College Football Picks Thursday 8/31


Pretty much a regular
Going to take two home teams catching points against two very popular away Favs.
Will back Central Michigan against a poor playing earlyseason fav.
Last time BC traveled to MACcountry as a -17 point fav they lost SU to Ball St in 2004 losing SU as a 12point fav to Wake in 2003 losing toUCONN in 2002 all these games were the first games of the year for BC OBrien has not been the strongest early season coach. Add to the fact the D was hard hit by losses and BC wins with D I will take a decent CM team that has the better line on both sides of the ball. The risk here is turnovers by CM or the deep ball thatcould lead to easy BC long TDs.but I will roll the Dice and say CM gets to Ryan and makes him throw a pick or two. CM I hope can ball control and get the cover at home.

Going to take MSU at home vs a USC squad that was not a road fav all year long. MSU has a decent D and the early game will favor the Bulldogs who return 8 starters on both sides of the ball. Hey MSU did upset Georgia last year early on....What they need is a QB any QB..If MSU can score over 14 points I think its cover city..and the Gamecocks D is nothing special at all and they are on the road USC has never been a great road team and I still feel last year was some smoke and mirrors..this is the SEC and HOMEisHOME in the SEC.

GL GENTS:cheers:
I don't like either one of those, Frank, could you change them please?

Good health, dude, it's good to see college football here!
same to you Yanks, hope all is well in YankeeLand now that the BoSox are playing like little gurls and getting Spankeed:spank:

lol Sooner, Im sure most people have a problem with these picks.
No wonder your name is FrankTheBank. You will be heading straight to the bank to make another DEPOSIT after these picks my friend:shake:
Frank: GOod to see some plays my man. With you on the Bulldogs tonight, though I passed on the other game so I got no problem if you win them both!!!

Though Ball State did not beat BC SU in 2004; they lost by 8, when catching 20-plus I believe...

Still, CMU stands a fair shot, as BC won't been revealing too much in this spot, they never do...
can't say gl to you tonite unfortunetly against you on both....i will say i hope you push that sc game since i have them at -6 and bc i have -13 ...bol the rest of the weekend though
Noooo Frank!! lol, I'm on South Carolina..hate being on opposite sides as you. I do like Central Michigan though, gl!
Im taking
UTEP in the late game. Like all the Returning starters . Their D should be tough and San Deigo just always seems to be snake bitten. Big Price Fan also think UTEP really shines this year. SDSU will be good on D but dont see them lighting up a score board.

GL GENTS:cheers:

oh and I headingout to Central Michigan to take over coaching duties and will also be the starting WR.:smiley_acbe:
thanks Fondy:cheers:

Central Michigan should have won that game SU but I will take the cover. Man if they had some guys that could catch and a coach that was off the crack pipe they would have been Winners tonight...but I would like to thank the Chippies for getting me off to a good startmoney;