DuY's Loving this Tues Pick!!!!!!!!!


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Hawks Having the best record in the east:23_31_4: !!!! Sat's loss to seattle is very devastating, they lead most of the way and their D just collapsed in the end. Things like these shake up the confidence of a young teams. On the other, I was pretty impressed with how Bucks found a way to claw back from the Jazz and had a chance of winning the game considering Jazz is one of the leagues best defensive team. I certainly don't think Utah laxed up on defense to make the game close too.

Moving on, Pachulia has really surprised me with how he's playing thus far. But I don't think he'll be enough to contain Bogut and Villanueva in the paint. Aside from him, Hawks are actually a pretty small team.

Joe Johnson has been putting up monster points on the board night in night out, but has he really been matched up with a lockdown defender? I see Patterson guarding him for the game, who happens to be a very under rated lock down defender.

I don't see this game being a blowout either way, but I'm hoping for one. I'm projecting a final score of Bucks 108 Hawks 102
Looks Good, How long can the hawks keep this up, reall, Im from Atlanta and this is very out of character for them.
Fading my hawks.. interesting system. Best time to fade them is when they are home favorites.. which isnt very often.
Duy that was a damn close one. If it wasn't for all the hawk's fouls we would be crying right now. Congrats on that play homeboy