College Football Saturday...


Brady licks Marino's knob
Short and sweet...

Pitt -6' over Syracuse - Both teams on upswing; Panthers ahead of the Orange though, witnessed by Wyoming putting up 550 yds LW in the dome.
Penn St -2' over Minnesota - Gophers 0-5 ATS after Michigan
LSU +1' over Florida - Straight from the gut
Washington St -3 over Oregon St - Cougs lost L2Y in Corvallis, completely blowing the game last year after having a big lead; they get their revenge today.
Texas Tech -4 over Missouri - Tigers beat up in the secondary; that isn't good in this spot. Tech's home record against the spread goes without saying.
North Texas +3' over Florida International - Been rolling in this conference with the 'dogs (can't bet favorites in the SBC, really) and I think the Mean Green bounces back this week against one of the youngest teams in the country.
Red River Rivalry Under 48' - my 1st totals play of the year; I only play totals for 1/2 my usual bet, as I do not excel at these in college. Expect a conservative game today and I noticed the winds may get up to 25mph.

possible add, but will wait:

Cal - over Oregon...

GL to everyone today.
Appreciate that Flava, I'm hoping the Dodgers can send this back to Shea with a couple wins this wknd...stranger things have definitely happened.

GL to you today as well.
Good Luck bro.

I think the Dodgers are just a complete different team in LA. Sound silly but there lineup hits so much better at home , especially against LHP. I dont think anyone needs to point out how wonderful it is to be a pitcher wering Dodger Blue...

Agree with you mostly but opposite on Pitt , TT and LSU....
GL Horses with you on TT, Tex under. I looked hard at both Pitt and Penn St. today as well but haven't played. Hope you have a good day!
Sportsnut, totally agree with you on the Dodgers; while not a lefty, they should put up some numbers against this clown today. LOl, you're against me on half my bets...hardly agreeing with me mostly. GL to you today.

Thanks TimH, backatcha!
Lot of opposite sides today, Horses, which doesn't give me great comfort.

But I'll root for your Dodgers, i.e. My Red Sox alumni.:shake:
Thanks Bull and BAR...hope your days went ok.

Ended up 5-3, adding Cal, though I wasn't around to post it.

Lost out on another OT game as Minnesota missed an XP (see Alabama vs Arkansas), but pulled out the North Texas game in multiple overtimes.

Kinda feels like I escaped yesterday, actually. LSU and Texas Tech beat themselves, basically.
Couple more comments...

I need to find a new Avatar.

Early line releases last week by Pinnacle...not ONE early line release, and where it subsequently moved to, had any bearing whatsoever on the spread outcome, except maybe for Penn St...some might have got the push on that one.
you never know though horses 2 points or 3 points maybe even 5 points like ou/tex changes the value immensely.OU+8 shit i wouldve taken that and i'm sure if horn didn;t have a future bet at a pick like i did he wouldve taken that line as well. i would have atleast hahaha. see what your saying though but when you play as many favs as me every point matters.

on an avatar get like a rambo one to go with my conan the destroyer avatar
good call on the avatar troy...I will look into that. dodgers are done and well, my aztecs...they're done too.

totally agree with what you say about the lines; every point DOES matter. I think the point I was trying to make is that one has to be careful playing early lines WITHOUT following it up with due diligence during the week. Certainly wasn't implying that you or anyone else wasn't doing that diligence...just something to keep in mind.

As we head further into October, all that research over the summer is not nearly as applicable as it was during's right around this time of the season I recalibrate my power rankings and really start to look for underperforming teams that in people's mind...aren't that good, but in reality, have been subjected to bad luck or poor scheduling.

GL going forward Troy...we're almost at the half way point.