Bama RB Ken Darby out for season???!!!!

By Christopher Walsh
Sports Writer

TUSCALOOSA | University of Alabama senior running back Kenneth Darby injured his left knee at practice Monday morning, potentially damaging the Crimson Tide's offensive hopes for 2006.

Darby, who had missed the past few days of practice -- including Saturday's scrimmage -- dealing with a family matter, was participating in a goal-line forward drill about two hours into Monday's workout when he was tackled by Chris Rogers.

Darby was down on the field for about five minutes while being attended to before being carried off by two trainers into the Hank Crisp Indoor Practice Center. Darby emerged shortly thereafter with ice on his knee.

Darby, a 5-foot-11, 215-pound senior from Huntsville, is seventh on Alabama's all-time rushing yards list with 2,489. He needs 1,077 yards to break Shaun Alexander's school record of 3,565 rushing yards.
you can't ask for much more if you like Hawaii. Bama's 2nd string running back is done for the season as well they are FUCKED!!!
Please post all injuries and losses in the injuries/loss thread.

I'll go ahead and copy the story there.
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BTW, where are you getting that Darby will be out for Hawaii, let alone for the season? The story makes no prediction about how serious the injury is.
Hawaiiguy posted that it was reported on the radio in hawaii to be very serious.
could be overstated we will see. But if I were gonna play Hawaii I would take the chance and play em now before it's confirmed.

If Darby is confirmed out for Hawaii, what do you guys think the line will be ?

I'd say +14 or so?
More from the Covers rumormill (from HawaiiGuy):

holy shit trainwreck, thanks for the confirmation and link!!!!!

I just confirmed.....

Alabama's second string running back is done for the season as well!

Third stringer could do it but has not practiced due to head injury.....

looking good for Hawaii........
Guess it true but to what extent, we don't know yet.......And yes, second string is out, too....OK, Mr. Mississippi....It's your turn...6'5 225 Jimmy Johns.....Love this guy, too...........
Not much is known about this injury


I disagree with the fact that this helps Hawaii backers....

Public money will start coming in on Hawaii now...

Line will definately change b/c of this. This game went from flying under the radar to a high profile game
Everything I heard from people this morning that Darby bruised his knee. Evidently the later word was that he hyperextended it.
Razor said:
Everything I heard from people this morning that Darby bruised his knee. Evidently the later word was that he hyperextended it.

There's quite a difference in those two.
“I think it’s just a bruised knee,” Shula said. “He came back out and felt alright at the end [of practice]. He just got a helmet right on his knee, but I think he should be fine.”

“He was fine,” cornerback Ramzee Robinson said. “I was just checking on him to make sure he was okay, and he is, so that’s good.”
Yeah, but those are often suffered at the same time when the knee takes a direct hit. Hyperextension and bone bruises in the knee are often simultaneous. It happens all the time, Big Ben in Pitt had the two a while back. Pretty much results in some soreness. Worse case scenario, an MRI could first look like a hyperextension and that damn ACL always is a possibility.
I do agree that this particular injury warranted it's own thread...pretty big news...
I'm telling ya.....There is a kid named Jimmy Johns, sophomore, 6'5 225 who runs much harder than does Ken Darby....Mark my word...This is not as bad a deal as you guys are making it.....Yes Darby is GOOD....Johns' was'nt Mr. Mississippi for nothing.....Hopefully this will pull the line down...
PRACTICE NOTEBOOK: Shula downplays Darby knee injury

August 21, 2006

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Kenneth Darby runs upfield during a scrimmage at Bryant-Denny Stadium August 14.
File photo | Michael E. Palmer
TUSCALOOSA | The University of Alabama football team got their biggest scare of fall camp Monday morning when star running back Kenneth Darby went down with a left knee injury.

The injury appeared to be serious initially, but after practice coach Mike Shula downplayed the severity of the situation.

“I think it’s just a bruised knee,” Shula said. “He came back out and felt alright at the end [of practice]. He just got a helmet right on his knee, but I think he should be fine.”

The Alabama offense was working in what Shula calls “backed up” drill, in which the offense works out from its own goal line.

Darby got the handoff and bounced it to the right side. Freshman defensive back Chris Rogers supplied the hit, and Darby was in immediate pain. He was on the ground for nearly five minutes, and then was helped off the field by two trainers.

The trainers took him inside the Hank Crisp Indoor Practice Facility, and about five minutes later Darby made his re-entry onto the practice fields with an ice pack on the front of his left knee.

While Darby was down on the field, his teammates showed concern as they came by to check on him.

“He was fine,” cornerback Ramzee Robinson said. “I was just checking on him to make sure he was okay, and he is, so that’s good.”

“It got everyone there quiet,” Shula said. “A couple of our older guys went down earlier, but they were okay. It’s football, unfortunately. You hate to see that, but it was good to see [Darby] pop back up.”

Senior defensive tackle Dominic Lee sustained an injury earlier in practice. The 6-foot-4, 289-pounder was down on the ground for several minutes before walking gingerly off the field with assistance.

Shula said Lee injured either his left hip or groin.

“He got banged up early, but it’s nothing that should keep him out,” Shula said. “Hopefully, he can go tonight, but if not maybe he’ll be ready to go by Tuesday.”

Sophomore center Antoine Caldwell also was banged up during practice. Caldwell had his right ankle taped heavily soon after.

Offensive guards B.J. Stabler (knee) and Marlon Davis (knee) were also held out of contact work this morning.

David Ross (knee), Glen Coffee (knee), Jamie Christensen (groin) and Justin Woodall (ankle) were all wearing orange jerseys this morning.

Offense gets work In the team period, sophomore quarterback John Parker Wilson completed 5-of-7 passes, including a long touchdown to Will Oakley. Marc Guillon did not complete a pass in three attempts.

In the red zone period, Wilson was 3-of-6 with a touchdown to Keith Brown. Wilson just missed on another score to Oakley when mock referee Chris Ball (defensive backs coach) ruled that Oakley had one foot out of the end zone.

Guillon was 1-of-2 with a touchdown pass to Tim Castille.

At Bryant-Denny Stadium tonight The Alabama football team will practice tonight 7:30 p.m. at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Shula said the main reason was to get the players some exposure to the lights at the stadium.

“Most of our games over there will be at night,” Shula said. “And we haven’t done that yet. We need to get the young guys used to the lights. We’ll have the scoreboards up. We’re trying to put them in an atmosphere that simulates a game.”

The workout is closed to both the public and the media.

Alabama plans on scrimmaging Tuesday afternoon at the practice facility. That workout will be closed to the public, but open to the media.
My bad.......6'2 not 6'5....

He had 202 yds on 38 atts LY yeilding 5.3 per carry.....As a true freshmen.
Darby averaged 5.2...........I went to 6 games LY and did get to see this kid and he runs hard... After the news on Darby, a couple of my buds had the same feeling I do.... You know Bama is a Running backs dream school.

Heres his bio....

6-2 • 225 • Sophomore • 1VL
Brookhaven, MS

In leading Brookhaven to the Mississippi Class 4A state championship his senior season, Johns put up some outstanding numbers. Mississippi's Mr. Football for 2004, Johns, was the No. 3 prospect on The Clarion-Ledger’s Ten Most Wanted list. His stats reveal 2,173 passing yards; 1,394 rushing yards; 6.6 yards per carry and 44 total touchdowns. Johns completed 129 of 230 passes for 2,173 yards and 24 touchdowns and rushed 211 times for 1,394 yards and 20 TDs for Brookhaven (14-1). He did not throw an interception in five playoff games and had five games of three TD passes. He won the state Class 4A 110 hurdles with a 15.05 clocking last year and also won the 4A state championship discus with a 158-10 toss. He was No. 94 on The Mobile Press Register’s Super Southeast 120 chart
Jimmie Johns lol thats a football name if I ever saw one. Thanks for the info fade.
stats are one thing Fade, but I've watched Darby run the last two years and the dude runs as hard as anyone in college football...this Jimmy Johns might be a good young guy, but Darby better hurry his ass back into the line-up...