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After 14 straight DNP = Coaching decisions .. JJ finally gets into the game and makes a bucket :wacka wacka:

Sorry i just find it a little bit humorous that its taken him this long to get some run especially the magic dont have that many good backups. Anyone got an opinion if JJ will last in the league??
another duke SG on the lines of Trajan Langdon... cant create his own shots and unless they set Reggie Miller offenses to run him through 3 screens to the weak side he never will...

not to mention his on the ball D...

He'll be in Europe before you know it IMO
Not sure if i fully agree with that breakdown of his game but i do agree with a lot of it. Hes maybe 6 foot 3.. but i think a shooter could be useful on any team. I think his lack of PT has a lot to due with his back injury in the preseason. But well see..
IMO hes a good college guy, where you can set up an offense and run him off the ball and guys have a tough time with the 1 dribble to the right and shoot. Not in the NBA, with guys playing off on their guy because they can close out.

I just think he needs screens to come off to get an open shot and with the NBA being an isolation league, its going to be tough to find a niche in regular runs.

Good a pure shooter as anybody no doubt, but getting open is another story in the NBA

Hey, time will tell, thats just my experience. He will be a league MVP in europe... different style, different game:shake:
I think JJ will be fine in the NBA, as a role player.

Happy to hear he got into the books
He was actually hurt...he played about 6 minutes in the preseason and wasnt ready to start the season after dealing with injuries. He then got buried behind Bogans and Dooling as well...Hill pretty much plays the two guard spot.......He is definetly gone have to work at it but give him a chance first Morrision has adjusted fine IMO...
Morrisons game is a lot more adapted to the nba. He is a pure scorer in every sense of the word. He can create and get his shot off and over anyone. JJ has a slow first step with very limited athleticsm.. its an injustice to adam to compare their games.
One thing that I have always found funny about the Nba is when a undersized white guy comes in they compare him to steve kerr.. or hornacek. haha I do it too.. just humorous..

Morrison was compared to larry bird although a reggie miller or rashard lewis would have been better..
Every hate JJ cause he's a Dukie. Why?? The guy works hard in practice and it shows in his game. He'll be fine in the NBA.