Clippers/Lakers Total


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Under 199.5

- all my stats based on opening lines & regulation scores.

LA Lakers

- Kobe enters this game off a 52 pt personal haul in his last game. Last season, off scoring 50+ points, Kobe & the Lakers went U/O 4-0 at an average of 188.75 points in their next game @home (U/O 1-1 when on the road).

- This season & last, when the Lakers have totaled a combined 430+ points over their previous 2 games, they've gone U/O 3-0 at an average of 183.3 points in their next game when its at home. When the Lakers played the Clips in their 1st meeting this season, they came off a home total of 154 points. They enter this game off a home total of 234 points.

- These 2 teams, over their last 5 meetings, have totaled (going backwards) 206, 183, 185, 221 & 188 points. Only once over these games have they met with both teams off no rest (if you need a clue which total that is, think bold). Both teams are off rest for this game.

LA Clippers

- When the Clippers entered their first meeting with the Lakers this season, they were 6-0 at Staples w/a 5-1 Under mark. They enter this game 1-2 in their last 3 home games, 2-1 to Over.

- Last season were U/O 21-6-1 in home wins. This season are U/O 5-2 in home wins (1 Over vs PHX). Combined, thats less than 23% of their home wins going Over the total, and here you have a rare home total needing to surpass 199 in order to not stay under.

Time presses, so I'll be quick. Anyone looking round the forums will see the Clips favoured by a bunch of good cappers, and rightly so. They dont enter this game with the kind of freedom their position had the luxury of giving them when they entered the first contest between these 2 teams this season - this game is magnified for them as they are 7-7 on the season: this is a record above or below .500 result for them. I sense a scrappier game than that first meeting and, with the various stats related above, imo the points wont flow as freely this time round. I'll take a total thats climbed nearly 4 points on its opener given the above.

[I failed to add - w/the game not having started - this is still only a small bet for me.]
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I was wondering if you were going to post it...just got it at 200

Its a concern after that wonderfully slow start to the 1st, that they piled on some points late. Leaves the question, which is the real pace of this game? we're about to find out.
Bets, probly 60%+ of the points have come in the last 6 of the 1st, & the 1st 4 of the 2nd.

As far as it looks overall, these teams can whip out a 60-64 pt period when it comes to playing each other, so no counting sheep at my end yet, despite being able to afford 113 in the 2nd half.
i agree they are very capable of 60 point quarters. kaman playing in this game is helping the under as well, good defense and struggling on offense
Can afford 66 in the last. The last time I had a no sweat under coming in into the 4th period in a game involving LAC, they very kindly went into OT and delivered the
yeah BC, i had the under in that overtime game too, it was against philly where we got :moose:

good hit tonight:shake:
Just a roll, BDK.

Sorry to hear that, Bets, I'm still pissed. But congrats on your revenge tonight.


Even thou the Clips lost, their attitude to this game brought about that scrappy affair which has delivered the here.

Congrats all Under bettors.

You got any feel on the Cats/Stons OVER for tomorrow? Doesn't 192 seem quite attainable? Appreciate a quick thought. Cats putting up over 80 shots a game lately.Thanks dude.
Killa, my concern without having gone into it deeply is CHA have been on quite an Over run, and to me they're a team that are never too far away from their next Over or Under: in other words, unlike the better teams, any streaks of length all 1 way or the other I dont trust them to sustain. Outside of that perception, and that fact we have quite a large Over run in place in the trend thread that should be finding its end tomorrow, I'd say there should be no reason why DET cant hit the 100 you'd need from them for that Over to hit.