CTG CFB Bowl Confidence Pool - Free to Enter w/ Cash Prizes


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Think you know your college teams?

Think you know who the SU winner will be?

How confident are you in each game?

All something you will need to decide for yourself in www.cappingthegame.com Annual College Bowl Confidence pool.

All you need to do is pick the straight up winner in each game, no spreads, just winners. Rank each pick with your confidence in that team winning. All the way from 1-32 and get points in the amount of your confidence for each game correct.

All you need is a screen name at www.cappingthegame.com and you are in. The direct link is http://www.cappingthegame.com/cfb2006/

Make sure you read the rules first so you understand how the scoring is done. Cash prizes will be given and exact amounts can be found on the rules page.

Good luck!

Registration ends at 8PM tonight, so get your picks in!!!

Link can be found at the top of each forum page, under the CTG logo.

Good luck everyone.