Dylanphans soccer picks

Well, it's been a while but fret not, CTG checks have cashed, and I'll be back with some winners.
Last posted play end 1-1 so that sucks, but it's time for me to post nothing but winners.
Tomorrow early, I have two plays, and frankly, I'd probably put my entire bankroll on each if I wasn't so disciplined.

Peterbprough +125 vs Derby 2.0 to make 2.5. This line is absolutely ridiculous and should be closer to -150. I've put my second highest wager on it, but this one is an absolute banker.
United/Leeds o2.75 (-125) 2.50 to make 2.0. Again, this one is just a terrible line, If it wasn't the first week, this would be a max bet. Both teams will score here, probably in the first half and you're getting an easy 4-5 goals in this one.

To keep the momentum going on the most profitable thread in the history of CTG, and at the bequest of the dozens of dm's I've received, I will post another TWO bets for today.
One has been posted on the twitterverse and the other is just for my friends and family at CTG.
Guayquil City/Delfin o2.5 at evs
Club Leon/Matzalan o2.5 -125 (2.5 to win 2.0)

After these two win, I'd certainly expect there to be more than 2-3K views over the next 12 hours. LFG
:cheers3: :cheers3:
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Just your typical +7.5 unit day on 4 bets. You're all fucking welcome. Not sure there is a better poster on CTG, maybe ever.
I'll be out most of tomorrow, so I am just going to post these two plays tonight. Can't say they're guaranteed winners, but ffs, if you've been following me, you have been winning shit loads already.
HJK/Mariehamm o2.75 (-125)
Liptovsky Mikulas vs Zilina o3 (-105)

G'luck and you're welcome
:cheers3: :cheers3:
After a simply glorious Saturday, Sunday came back to earth a bit. Simply a whiff in Finland, it's been a long while since I remember just making a bad read. Hardly any shots, hardly any chances, just a bad call. Miulus/Zilina could have won me back most of my money, but of course they get VAR'd and had another one called back late ffs, so that game was a push instead of a win. -1.25 on Sunday, a bitter pill, but I've seen worse.

Today I have an absolute fucking banker. I played it last night at -110 and again this morning. But, I'm having second thoughts about posting so I want to read up on something and wait. Game starts at noon CST so be patient.
Last play was a loser, so I'm sorry for that. AIK didn't show up for the first 30 minutes at all. After that they pelted the goal with 15+ attempts, grabbed one goal and had another disallowed. But that's me bitching over a loss.

Today I will give you all a winner at plus odds.
Hannover +130 just 1 to make 1.30

Loko Lepzeig/Berlin 02.5 (-140) 2.8 to make 2.00
Fremad/Koge o1 (1h) -130 (2.60 to make 2.00)
Perak FA/Selangor FA o2.75 (evs) 2.0 to make 2.00
Schalke o2.5 (-125) 1.25 to make 1.0

Tons more later on, but we're firing on these big to start off the day. :cheers3:
Aguero to Houston would be awesome and I'll go for a match or two. First round's on me.
Only got the two goals in the Cobh game, so threw back a bit of weekend profit.

Midweek action
Al Raed/Al HAzem o2.75 (-150) (3.0 to make 2.0)
Stuttgart II/Hessen Kessel o2.75 (-125) (1.25 to make 1.00)

Yeah that Saudi game is a bit chalky, but when going over the numbers, it offers the best value. I wouldn't blame you if you could find an o3 (-110) but I'm not finding anything near that.

midweek sucked. German game flew over, and the Saudi game had not 1, but 2 goals called off, including one in stoppage time. That's a 4 unit swing right there.
Either way, lost 2 units and probably shouldn't lay that much chalk anymore

So many games tomorrow and I'm super busy. Was researching the City/Arsenal game and those odds are just nuts. Yeah, City should be favored, but I've not seen a line so disrespectful to Arsenal , well maybe ever. I lined this one as City -1 say -125, but I'm seeing -240.
You can get Arsenal at +1.5 evs, well, that's a bet. 1.0 to win 1.0.
Next, you have to grab Nottingham Forrest +0.25 at (-120) 1.20 to win 1.00
Now, here is my favorite value of the morning. HIFK/Honka BTTS +110. 2.00 to win 2.20
Last, Bundesliga II has really been struggling to get goals early in the season, which is odd. Tomorrow morning there are 3 games, ALL which should fly over 2.5. But I'm only going to play one and I'm going to play it heavy. Last year these teams were both in B2 and both teams games averaged 3.05 and 3.5 goals respectively. So far this year, one team is averaging 4gpg but the other is just 2gpg. That said, I fully expect to see loads of goals here.
Darmstadt/Hannover BET OF THE DAY o2.75 (-140) 2.8 to win 2.00
You must be happy with the ronaldo news today mate

Gl this weekend

Agree on the arsenal thing, I thought similar vs chelsea last week and am just gun shy with them now
I'm certainly not disappointed with the Ronaldo news. TBH, I thought he would have been a great fit at City, because that would have allowed them to not play STerling so much, and just imagine Ronaldo creeping around up front with service from KdB, Mahrez et al. He would have been a gpg guy there. At United he can certainly make an impact. And he's familiar with the atmosphere and theater there. I liken it to Zlatan and the impact he made there, but this is a better United team for sure. Should be fun, especially the first dangerous FK or PK with him and Bruno over the ball.

Saturday was a slight disappointment. Finland game I was a right side loser there. Red card hurt, but should have won. I was obviously dead wrong trying to bet on value with Arsenal, but I read that they were NEVER at higher odds to win in the premier league. I suck at betting on value, just because you get a good number doesn't mean you win. Bundesliga II game was a winner, even with a missed PK, and Forest pulled out a late winner there, so I lost -0.5 units.

I'll be up early tomorrow as it's an Old Firm match and I try to always catch those. No action in that game, but should be a cracker as Celtic has certainly found their scoring touch, and Rangers has had a disappointing start to the year, don't they they'll want to lose tomorrow.

But I have found a number of bets for early games
Gent/Brugge o2.5 (-120) 1.20 to win 1.00
St Pauli/Jahn Regensburg o2.75 (-120) 2.4 to win 2.00
Stuttgart II/Astoria Waldorff o3 (-120) 2..4 to win 2.00

Wisla/Rakow o2.5 evs absolutely interests me, but these early Poland games have fucked me quite a bit, so if I'm up early, I'll more than likely play this one in game.
Leon/America 2 goals in first 26 minutes, can't hit a 3rd
St Pauli game has 30+ shots, xpg over 4, and can't hit a 3rd
Gent game gets 7 and Stuttgart game gets 5
Probably tilting here but I am playing United TT o1.5 (-110) 2.20 to make 2.00

Lost the United bet. My feeling was that Wolves would be a pressing team and not sit back, similar to Leeds in matchday 1. United put up 5 in that one mostly on the counter or a defensive lapse. Southampton sat back and absorbed pressure in match 2, and while united thumped them, they only managed a single goal.
Well, Wolves did press them and frankly United were very very poor. I can't recall last time I've seen the likes of Bruno so discomposed with the ball at his feet under pressure. James was terrible in his last match for United. Fred couldn't find any time or complete a pass more than 3 feet. Pogba was really the only one able to open up the other side.
I'll continue to play United overs going forward most likely as this is really an attacking team with great quality on the counter and should be better. Wolves were kind of like a rabid dog desperate for a result, or even a goal and played much better than I expected.
No bets for today as the leagues I like to attack are being juiced to hell on the goals market.
I hate international soccer so bad. Just when you get a nice sample size of games, whammo break time. And then of course when clubs return, they'll tend to rest players that were out on international duty. Just takes the entire flow out of the season right early on.
United and overs look like a match made in heaven

Trying to cap international stuff for me is much more capping the standings than anything, I just really want Zlatan to qualify. So weird thinking of a winter WC so guessing South American qualifiers run into next Summer?
Let's get the day started off with a winner

Almere City/OSS o2.5 (-130) 2.60 to make 2.00
Absolute banger here. Would play up to o2.75 at -120. Line much too low.

Today was a winner, you're welcome

For tomorrow I have two games early.
Oygarden/Skeid o2.6 (-155) 1.55 to win 1.00
Pitea/Haninge o3 (-115) 2.30 to win 2.00

Been a rough week - those two games above ended 0-0 and 1-0 :hang:
Took a few days off to regroup and I swear 70% of the games I've played have missed by 0.5 goals ffs.
But for today I have one better that is an absolute banker.
Bayern Munchen -0.5 (+135) 2.00 to win 2.70

Now go out, enjoy the glorious return of CR7 and then count your money this afternoon.
Last bet was an easy winner. This weeks been pretty slow but today I had a fuck all on a max bet in Saudi Arabia. Had two first half goals called off then had what I was sure was the winner in the 2nd half only to be var’d.
I’m outta town for the weekend but placed one big bet for tomorrow which is absolutely going to win.
Tampines/young lions o3.5 (-145) 2.9 to win 2.0. :cheers3:
Tampines game ended at 3, of course, so that was a bit loss over the weekend. Been a busy week, so not much time to post here.
Have a few plays for tomorrow morning.
Cr7 any time scorer -125 (1.25 to make 1.00)
BM2/TSV 1896 o3.75 (-110) 2.20 to make 2.00
Bahlinger/FSV Frankfurt o2.75 (-110) 2.20 to make 2.00

if these hit, I'll post more, maybe
Okay, so I've reached an agreement with CTG to start posting my plays again in an attempt to boost traffic to this site.
I feel I was lowballed, but I've always liked @B.A.R. and @guaranteed is okay, and well, Braves25 and DA and ManUK and Billy and Hugh613 are going to make guest appearances, so it should be a fun thread for all.

I'll be posting a LOT of plays. I'll be making a LOT of money. I will not post my record, I'll let an independent source determine just how many units I've made, but I assure you, we'll be close to triple digits by year end.

First up tonight
Club Atlas -105 ML 1.05 to make 1.00

g'luck fellas
Well, now I have to bet it.

3-0 this week with KJ...

0-0 with one pending (-111 for myself) with Dylan...
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Big day today with big leagues starting up. I received my stipend from teapot9 to post some plays and here my thoughts on todays big league fixtures

Arsenal have a tricky tie vs Crystal Palace. Always a struggle at Selhurst park, and being it the first game of the season, you know the crowd will be into it. Seems everyone and their mother is on Arsenal tonight and Arsenal o1.5 goals, but not for me. CP always good at home, and frankly I don't rate newcomer Gabriel Jesus all that highly. think this one is tight, 1-1 game in the cards, absolute no play for me.

Lyon kick things off at home vs newly promoted Ajaccio. I always keep an keen eye on Lyon's games as they tend to have goals in them, but Lyon without a number of players in their midfield today. Housseum Aouar still around, but they are seemingly still trying to move him, not sure why. That front line is good, KTE, Dembele and Lacazette surely have goals in them. But, Ajaccio kept 23 clean sheets last year in ligue 2 and I'm fairly sure they are going to try to play in the same manner against one of the larger French sides. And while there is a huge talent discrepancy between ligue 1 and 2, Ajaccio would love a scoreless draw, while Lyon will be happy just not to drop points at home. This one could end up being a 1-0 or 2-0 game. Last odds I saw were Lyon -290, too steep. may try an in-game on a -1 at +money if available otherwise another no play.

Frankfurt hosts Bayern today in Germany and this game should have some goals in it. Frankfurt fresh off Europa championship, always plays an attractive attacking brand of football, particularly at home. We'll get to witness MArio Goetze's return to Bundesliga player after a spell at PSV. He played quite well there but I'm afraid his best days are well behind him. Frankfurt did nab Lucas Goalllllllario from Leverkusen who had fallen out of the rotation there and that should be a good get. They didn't lose that much in the offseason so this should be a strengthened side - although it is still looking like key man Kostic will be leaving sooner rather than later. BM of course just great from nuts to bolts. They lose Lewa but gained Mane in their key moves. You'd expect BM to score at least 2 goals in just about every match, but they can be susceptible to allowing goals on the counter. I think Frankfurt can stay in this match for awhile, so I'm going to roll with BTTS & o2.5 goals at -135 in this one.

will have a few more plays later on, just waiting for the paypal that Administrator sent this morning to clear my bank

I'm feeling generous today so I've got two plays. One a bit chalky, but the other will be a BOMB.

Greuther/Karlsruher o2.75 -145 (1.45 to make 1.00)
I was tempted to go o3 at -115, but it's early in the season yet and haven't had a chance to evaluate both teams in enough depth. Both sides are attacking sides though so that should certainly lead to chances.
Paksi +160 (1.00 to make 1.60)
looks too good to be true. Paksi a solid side, with a nice 2-0 opening round win. Vasas newly promoted and coming off a scoreless draw in their first fixture. Paksi should win this one, so seems a gift to me.


The referee looks satisfied after his VAR review and duly disallows the goal for offside. The Karlsruher SC players look gutted.

Bayern took all of 4:12 to score this season so far. Ridiculous.
So much smoke on the field too. Home fans fucking themselves
Frankfurt post, ughhhhhhhhhhh gonna be one of those days.
VAR'd in G2 league
Paksi sucking dick. OOF.
Budesliga will be drama free at the top obviously this season but top 4 race should be tremendous.

TSG Hoffenheim EN


Paksi let us down. Shaping up to be a very bad afternoon in here. Oh well. Always tomorrow. VAR cost us two games here.