Dallas/Toronto Total


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Over 192.5

- all my stats based on opening lines & regulation scores.


Over the last 4 seasons (going backwards), these teams have recorded the following totals for their games in Dallas:


- The games highlighted in red were the 2nd of B2B games for Toronto (as is the case leading into tonight's game)
- The games with red asterix saw Toronto win their road game the night before (as is the case leading into tonight's game)
- the games with black asterix saw Toronto carry 3 or more consecutive Under results into their clash w/Dallas (as is the case leading into tonight's game)

Toronto is coming off a 171 point game total: last season their record for coming off games that totaled less than 175 points was O/U 3-1 at an average of 204.75 pts, w/the only Under result going under by 5 points. When that following game was the 2nd of B2B games, it was O/U 2-0 at an average of 209.5 points.


Not much to observe either way for Dallas: 3 of their 6 Unders in their current run have been 3rd games in 4 nights, a 4th a rematch on a B2B. The one Under with significant rest went under only by 3 points.

Given the past history between these 2 teams, and the fact that history is replicated in so many ways with tonights game (esp. from Toronto's side of things), I'm willing to play this Over here with what I consider to be a soft number (thats dropped 4 points from opening) in light of the fact a new Over run is called for in the trend thread. As a nod of the head to both teams recent Under streaks, thou, I'm only making this a small play.
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Ray, it is. But the margin is a concern. Need 85 in the 2nd half, but I dont think a 35-40 period is beyond this game - counting no chickens yet (there were only 8 pts in the final 3 minutes of the 2nd period).
Thanks, Nut. I never saw your posted play beforehand, otherwise I'd have chimed in with a few concerns. But I understand your choice - after all, I did only make this a small play.
I hoped on it last nite but I didnt take into account the lowest season total for Tor last nite...definetly see alot of bounce back type games when are well below or well above there averages....