CBX's College Football Plays Week 3


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CFB Record: 11-10-1 (+$42.50)

Had a rough week two, but hoping to get it back this week. Short card so far for me but I love some of these games. Will be updating as the games get closer (adding/cutting games...adding wager amounts)

Thursday 9/14
Maryland +17 ($60/$50)
If Maryland can keep the game tied OR be down by just 3 at the end of the 1st quarter, I like them to cover the game. Line has beed steadily going up and will wait a bit to see if I can acquire a 17.5 from my local. If so, I may be on the dog small. Coach Ralphie is a pretty good gameplanner and I find it hard to believe what they've showed in their first two weeks looked very vanilla by accident.

Friday 9/15
Toledo 1st Half -2 ($60/$50)
Toledo -3.5 ($30/$25)
Toledo ML ($400/$200)
Toledo -1.5 2nd Half ($50/$50)
Really like the situation for the Rockets here. They played all-out at Iowa State and almost pulled the SU upset. I was on them last week and obviously they were in a letdown spot combined with the fact it was their 2nd week on the road. Also add in the fact they had another Big 12 team coming up this week in Kansas, perhaps they kind of viewed the WMU game as a sandwich game. They were supposedly playing a team they had owned for a while, in between two games against big 12 opponents. Opening night at home here, Amstutz should have his boys ready. Last week they were sloppy as hell with the ball which is very unlike them and definitely not something Coach fats will allow to happen again this week. C'mon Coach Fats, your boys are 0-2 this year...gotta get a win!!!

My local still had Toledo -3.5, even when the lines are rising to -5 and -6!! Had to take a little dip, but grabbed the Rocket ML here big. I firmly believe Toledo wins this football game. The lines are getting high, especially after Phil Steele released a play on Toledo. Let's go boys!! Clash at the Glass tonight! Rockets roll!!!

Saturday 9/16
Marshall +10 ($30/$25)
Probably the only one I'm playing in the early set, but I agree with what I've seen written on this game. Hunch play, lol.

Boise State -7 ($120/$100)
Possible letdown spot coming after their blowout at home over Oregon State on national TV, but this squad is loaded with so much leadership I find it hard to see. Johnson was a beast last week destroying the Beaver D. Wyoming played Virginia tough as hell on the road last week, possibly helping us get this line this week. It was a very ugly game against the cavs, but I expect the Broncos to come and take care of business here.

Auburn -3 ($60/$50)
Small play here, sudden hunch...mmm...lunch...

LSU +1.5 2nd Half ($120/$100)
Fuck, Auburn's kicker is on the take again it seems. Cox get knocked down badly and was gimpy a bit, so there is a question mark on him now. LSU's offense overall looked a lot better than Auburn's. Think Les Miles and his boys go home with a W here today.

Texas Tech -2 ($220/$200)
Wow. I just expect the Red Raiders to be able to shred the TCu secondary. TCU's offense is decent, but I think Coach Mike's boys will just be able to put more points on the board.

Fresno State -3.5
If they bring their defense like they are capable of, they will get it done here. FSU just played Oregon to the end, although it was at home and now they are on the road, I don't consider the Washington offense anything close to Oregon's.

Florida State ML ($370/$200)
Florida State 2nd Half -3 ($50/$55)
FSU should handle Clemson here, taking out some frustration from pesky Troy last week. Clemson blew a 10 point lead at Boston College last week, and then blew it in OT, now they're on the road against one of the best defenses? Oh daddy's taking off his belt tonight!! ROMP'EM!!

Texas A&M @ Army OVER 24 2nd Half ($105/$100)

Nevada -3 ($330/$300)
Seen a lot of people on this, and gotta like it to. The 'Pack plays great at home and is loaded with experience. Hopefully my boy Caleb Spencer snatches a few TDs here. Hook it up for Gabe and Myah bro!! CSU lost stud QB Justin Holland to graduation, and I think they planned to lean a lot of their offense on Kyle Bell this year, to help take pressure off breaking in a new QB, his loss has been huge and I don't think they have a definite image of what they want to do on offense anymore.

That's what I'm liking so far. Really trying to limit my card, here are my leans...
Bowling Green -5
Ole Miss +3.5
Pittsburgh -2.5
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After careful internal debate I have decided not to wage anymore on the team which made me so much money the past 2 years, Texas tech. There is something different about them this year, they should have more talent but I just haven't seen it carry over to saturday yet. There seems to be no spark capable of lighting a fire under their asses to this point in the season, nor does there seem to be one in sight for the next couple of weeks.

Yes they should be able to shred TCU's secondary and yes the correct play is TT at -2, but untill TT shows me something new I'm afraid if you catch this game at -3, it will be a push.

Card looks solid, and I always love smaller conference teams thursday / friday, they always find a way to win. Go Toledo :cheers:

looking good, Charlie

Yeah, i really got the absolute worst of the Tx Tech line...but i agree they 'should' win.

Love the Toledo play. (Porky) Amstutz is one of my fav coaches...he'll take chances, and Toledo will put up te necessary points.

BOL this weekend, bud.:cheers:
Solid card Charlie.

Right there with yas on WVU..they get up early..watch out.

Nevada is a forum pick this week..I don't think it blows up in our faces at all.

I think Fresno is the right side but they are off 2 tough weeks. Hopefully, they come in focused and get job down for yas.

GL this week.
pags, thanks buddy! have a good one today!

Dominia, true...hopefully they play to their ability on saturday.

Yanks, yep, I really don't see Toledo starting the year 0-3 here, especially with a chance to get it done on national tv.

BAR, true, it's a bit dangerous for Maryland, if they fall behind early it could get ugly. Hopefully they can hang around lol
damn, toledo musta been a helluva roller coaster ride for ya, Charlie.
that was one crazy-assed game...

anyways, GL today. enjoy all these great games, bud.:cheers:
yanks, damn straight lol. was crying for hours afterwards!! gl today!

sparky, sounds good buddy! Hopefully the Broncos just blitz them all day long!
Charlie...Nice hit on Toledo last night. We cashed, but really had no business winning that game. I'm just glad that I won a game that I should not have won.

Good luck with your card today. I like Tech and Fresno, but I have too much action right now. If the early games come in, I'll probably add them.
goose, thanks buddy, let's get some wins today!! gl.

muletime, definitely got lucky with toledo. kansas played great but just made those crucial mistakes at all the wrong times. good luck today.

fade, thanks buddy, good luck!! let's keep it going today!!

timh, thanks bro! good to see you!! let's make some money today.

mista, thanks buddy!! let's get it done!!
Just confirmed my Boise State play, was able to get a lower line as it's been coming down. Added a small play on Auburn, gl!!