CBX's College Football Plays 9/2/2006


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CFB Record: 4-2 (+$187.50)

Got two that I like for the early games.

Rutgers +5 ($120/$100)
Just like the fact the Knights return a bunch of players in some key positions. They bring back 7 on defense, a defense that gave up just 3.3 yards per carry last year. They also are bringing back their top 3 tacklers from last season so there is definitely some good experience there. Their offensive line looks very solid as they should start 2 seniors and 3 juniors, and return 8 of their top 10. This offensive line paved the way for 4.3 yards a carry last year (a big improvement from 2004's 2.5 yards a carry). They'll be breaking in a new QB but with a solid offensive line in front of him, and RB Raymell Rice (1153 yards and a 5.7ypc average last year) I think he'll be able to get it done. Also, senior TE Clark Harris is a very dependable receiver. The 2x 1st Big East player had 38 catches for 584 yards last year.

The North Carolina defense does return quite a bit as well, and held opponents to 3.5ypc last year. One of the biggest concerns on UNC for me is their offensive line. They've lost their middle and right side from last year as their C, RG, and, RT all graduated. They'll be starting 2 frosh and a sophomore if I'm not mistaken. They'll also be breaking in two QBs I believe in freshman Cam Sexton and transfer Joe Dailey. Sexton is unproven, and Dailey imo is very inconsistent. I didn't trust the guy at Nebraska and he had some much better talent to work with there. Their receiving core looks very young with the exception of last year's leading pass catcher Jesse Holley (47 for 670 yards and just 1 TD). The Tar Heels do return all of their top 3 rushers from last year, but you need to consider that their top rusher was Ronnie McGill with just 581 yards, and remember how the offensive line is rebuilding.

I hope the Knights bring some pressure early to test that offensive line and possibly rattle the young QB. As long as they come out focused and don't turn the ball over like crazy on offense, I think Rutgers could win this straight up.

Nebraska -24 ($60/$50)
Got a shitty line on this. Don't want to do a writeup on this one as Den and Al have pretty much written everything there is on it.

That's all I've got for the early games. Later on I'm liking...
Pittsburgh -3.5
Houston -14
Army -5

Will be back later...good luck everyone!:cheers:
Great points on the Rutgers game. Basically a lot of the same stuff I like about it.

On your first 3. Lets have a great day bro.
JOB, sounds good buddy! let's start the day with some nice wins!

Mista, thanks bro. Good to see you around again! good luck today.

Al, let's roll buddy!!

Sparky, thanks bro. good luck today!

Goose, thanks and gl today buddy.
Wow...get this, when I called in to officially place my bet... the local I'm using had Rutgers +7 and Nebraska -21.5!!!!! Since I posted +5 and -24, I will officially grade my wagers with those numbers.
Just confirmed these...

Pittsburgh -3 ($120/$100)
Army -3 ($30/$25)
Hawaii +16 ($30/$25)

Off to watch the Hawaii game on TV with the crew!
Damn this local I'm going through has some soft lines, hoping to rape the house a bit here lol. Good luck!
UPDATED CFB Record: 10-4 (+$472.50)
Had a good day going 6-2 overall and picked up $285! Hope everyone else had a good one, and from the looks of things it seems we all did. Good luck tomorrow!!