Bush Done

Broken leg. My WVU MNC future play just became sweeter. Sucks for him because he passed on a ton of money.
i hope hes ok though i like him as a player but as long hes out for wvu game i'm happy...horn i think you have a great chance of winning that now. a 260 pound back is tough for a defense to bring down now the wvu d can t-off on the ball
Yea the only thing this does is change the high spread totals. Now they wont touch miami.
Tough break though, he seems like a good kid.
Is it just me or have their been a ton of injuries this opening week.

How do you think Bush insurance agency feels?
SHSUHorn said:
Brohm is now a Heisman canidate.

Like i said earlier when god decided to make a qb he produced carson palmer and brian brohm :bow:
horn i do not want to jinx you but with wvu and texas picks. i think you might of picked the matchup right there pending a victory over osu/ou and hope usc loses a game b/c damn if they didn't look damn impressive. i know you hate the trojans but you can't discard the pure talentthey showed on the road in the sec in their first game playing together. right now i'd say the following will be contenders:

texas/wvu/usc/nd/mia or fsu winner/auburn
It will be interesting if he will go to the draft or come back for another year ( they can redshirt him)....
take the 2 million finish school, invest the insurance money and live off your hype in louisville, sell houses or open a car dealership or something. take the easy path
I thought the two backs that came in after the injury were a lot faster. Granted they are no where near his size, so that may hurt running between the tackles but they are probably better recivers and will make them a faster offensive team.

I think L'ville will probably not beat miami now, but it is not time to push the panic button either.