Early Tuesday Plays - NBA

reNew Orleans

Clubbin' with Rasual Butler
YTD: 60-37-3 +33.85 Units
ATS: 28-23-2 -0.57 Units
Totals: 29-9-1 +33.78 Units
ML: 1-0 +2.0 Units
ML Dog: 5-10 -0.36 Units
Parlay: 0-1 -1 Units

Went 1-0 and +1.02 yesterday. Plenty of lines out now and I just grabbed a few, and looking at one more.

Memphis Grizzlies @ Denver Nuggets OVER 202 - 2.10 Units for 2
Two Unders so far for Denver... both versus the Clippers. I'll just ride them and the over here. I think they'll control the tempo of this game and Memphis will try to run with them at times since they've got some athletes. Memphis hasn't had a problem scoring too much scoring 94+ in 5 of last 7 games. Two teams they didn't score that much against were Dallas and Houston, both on the road and both good defensive teams and the Nuggets are not that.

Milwaukee Bucks @ Los Angeles Lakers OVER 201.5 - 2.28 Units for 2
Terrible defenses versus offenses that can score. Even if Milk isnt scoring I think the Lakers will score enough to bring this over. Nothing else much to it... just going with a gut feeling.

Indiana Pacers @ Portland Trailblazers +2.5 - 1.09 Units for 1
A spread! Pacers haven't played well on the road this year, I'll just ride the trend. But don't trust me because my spread plays haven't been very good. Just think the Jailblazers can win SU here.

Looking at this:
New York Knicks @ Chicago Bulls UNDER 200
I've just been noticing a lot of rematches this year have been on the opposite side of the total as their 1st meeting. I might need to start taking note of that, but maybe it's just games that I've looked @ the totals seriously and not played them. When I have time I might look at it in more depth. But anyways... Q-Rich and Fyre are out although they have a lot of players who can score. They're going to have to readjust their play and might hurt them a bit. Plus Chicago is finally back home and will frustrate the Knicks with their defense.
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No play on the Atlanta/Washington over? Washington has been putting up the points at home, and the total of 200 seems low, and there is a very tiny chance it might drop, as the Hawks have went under a few times recently I believe.
Sportsbettingjunkie - i just can't trust washington at the moment. people have been getting burned by them. it's 202 @ pinny, maybe i'll make a small play on it since they are night and day away/home.

B.A.R - anytime getting a suggestion from you it's valuable. I laid off of it since I saw the total move so much on scoresandodds.com and thought it was strange. Portland has been giving up a lot but the Pacers haven't played well on the road, but if they do anything they'll slow it down that's for sure.

Also might play Raptors/Hornets under... Hornets + Under is the reason why, just waiting for the total. No Peja and maybe West and Mo Pete. :smiley_acbe:
realized the total went UNDER in their previous meeting for chicago/NY, so if i play it, it'd be on the over, but it's a no play for me. goes against my thinking right now.
Oregonian says Portland team spent 2 hours yesterday working on defense and are getting back a quality shot blocking center although it is unclear how long he will be able to play.
thanks killa

thanks tuck for that info, might play it later

thanks smo1a

Toronto Raptors @ New Orleans Hornets UNDER 190.5 - 1 Unit for 1
No Peja, No West, No Mo Pete. Hornets had a couple of days off, think they will focus on D. Lowest total for Raptors easily this year but they've gone under a surprising number of times this year.

Minnesota Timberwolves @ Houston Rockets UNDER 179 - 1 Unit for 1
T-Wolaves @ Rockets on a B2B after an huge offensive outburst in the 4th. That had to make them tired. Good defenders all around for Rockets, love playing their unders. KG will give fits to Yao.
tuck321 said:
Oregonian says Portland team spent 2 hours yesterday working on defense and are getting back a quality shot blocking center although it is unclear how long he will be able to play.

Makes me feel even better about my total. Thanks Tuck.

Charlotte Bobcats +7.5 @ New Jersey Nets - 1.07 Units for 1
Degenerate. (Other solid posters on it)
Minnesota Timberwolves +9 @ Houston Rockets - 1.08 Units for 1
Degenerate. (Eames thread)
Indiana Pacers @ Portland Trailblazers UNDER 188 - 1.07 Units for 1
Degenerate. Actually listening to Big Al but still Degenerate.
Haven't been around tonight, been busy but coming back to a nice surprise!
5-0 +6 Units so far
still 3 more plays left Mil/Lakers Over 201.5, Pacers @ Trailblazers +2.5 and Under 188.
Damn, you are hot!
Keep it up....
I know the "rehab" feeling, just got out myself... lol...