DuY's After Taking A Day Off Picks!!!!!!!!!!


CTG's Pimp
YTD: 13-9 (+33.3 units)

Bankroll: 68.3 units

Ind-4.0 2300-2000

I'm buying the hook on this one. 1 bad game does'nt make a team bad. Looking at the line up, They are still a far more talented team than the Net. I believe they bounce back on this one. looking at the schedule, they've had 3 home and 5 road so far. To have a 4-4 is pretty decent. As the old saying goes, good teams do bounce back after a tough loss.

Ny +????

After Watching a couple of Heat games, I've decided they are a good fade material, also expect Ny to be a DD dogs. Seriuosly speaking though, theres only one man carrying this miami team day in day out ( assuiming Shaq is still playing an injured pup role) , Wade. Add in Jason williams who might play tom night. Usually things don't go right when an injured starter is being re inserted to the line up. Thinking Knicks win this is crazy, but keeping it close, thats highly possible. Afterall, the biggest win they've had this season was 7. I'm still uncertain about this, it all depends on whose playing and whose not, and of course the line.
MIn+8.0 550-500 Blindly Tailing Someone on a hot streak.
Hey, at least I'm honest about it

Was+5.5 550-500 Detroit just sucks, If they can't beat hornets, what more about wiz? Check out handy's thread, he has a pretty good write-up about this. I'm still trying to get a better line. Have'nt locked in line yet I repeat


Sea-2.5 -- Jazz feels the loss of AK47

Bos-?? -- line is dropping if it goes low enough It will be interesting. Unless Randolpf scores 100 they will lose.

Spurs under 181.5 -- spurs+ben wallace together in a game?

Mavs-- looks like a good pick for a teaser or ML parlay. Think Rudy Yaggo is injured as wel
Like your thoughts on the NY game, but it could get ugly quick if D wade getse hyper. But the Knicks have covered as Double Digit dogs more than not, I think thats a good bet.

As for Indianna they are a real solid team especially at home. That lineup is very potent if firing on all cylinders, Oneal and Herrington can be real nasty if they get pumped up....I think thats a great call. As always portland is fade material on a long road trip. Thier hot start against the spread has the public on them as a live dog, they are far from it.

Good Luck DUY I think your card is looking pretty solid.
Final Card:

Minny+8.0 1 unit

Ind-4.0 2 units
( don't understand the line movement, both ML and Sides are below 50%)

NY+9.0 1 unit

Sea-3.5 1 unit ( Somethings up on this one, almost 2 pt jump with major money on Jazz)

Was+5.0 1/2 unit