app st vs NC St available? and a bit about NCSU


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I've been hoping I can find a line on the NCSU vs Happy Appy on sept 2nd. I want the points. A lot.

I don't see it at pinny (am I blind?), the Greek, or betcris, and I'm unfamiliar with the exchanges. This would be a good excuse to get familiar with em, but do any of you know where I might find a line on this game?

FWIW, my local cousins have told me that the news has been awfully silent out of camp, and to be frank, I smell a worse season for the wolfpack this year than last (perhaps as many as 7 losses). I can't believe we got into a bowl game. So where are the losses coming? Honestly, this bunch is so damned quirky that they could come from anyone. Don't let the 4-1 record from Stone at the end of last year fool you - the defense bought that. He's a runner; any pass he tosses has a 50/50 shot at being intercepted.

Regarding the defense, there is supposed to be some quality youthful and JC transfer talent coming in to replace Manny Lawson and Mario Williams, but those are some big, strong, and quick shoes to fill, and the secondary, well, the defense in general can best be described as having great potential. Potential is a NC code word for "not getting it done yet".....imo at best the defense is questionable.

I think there'll be a lot of value going against NCSU when the pack is a fave this year. Shouldn't happen much.

or, hey, I could be totally wrong.
good stuff redbearde... I think NC State will struggle at times early. It's awfully hard to replace the human/machine that went before Reggie Bush in the NFL Draft...

will keep my eyes open but I'm almost sure Pinnacle will be dealing this line eventually
thanks CKR, that's what I've been thinking, and I look every day. =)

...and we both know Reggie Bush shoulda gone before Mario Williams.

Then perhaps Houston could have swapped him for an offensive line.
I don't think Pinny carries the lines for D1 vs. D2 games. They will carry some D2 vs. D2 games sometimes, but I've never seen a D1 vs. D2 line in football. st....don't go to too many ku football games, but i made sure i made it to the app st game last season!! great game!! we won!!

NC State will have a time in the front 7 but will be OK in the secondary. All reports out of Raleigh is Stone has looked good this off-season and not a word of negativity from anyone. besides, with the stable of RB's in Raleigh, they will not be throwing the ball much. the 25% third down conversion rate will have to get better. time will tell though.

not sure about NCSU losing 7 games. App St, Akron and S. Piss for non-ACC games. the rest are in the ACC. The Pack will not go 1-7 in the conference. :cheers:
I can't bet on a team that has Tressman as the O coordinator unless I'm getting a ton of points...
thanks tarheel. I hope you're right. The pack will have to show it to me this year before I'll believe it, though.
Pinny has assured me that they will have some lines on 1-AA games. I don't think they will have as many as 5dimes but they should atleast cover the important games. Hell they have lines on AAA Mexican league baseball.
Wolfpack17 said:
Do you have to be a member at 5dimes to see the lines? I can't find them..

Yes, I think you do.

redbearde - 115 is standard at 5Dimes for all 1-AA games.
I have just bet it, BTW. Agree with you, I like the points.

Pinnacle does not have games 1-A vs 1_AA. At least they haven't in the past two years. Until the playoffs, I believe Pinnacle has just Ivy League games from 1-AA.
State at NC State 6 pm EST Saturday, September 2nd
Why to Watch:
Quick, if you wearing a championship ring on your finger, raise your hand. Yes, that means you, Mountaineers. The Division 1AA defending champions have a little cache walking into D-I stadiums this year after winning the crown, and they're not just going to be happy to keep this close. Unfortunately, they’ll be walking into those same stadiums without stud QB Richie Williams. Regardless, this is the first look at a relatively new and improved State QB Marcus Stone. As he goes, so will the Wolfpack.
Why Appalachian State Might Win: ASU is a champion and will battle hard, and there's no way, no how State will be taking this as seriously as it needs to. ASU All-America DE Marques Murrell, who is linebacker sized but has linebacker speed, will be a great test for the Pack offensive line out of the gates.
Why NC State Might Win: The athletes will simply be far too much for ASU to deal with. The running back tandem of Andre Brown and Toney Baker, and a dynamic threat in WR Darrell Blackman, should be enough to allow take the pressure off Stone and allow the offense to run smoothly. The D might have some big replacements to make up front, but they won't get pushed too hard by the ASU line.
Who to Watch: NC State DT Tank Tyler and DeMario Pressley – Perhaps no player on the field has more pressure on him than Stone, but the DT duo of Tank Tyler and DeMario Pressley will have to try to make people forget about a defensive line that lost three first round draft picks. They’ve got experience, but it’s now their show this year and they have to dominate the middle.
What Will Happen: Stone will be better and should be able to have a solid passing day against the average Mountaineer secondary. Mountaineer QB Trey Elder will have to make a living throwing against an experienced Pack secondary, and he won't have much success.

CFN Prediction: NC State 37 ... Appalachian State 10 ... Line: No Line
Must See Rating:
(5 skip the birth of your first born - 1 Pants Off, Dance Off) ... 1
hey, I dig collegefootballnews, too. =) thanks.

here's what i like most about this lil preview:
"Regardless, this is the first look at a relatively new and improved State QB Marcus Stone. As he goes, so will the Wolfpack."

Don't let his 4-1 from the end of last season fool you. That Mouse turd tosser did his level best to lose all of those games. He's going to have to have improved about 400% if he's going to "exploit" that happy appy secondary.

I may lose this wager, but I fucking LOVE getting 3 TDs and the hook.

I have App St +21.5, and somehow I got it at +100. I guess some think NCSU is going to have a breeze of a time this saturday. Well, I would like to see an NCSU win, but they'll be DAMNED hard pressed to cover this spread.

App St +21.5 (+100)

GL guys.
don't see it myself. but it is so hard to get a gauge when these two seperate diviosns get together. obviously, NCSU will not be overlooking ASU like LSU did last year. weather may play an issue here depending on how fast this mess gets out of here.

21.5 is a shit ton and I may be inclined to play it myself if Pinny gives us a line.
pinny likely won't.

It's now at +19.5 (-110)

I guess I got lucky and hit it at the absolute apex. geez.
Good luck redbearde. I can never bet against my boys...but hope you cash and nc state gets a 21 point win
I would bet against my own mother if I thought the number was right.

You wouldn't consider for a second taking NC State -21.5, would you?

I like pulling for the pack as much as any other optimistic defeatist. But when it comes to money, well, I'm all about the money.
No I do not think we will cover the 3 tds plus the hook..Think we win by 17. I see us up 24 late and late td by app state that means nothing...