I don't think either team will give a flying fuck about defense tonight. I also don't think we'll see the shot clock fall under 10. Luke/Earl and B.Diddy should run down eachother's throats.

Only thing I don't like is Seattle's shots per game being way down since they lost Ray Ray. Might be slowing down a bit, but when I watched them vs. Atlanta they ran. Plus, GS will MAKE them run tonight.

U really like it Daniel son?
Yes, I agree with your thoughts whole heartedly, ive gone over in all quarters, first half and game along with 2 units on the warriors ml...obviously do not recommend this high volatility type wager, but im in a gamblin' mood as always :D
Ooooo shit I forgot you're my Golden State guy. Wow. So you think Seattle, minus Ray Ray, scores on them no problem?
I expect Warriors to initiate the pace and rashard should have plenty of success imo, but it all depends on who nellie decides to put on the floor...havent read anything specific, but i remember baron having an issue with ridnour during a matinee game last year sometime, so that being said, an aggressive baron usually leads to a nice pace and then it's just up to the guys to make the open looks, seattle does worry me a little bit, hoping it stays close throughout or at least no double digit lead for either team at halftime
You like the 1Q over? I think 53 is pretty soft. I see one team probably hitting 30 to be honest.
i like all the overs, but yeah, 53 looks good to me, we'll see how it turns out, gl bro, got a headache, going to take off for a bit
Killa, my focus is on football's primetime game today, but Im not shocked this total has risen. My fear, of which theres only 1, is GDS in a B2B situation off a blowout win. They may be self satisfied. Other than that, I am suprised this line didnt open anywhere between 212-215
Honestly have no opinon on the total. Would not seem odd for these 2 to blast off into space but reading today"s Seattle paper they are talking like they really believe it about the teams sans Allen really buying into defense now and GS offense has been very up and down. GL
Since you guys like the over and uptempo pace I will sit this out...I had thought 210 was a bit high considering how SEA has played w/o Allen. I think GS realizes it needs to play some smebelence of defene after that little losing streak,. Yo get a higher total in SEA after an under in te 1st meeting with 2 key players missing...which seems odd to me...I thought this should have been 206-208 so it might be a good sign its higher...was thinking 101-98 ish but my brain is still recovering....

I'm off this one. Just have something pulling me off, dunno what. GL to those who play it either way!
I think the total may have trouble going over w/ GSW's shooting woes on the road. No play for me there...though I am laying chalk in that one.

GL on those overs, guys.
Actually I am laying with Seattle as well. Just not seeing why GS is a legitimate road team.
barmoycm said:
ur on the warriors still sportsnut? me the line is way off.. could bean easy win or I simply missed something..

Seattle just ahsnt shown consistency and beating atl and no shows me nothing...GS IMO is clearly the better starting point is usually where I think the line should be and I go from there....GS cant be classified as a road failure since there last 3 travel dates where @ Denver , SA and Houston and GS was in a downward spiral IMO with many players battling injuries after a fast start by them...they fell back to the pack but at a rapid pace....
Well, GS is 5-15 last 20 on the road and Seattle is 12-8 at home so if I am unable to class them as a road failure???
Actually we are talking about a minor bet but just in theory I also lean toward any team that works on defense and against no d teams without great talent and great coaching and I see neither with GS.
basically I agree with you Tuck...

I like my play from a value standpoint but GS has failed miserably last few road games...Generally especially with coaching changes I dont look back to far...last 20 road games is mainly last season if I am not mistaken...think 1-5 this season...and very spread out....

My point was mainly GS started off this year playing well and even in 2 of 3 away...then they got some injuries and past 10 games there defense has really detoriated...along with there overall play......

I guess I am just not sold on GS road woes because of that....

There have been to up and down for me to peg......the line move tells me more about you being correct then my judgement though...
I'd lean your way tuck. GDS has been terrible in close games (8 of their 10 wins by 9+ points).

4-0 to SEA as I post (as I see it)