CFB Week 8 Plays


CTG Psychiatrist - Dr. Tim
Sides and Totals 39-17-2, +30.3 units
ML 8-2, +10.26 units
Overall +40.56 units

Played a few games so far this week.

Wisconsin -6 -105 2.1/2 - This matchup between Wiscy and Purdue is remeniscent of the Purdue/Iowa game where the Boilermakers were whipped up physically on the LOS by Iowa. Wisconsin OL should handle Purdue easily and Hill should have a big day on the ground and keep the Purdue offense off the field. Purdue has done a great job of protecting Painter so far, but Wisconsin has solid corners so they should be able to blitz if necessary to get pressure on Painter. I think Wiscy is much better in the trenches and should physically wear this Purdue team down.

Oregon State -2.5 -113 2.26/2 - Aztec has a great writeup on this game in his thread. I have to agree that it looks like Arizona will have a tough time generating any offense in this one. OSU has done a nice job stopping the run lately and Zona has been non-productive rushing against good rush defenses. Tuitama is doubtful with the concussion which means a struggling passing game will incur even more problems. OSU also in a revenge spot here. Arizona only 13-28-1 ATS in L42 home games.

NMSU +18.5 -109 2.18/2 and Over 73.5 -102 2.04/2 - Going to tail HG on these plays as I think they are solid. Could be a tough spot for Hawaii as they have to travel back to NMSU after the big win vs. hated Fresno and then going home and dealing with the distraction of the earthquake. NMSU passing game is clicking nicely and the place to attack Hawaii is at their weak secondary. This game should be an aerial show and I don't think there will be a lack of offense on either side.

GL on the action fellas :cheers:
Great stuff bro...

I'll be on Wisky and NMST as well...

Having a great year bro....Hope you cash this and keep the train rolling..

Considering I'm on Oregon State & NM State, and leaning to Wisky, I'm really liking your card bro. GL this week Tim! :cheers:
By the way Tim...any thoughts on your Terps this week? I'm tempted to take NC State +3, but you never know what you're going to get with Amato and his boys (though it seems like they play better in the dog role).
Aztec thanks and hope we have a good week. MD has disappointed me this year and they are really having trouble stopping the run. Some of that is getting used to the new schemes that Cosh (new DC) is running. I've been disappointed overall in the DL play and the overall tackling has not been good. Our safeties missed a ton of tackles vs. WVU in run support. Of course Slaton is a stud RB who only needs a sliver of daylight and open field to make big plays. Last week's performance by MD vs. VA in the 1h was terrible as MD let VA get some ground game established and then Sewell made some plays in the passing game and scambled effectively if nothing was there. NCST probably playing better on the DL side of the ball than MD for sure, however MD does have a good OL and good running game. This game should be a coinflip type game with key TO's playing a big part. I keep waiting for MD to build on a good performance but they can't seem to do it this year. I'll just be praying for a SU win of any kind to keep hope alive for their season.
Tulsa -12 -110 2.2/2 - Memphis defensive problems continue to get worse instead of better as they have allowed 471 ypg since Dunn got canned. The Tigers have a lot of injuries in the secondary and will be relying on inexperienced personnel to try and bone up their pass defense. Tulsa has done a nice job in rushing the football lately with Tennial stepping up in the absence of Adams and Diles. Smith has been solid at QB and the Tulsa defense continues to get it done. Memphis in trouble with significant injuries on both sides of the ball.

Thanks Grind, BOL to you this wkend.
Tim - I would agree that the Terps season has been somewhat disappointing. However, I will say that they play hard for Friedgen, regardless of the score. I love teams that don't show any sign of quit, no matter how down they are on the scoreboard. Only a team with heart could come back from a 20-0 halftime deficit, like the Terps did last week at UVA.
gl Timh, really enjoy your stuff wether it's football/baseball i like all your work..thanx an gl:cheers:
Adding FSU -6.5 -120 2.4/2 - Ryan scratched on Friday night for BC, backup has thrown three passes all year.

Thanks fellas, 3X very nice of you to say that I appreciate it.
Thanks fellas, GL

Adding Baylor -3.5 -107 2.14/2 - Strength of Baylor's passing game vs. the weakness of Kansas pass defense (281 ypg).
Thanks fellas, just in from a long day of watching football and drinking. Wolfpack thanks, I said before the game that I just wanted a win of any kind and MD was able to do that today though they certainly made it interesting at the end. I just watched NMSU/Hawaii game and that was extremely entertaining. Fortunately I did come back and bet NMSU again at +21 as the game landed on 19 when they went for two and failed on their last score. That was a heckuva game to watch. NMSU really hung in there for a long time. Hope you all had a good day today.