CarolinaBlue Week 1 Confirmed Plays


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First, just want to say I enjoy the site. Nice to see the focus on intelligent discussion without all the other stuff getting in the way, so hat's off to you guys!

Heading out of town today and won't be back until Thursday night, so figured I would document my week 1 plays now since I won't have time to do so later this week.

Most of you have already seen my comments about each of these games in various other threads here and elsewhere, but if anyone has any questions on any of my confirmed plays, just let me know and I will explain why I locked it in.

Best of luck to everyone this season!


BOSTON COLLEGE -13 -105 at Central Michigan
NORTHWESTERN -3 -105 at Miami Ohio
MINNESOTA -16.5 -103 at Kent
IOWA STATE -7 -108 vs Toledo
SOUTH CAROLINA -7 -103 at Miss State
INDIANA -3 -105 vs Western Michigan
UTAH +5 -103 at Ucla
SYRACUSE +17 -103 at Wake
USC -9 -104 at Arkansas
HOUSTON -12.5 -109 at Rice
BYU +7 -105 at Arizona
ARKANSAS STATE +7 -105 vs Army
NEVADA +11.5 -109 at Fresno State
TCU -6.5 -125 at Baylor


All plays are for 1 unit each.
All lines were locked in at Pinny at open, except for the TCU and Houston plays which I just locked a couple days ago (hence the higher juice on those). Locking plays in at open worked well in most cases but I really guessed wrong on my 2 USC plays as those lines really went against me the last few weeks, but hey that's life. Here's to a profitable season for all!
Abcs - Things have been kinda crazy around here lately with the new place, new city, new job, new marriage, etc. Just trying to get everything taken care of and in a good place before the season starts so I won't have any distractions for the next few months of Saturdays. Looking forward to being a solid contributor here, now that things are pretty much all settled down in the "real world".

Best of luck this season,
Good luck, CB, it looks like a great card!

damn i can already see that im gonna be against tha masses on alot of these week 1 plays. good health to ya on ur plays dog

always good to see a member of the home team. BOL this season carolinablue!
trupicker said:
damn i can already see that im gonna be against tha masses on alot of these week 1 plays. good health to ya on ur plays dog


Well, get them posted, dude, so we can make fun of them and bash you!!
Hey CB! This is dmac1824 from covers. Welcome to THE forum of forums! :Yahoo_59:

I really like your card bro. With you on Boston College, Northwestern, Houston, Iowa State, and Nevada. GL! :shake:
would love to have your Iowa St line at -7. good luck tonight CB!!
CB, very good to see you here buddy!! I'm with you on Northwestern, Iowa State, and South Carolina! Let's nail those!!!!
Well, 4-2 so far on the weekend, with 7 games today, but wouldn't ya know it that my first game doesn't start till 6pm tonight (Indiana -3...line is up to 8 now by the way), so just gonna pace myself drinkin wise as I want to make sure I am up for all of my late games!

On a side note, this clock thing is gonna take some gettin used to as it was kinda weird during the Nevada game last night, but hey, its opening weekend so not gonna complain at all.

Thanks for all the welcome messages guys, looking forward to some good discussions on here without all the "world's greatest cappers with their world's greatest systems" around telling me how great they are after a couple 2-0 nights haha.

Nice 5-2 Saturday to put me at a documented 9-4 for the weekend so far with TCU -6.5 the final week 1 game I still have pending. Road favs currently at 4-2 for me, while Road Dogs are 3-1 for me. Nothing like staying up till 2am to make sure BYU got the cover last night. Always worth it when you get the cover, but would have been painful if they woulda given that one away late. Gotta give credit to all you guys who were on the Bruins and the Owls. Definitely good calls there.

Look my my early lines thread for week 2 as soon as they come out.