time names and stars. Best league in the world IMO. Also now with the Italian league going to shit because of the scandal watch for many to jump ship and join the EPL making that league any stronger.

Because soccer has become so popular here EPL games will no longer be on PPV but they will just actually show the games now. All old games on PPV that we used to have to pay $300 for is now free on FSC. Sentana just adds to the mix so we have more games to watch in the US.

You must have two channels Fox Soccer Channel and Sentana USA. I only have Fox Soccer through TW in Houston. I can’t get a satellite because I live in a high rise not facing the correct way. DISH does not carry Sentana only Direct TV.

So here’s how the lineup starts when the season kicks off in August 6th. All games live.

6:30 am Sentana will show the first game
9 am will be on FSC
11 am will be on FSC
2 p.m. will be on FSC

7:30 am Sentana will show the first game
10 am on FSC (best game of the week)

2 p.m. on FSC

All other midweek games (usually tues-wed) they have them will be on Sentana. FSC is the way to go and I’m so glad we have it here in Houston (ch 110 as I’m watching an old Chelsea match man their lineup is sick).

Also if you want Champion League games you must get ESPN Deportees (get the Spanish package) and Sentana for the full slate of games. ESPN will show the big games here and there.

For those just getting interest into soccer I’ll give you some insight into the league.

The EPL has been around for about 14 years years as all the top teams broke away from the England league to take advantage of a huge TV deal. Think of it along the lines of the top 20 college football teams forming one league and playing each other all year long only.

Only 4 teams have won the league title even though there are 20 total. Arsenal, Blackburn, Chelsea, and Man U. Man U has won 8 of the last 14 titles but can’t match the spending of the Chelsea Russian billionaire owner who has won the last two titles.

The league has 38 games as each team players each other twice home/away. The three lowest placed teams get regulated to the leagues below them so it gives the English teams in the first division a chance to move up as well.

The top four teams in the Premiership qualify for the UEFA Champions League, with the top two teams directly entering the group phase. The third and fourth placed teams enter the competition at the third qualifying round and must win a two-legged knockout tie in order to enter the group phase.

The Champions league is by far my one of my favorite sporting events to watch. The tournament consists of several stages and begins with three preliminary knockout qualifying rounds. Different teams start in different rounds, according to their position in domestic league and the UEFA coefficients of their league, while the sixteen top ranked teams spread across the biggest domestic leagues are directly qualified.

In each subsequent preliminary round, participating teams are paired, with aggregate winners proceeding into the next round. Qualifying rounds span from mid-July to late August. The losers of the third qualifying round are transferred to the UEFA Cup, while the sixteen winners of the final qualifying round are joined by the sixteen teams who have qualified directly, to participate in the group stage.

They are drawn into eight groups of four teams, each team playing every other team in the group twice (home and away). The group stage is played between mid-September and early December. The teams finishing third in their groups are transferred to the UEFA Cup, while the top two teams from every group qualify for the next round. Here the sixteen remaining teams take part in the knockout stages, which starts in late February and end with the final match in May.

All qualifying round and knockout ties are two-legged, with each team hosting one match. The team which scores the greater aggregate number of goals qualifies for the next round. The away goals rule applies. Extra time and penalty kicks are used to determine the winner, if necessary. An exception is the final, which is a single match played at a predetermined venue.

The Champions League final is the most important match of the season in European club football. The stadium to host the final is selected by UEFA two years before the match.

The latest UEFA Champions League final was held at Stade de France on 17 May 2006 between Arsenal and Barcelona, which Barcelona won 2-1. In this spectacular match, Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann was sent off and two late goals by Samuel Eto'o and Juliano Belletti secured victory for the Barcelona side.

Real Madrid have won this competition nine times. The next most successful teams are A.C. Milan (six titles), Liverpool F.C. (five titles), FC Bayern Munich and Ajax Amsterdam (four titles).


DF Carlos Bocanegra (Fulham)

The 27-year-old from UCLA had a great World Cup for us much to the surprise of many. The defender was a former MLS Rookie of the Year before taking his game to Europe. He will only be 31 when the next World Cup rolls around so don’t count him out just yet. He enters his third season at Fulham and does start.

MF Bobby Convey (Reading)

One of my favorite players on the U.S team because he just attacks down the wing when he gets the ball. His team just got promoted to the English Premier where he was one of the best players in the first division this past season. He is only 23 so he will be one of our stars for 2010.

D Jay Demrit (Watford)

Kind of an unknown in many US circles but this kid needs to get his chance with the US team by whoever the new coach is. At only 26 Demerit has played well as a defender in England. He had a good year in 2004-2005 but hurt his shoulder last season and never really caught his form until the end of the season where he came on strong. Watford just got promoted to the Premeirship this season as well.

G Brad Freidal (Blackburn)

Even though he’s retired from international play he is still one of the better keepers in England. He has been Blackburn starting keeper for the last five years. Friedal will once again man the nets for Blackburn at the age of 35.

D Cory Gibbs (Charlton Athletic)

A stud defender for the US at only 26. Would have started for us if he wasn’t injured right before the World Cup. He is playing his first ever season in England after having been in Holland for the last two years. If he can stay healthy he will be a name to remember for 2010.

G Marcus Hahneman (Reading)

Third team goalie for us at this years World Cup at the age of 34. He’s been with Reading for 5 years and was instrumental in them reaching the Premier league this coming season.

G Tim Howard (Everton)

Had stardom written all over him. He was looking like he might become one of the best US soccer players ever after starting for Man U in his first season and being named best keeper in all of the EPL. He has since struggled and benched and was loaned out to Everton for this coming season. He is 27 and our goalie of the future so this year will be an interesting one to see if Howard can regain his form.

F Jemel Johnson (Blackburn)

At 21 he was born in NJ but has lived in England since he was five. He has been in Man U youths squad for five years before Blackburn picked him up when he was 16. He has only played on their reserves squad and is now being placed on loan to a lower league English squad for the upcoming season so we won’t be seeing him in the Premeirship just yet but he is under contract with a premier team.

F Brian McBride (Fulham)

A fan favorite in England and of course one of the US greatest scorers ever. At age 34 he scored 10 goals for Fulham and is a fixture up front for them.

MF Claudio Reyna (Manchester City)

IMO the greatest US soccer player ever. He has been a steady midfielder in the EPL for the last 5 years when healthy.

D Jonathan Spector (West Ham United)

The future of US soccer at defense. At the age of 20 he has been brought up through the ranks of Man U playing their reserve squad side. Sir Alex has been reluctant to loan him out to give him experience because Man U consistently had injuries to their back four. Finally he was loaned out to Charlton Athletic last year where he started 16 games. This year he finally cut ties to Man U signing with West Ham where he will start. He will be one of our defenders barring injury in 2010.

I’ll update this thread with any news I hear of recent signings. Dempsey to Fulham looks like it may happen along with Gooch to Middlesborough.
Sorry guys for got our most important player over there...

F Giuseppe Rossi

Okay he said he wants to play for Italy but we still have a shot at the 18 year old stud who was actually born in New Jersey. He has been on Man U's reserve squad and was the best reserve player in all of England but recently this news came out...

Rossi asks to leave

Giuseppe Rossi makes his move and looks for a solution for his future. Manchester’s outstanding young Italian forward has scored four goals this season despite having played in only small bits of games, but continues to be Ferguson’s fourth choice behind Rooney, Saha and Van Nistelrooy, and that’s without taking Solskjaer into account.

“I will ask Manchester to send me out on loan since this is the only possitbility that I have to get experience and regular playing time. I would like to stay in the Premier League, but I still don’t know where I will be playing next season,” stated Rossi.

Rossi, however, is not totally disappointed with this season. “It could have been worse, but I don’t want to complain. But now I think that it’s crucial for me to have a change of air and go to another team.”

Very interesting.
Really nice recap for those of us who know very little about soccer. Now only if we could get someone to describe CFL, Aussie Rules, etc...

Rugby is about the only big time sport outside the US that I have down, as I tried out for the U19 National Team back in the day. Wish I was still in shape/had health insurance so I could play.
Fondybadger said:
Could you guys explain how the "loaner program" works?

Before the start of each season, each club can select players they wise to "Loan" out to another club.

The reason for a "Loan" can vary:
Club does not have the financial stability to keep that player
Club does not have enough squad space
Club wants to give the Loanee some playing experience
If the Loanee is of non-EU passport, the club may loan because they have reached the max amount of non-EU players allowed on a squad.

Loans can vary, usually clubs will loan a 3 month, a 6 month or a full season.

In the contracts there could be different clauses, the loanee cannot play against his original employers or they can only play a certain amount of games and so forth.
Fondybadger said:
Really nice recap for those of us who know very little about soccer. Now only if we could get someone to describe CFL, Aussie Rules, etc...

Rugby is about the only big time sport outside the US that I have down, as I tried out for the U19 National Team back in the day. Wish I was still in shape/had health insurance so I could play.

I will be sure to help bring in some Aussies who are all about the AFL and Rugby.

CFL is dogshit, you don't want to know any thing about it.


that is the official site for the Aussie Rules Football League. This game is extremely intense and the commentary is hilarious. If you guys have an opportunity, you should definitely try and watch a game at least.
Huge Liverpool FC fan here ;).

Mike knows that already :lol: being a Villa supporter. It will be a great season, 4 teams fighting for the top.

I hope LFC can bring in Joaquin and/or Trezeguet.
I think Joaquin said he wants to play for Real Madrid. But the Galatico's are also courting Robben so either way one of those players will get snubbed
he said he is waiting for Real Madrid to make him an offer, but so far nothing has happened. He also said he would like to play for Liverpool if he doesn't go to Madrid.

He will enjoy the roar of the Kop, mark my words ;) :D
i think Liverpool are the smartest buyers. They are not overpaying and they are getting quality at the positions they need. But honestly, i thinkt hey need to really start looking for a long term Centreback. Hypia ain't going to be playing till his 40, lol.
wise words, Hyypia will probably retire after this season. So far Liverpool bought Agger who should fill the gap in the back, when Hyypia leaves. I'm not worried about defense, Rafa is a natural there, I m hoping they can bring a few quality players up front, namely Joaquin or Trezeguet.
yep I think he'll do good. Didn't prove himself immensely on the world cup but still seems to be a quality striker.
Looking forward to seeing some soccer plays from you Satyr.

When does the season start for the leagues you follow?
Scottish Premier League kicks off July 29
English Premier League kicks off August 19
French Ligue 2 kicks off July 29
Swiss Super League kicks off July 19
Spanish La Liga end of August
Italy Serie A....i have no clue whats going on there

Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed Manchester United have turned down a bid from Real Madrid for Ruud van Nistelrooy - and had one rejected themselves for Michael Carrick.
Intense rumours out of Spain suggested van Nistelrooy was due in the capital for a medical before completing a big-money move to the Bernabeu.
It appears the Real website even published a profile of the 30-year-old earlier in the day, only to swiftly take it off.
However, Ferguson has flatly denied the speculation, confirming Real have yet to meet a valuation the Red Devils find acceptable.
"There is no agreement with Real Madrid and Manchester United over Ruud," said Ferguson.
"We have refused their offer. He remains a Manchester United player."
It seems only a matter of time before a deal goes through, although Real will clearly have to get much nearer United's £15million valuation for the player than the £10million it is believed they have bid.
With van Nistelrooy's short-term future still undecided and interest in Atletico Madrid's Fernando Torres stalling, Ferguson may yet stick with his current strikeforce.
His midfield is another matter though, as public confirmation of his interest in Carrick emphasises.
"We are trying to sign another central midfielder," said Ferguson.
"We have made a bid for Michael Carrick but they (Tottenham) turned it down."
Ferguson did not elaborate on the Carrick issue but he did hint at a possible bid for Patrick Vieira should he receive confirmation the former Arsenal man wishes to leave scandal-hit Juventus, who are now bound for the depths of Serie B.
"We have to see what Juventus are planning for their players," said Ferguson.
"Vieira, (Fabio) Cannavaro and (Gianluca) Buffon are all top players and there are question marks about where they are going next season."
Talk of transfers overshadowed a hard-fought 1-0 win over the Kaizer Chiefs in Cape Town, with Dong Fangzhou sparing United's blushes with the winner six minutes from time.
Having been denied a tap-in by Paul Scholes moments earlier, Dong kept his nerve to rifle home after Darren Fletcher had set him up with a neat cut-back.
The finish gave some indication as to why United invested £3million in the 20-year-old two seasons ago, even though there was no immediate hope of the Chinese international being granted a work permit.
Dong has spent all his time at United on loan at Royal Antwerp so far, but Ferguson can already see plenty of improvement in the former Dalian Shide youngster.
"Dong has the speed, physicality and his technique is improving all the time," said Ferguson.
"He has improved a lot but we expect that and he has to continue it if he wants to be a player.
"Dong showed a lot of composure for his goal. He could easily have hit it first time but when his opportunity came, he remained patient."

Alexandre Gaydamak has taken full control of Portsmouth, having agreed a deal for chairman Milan Mandaric's remaining shares.
Gaydamak arrived at Fratton Park in January as co-owner and has now bought out American-Serb businessman Mandaric, who will continue in his role as non-executive chairman of the club.

Mandaric told the club’s website, www.pompeyfc.co.uk: “This does not mean I am walking into the sunset. I will be here to help Alexandre Gaydamak in any way I can and also maintain my friendship with the wonderful supporters.”

Gaydamak’s investment was felt immediately in the new year when manager Harry Redknapp made a host of signings to save the club from relegation.
Reds a top seed for CL, Chelsea not

Max Munton - July 17th, 2006 (thisisanfield.com)

UEFA have confirmed that Liverpool, along with fellow Premiership sides Arsenal and Manchester United will be amongst the top seeds for next season’s Champions League draw.

Although Liverpool and Arsenal must still qualify through the third qualifying round of the Champions League, should they go through they will both enter the draw to avoid the top teams.

Chelsea miss out on being placed with the top seeds, despite Juventus and AC Milan being thrown out of next season’s competition due to the match fixing scandals in Italy.

The draw for the group stages of the Champions League will take place in Monaco on August 24th.
Psychology games begin

According to Sky Sports News, Mourinho claims that Chelsea won't be ready to play the Reds because of the World Cup.


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has conceded the Premiership champions are likely to be below strength for the opening stages of the new season.

With a number of The Blues' stars going all the way to the latter stages in the World Cup this summer they will not be fit and ready for the Charity Shield after taking a break from the game.

William Gallas and Claude Makelele both played in France's World Cup final loss to Italy while Ricardo Carvalho and Paolo Ferreira helped Portugal to the semi-finals.

Mourinho saw Manchester United field a near full-strength side in their 4-0 win over Orlando Pirates, with only the likes of Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo absent.

Chelsea kick-off their season against Liverpool in the Community Shield on August 13 and Mourinho will not have a full strength squad for the game, nor their Premiership opener against Manchester City a week later.

"Manchester United played in South Africa with a first eleven, we cannot do this," Mourinho told Chelsea TV.

"I believe our first part of the season will be quite difficult. For example, when we play the Charity Shield, Liverpool have already played Champions League matches and have been training for a month.

"When we play Manchester City in the first game it'll be a very similar situation so I think we won't start in the full position.

"We have a lot of quality and I believe everyone will be back fit with a lot of enthusiasm, but the reality is we have to play with half the team for the first game in the States.

"Some of them will not be ready to play in the Charity Shield. It's a competition and it's a cup we enjoyed winning last season and of course we want to win this time around as well, but I'll look at it in a different way."
typical Maureen-ho there, making excuses up front. It's just that. Excuses. Maureen-ho isn't naive, he needs to have an alibi for a potential loss, and he knows Rafa is a better manager than he is, so he's making excuses up front. Nothing strange there, we all know how he never shakes Rafa's hand after a defeat, how he's never fair in defeat, just when he wins.

Some gentleman. Actually he's a top class pr*ck that's what he is.

What a bunch of glory hunters these Chelski scum are, what's your say Mike?
Mourinho is all fucking talk its disgusting. Like i said, Rafa knows how to work with a budget and knows how to find players of quality at the right price. Why would you want to pay 30 million pounds for a 30 year old striker? Just how many years left does Sheva have especially against EPL competition.

Mourinho is always a bad sport. I absolutely loved the Barca/Chelsea encounter. How he got beaten by a young manager. He will NEVER win the CL with his attitude. He can win all the EPL's he wants but if he can't wini a CL with Chelsea, than it maybe safe to say he is NOT a World Class Manager.

I will be honest, I seriously do not think Chelsea will win the EPL. Infact, i think Arsenal have a better chance. Wenger is a better mind game coach than Mourinho, and Wenger is better at sucking referee cocks. Mourinho needs to learn how to shut up. Satyr, you notice that when Wenger shut his mouth, Arsenal just went on a terrific run?

The EPL is just so competitived that being a favorite is not always the best position

Aston Villa are in the hunt for a new manager after parting company with David O'Leary.
O'Leary's three years at Villa Park saw the club's on-field fortunes spiral into a decline which saw them finish sixth, 10th and 16th in consecutive seasons.
He was cleared of any involvement in the statement which appeared in the local press last Friday, which included criticism of chairman Doug Ellis supposedly from the first-team squad.
But Villa and O'Leary agreed to part ways after a turbulent partnership.
Villa will be linked to the likes of Alan Curbishley and Martin O'Neill, but a caretaker boss - possibly Roy Aitken - seems set to be installed on Thursday. Villa declined to discuss the future management plans on Wednesday.
O'Leary had been at Villa since June 2003 and despite a thoroughly encouraging first campaign, Villa have been far from convincing since, despite their squad boasting a number of internationals including Czech Republic striker Milan Baros.
Sections of supporters showed their dislike for O'Leary on several occasions last season, Villa's worst of his reign, however they have particularly targeted Ellis.
Ellis has been criticised by supporters who claim he has not invested adequately in the playing staff, and the statement last Friday, supposedly from the first-team players, also questioned the manner in which the owner has managed the club.
Villa declared that 48-year-old Irishman O'Leary has been eliminated from their investigation into the statement's origins.
A three-man inquiry panel was set up to discover the truth behind the statement and O'Leary held talks with Villa officials this evening.
He refused to speak to reporters waiting for an announcement, but the club later released a statement which declared Villa had decided the time was right for a change of management.
The statement read: "On 17 July 2006, Aston Villa Plc announced that the board of Aston Villa had set up an internal enquiry into the circumstances surrounding the publication of a statement purportedly from the entire first team squad.
"That enquiry has completed its investigations. Although no misconduct by the manager David O'Leary was uncovered, as a result of the investigation, it has been agreed that an amicable parting of the ways was in the best interests of all parties.
"Accordingly, a compensation package reflecting the situation has been established and it has been mutually agreed to terminate the contract of David O'Leary, with immediate effect."
not suprising, he was touted to leave prior to World Cup. Villa is on the down. Fuck Doug Ellis, i wish him a thousand deaths. Such a disgruntled chairman. How the fuck do you expect a team to compete and generate revenue if you aren't willing to even put an investment on players!?

I really don't know what sort of a manager would want to join a club that has a Chairman like Ellis. But so far the names Allardyce, Curbishley and Martin O'Neill have been thrown out. I honestly think Curbishley has been waiting for this job for awhile now going back to his playing years at the club.
Toronto_Mike said:
Mourinho is all fucking talk its disgusting. Like i said, Rafa knows how to work with a budget and knows how to find players of quality at the right price. Why would you want to pay 30 million pounds for a 30 year old striker? Just how many years left does Sheva have especially against EPL competition.

Well said. It should be a different criteria for them. You have all that money, come on then, win a treble then. Don't just go on and win a competition in which you play against Sunderland, Birmingham, Crystal Palace and Portsmouth.

Where is Chelsea in Europe? Mourinho doesn't get that he was outsmarted by Rafa and Rijkaard in the CL in the last two seasons.

Look at FA Cup semis last season: Maureen-ho goes out with a formation, putting Essien at a pinpoint of a diamond, choking up Lampard in the back. Liverpool control the midfield, take a 2:0 lead and progress.

Some coach that Moronho.
But of course it was ref's fault so he didn't shake Rafa's hand. Again. Why am I not surprised?

Toronto_Mike said:
Mourinho is always a bad sport. I absolutely loved the Barca/Chelsea encounter. How he got beaten by a young manager. He will NEVER win the CL with his attitude. He can win all the EPL's he wants but if he can't wini a CL with Chelsea, than it maybe safe to say he is NOT a World Class Manager.

I will be honest, I seriously do not think Chelsea will win the EPL. Infact, i think Arsenal have a better chance. Wenger is a better mind game coach than Mourinho, and Wenger is better at sucking referee cocks. Mourinho needs to learn how to shut up. Satyr, you notice that when Wenger shut his mouth, Arsenal just went on a terrific run?

The EPL is just so competitived that being a favorite is not always the best position

I agree. I dislike Arsenal too but you have to give them some credit. Wenger did a terrific job, they had several young players who excelled to the level they needed to reach the final, these guys played their hearts out.
Chelsea are nothing but a glory hunting scum, their reign will finish soon.

They're a joke.
I am anxiously waiting the day Roman Abramovich decides to walk out on the club leaving them in tremendous debt.

He is such a disease to Futbol. I would seriously like to see him work in a Championship club and see how he can work around having limited resources. Infact lets see him take on Villa! Lol. Any manager who can win at Villa should be the manager of the year considering Ellis is a tool bag.

I think Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal are going to really give Chelsea a run for their money. Not so sure about Utd but i cannot doubt Fergie's credentials because he has been able to work with shit resources before.
Tottenham. Hmm, can't really see that happening, since they're known for underachieving and having enormous bad luck when it's needed the most to step up and win.

I mean how doable is to be 4th for 95% of the season then in the LAST GAME spill everything and finish 5th?

The mere conception of a "mighty Chelsea" is a hoax, a bunch of bullcrap.

They were never a big team, nor they will be one. Ever.

It's just a matter of seasons until they're back to their standard top 8 fight.
I sense Tottenham can close the deal this season. They are getting the right mix of players and if they can get Nedved or Duff that will sure make a deadly flank with Lennon on the right. They did a tremendous job of choking and than end up protesting, such sore losers. Can't take a defeat
I was chatting with a friend last week about Premiership, and we remembered that Villa team from the mid/late 90s, remember, Gregory was the manager, Dion Dublin and Gareth Barry were in the team, they had such a great 1st part of the season then faded away.

what happened there? Btw Aston Villa had bought Bosko Balaban a few seasons ago, but never used him, even though they lacked firepower up front. Some lousy buys there and you guys don't have enough funds to cope with the best. But I'm looking for an upswing soon, if not this season then one of the upcoming ones.