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Are these guys :3_9_7:? If wynn is out I like LSU, it will be a no play for me if he plays. I thought LSU outplayed Auburn, just didnt get the win. They have a better balanced offense and a lot more talent and explosivness overall.
Wynn still sore, questionable for LSU

Alligator Staff Writer
Urban Meyer hopes starting tailback DeShawn Wynn will be able to play against LSU on Saturday.
However, for now, you can consider Wynn questionable.
The back sprained his right knee during the first half of the Alabama game and did not return.
"There's a chance he'll play," Meyer said. "The one good thing is that treatment will help it. We need DeShawn Wynn. He's played very well for us."
Wynn's knee has been considerably sore since Saturday. Meyer called the ailment a "pain injury," meaning that Wynn's LSU status will depend on his tolerance threshold.
If the senior can't go, the Gators will entrust most of their carries to sophomore Kestahn Moore.
"He always brings his lunch pail to practice, he's a blue-collar guy, he's very accountable and he runs real hard," Meyer said. "His best football is still ahead of him."

HARVIN TO RETURN: Electric freshman receiver Percy Harvin will play Saturday.
Harvin has struggled to recover from the left high ankle sprain he suffered against Tennessee two weeks ago. However, his absence from the Alabama game has somewhat accelerated the healing process.
Meyer said Harvin should be close to 100 percent for LSU.
"I prayed and hoped it wouldn't [take this long]," Meyer said. "But I've coached football for a long time, and I know high ankle sprains are a bad deal."
The Gators have kept receiver runs and trick plays to a minimum since the injury occurred.

NELSON HONORED: Junior safety Reggie Nelson has been named Southeastern Conference Defensive Player of the Week for his efforts against Alabama. His 70-yard interception return for a touchdown clinched UF's win. Nelson has four interceptions this season, tied for the SEC lead.

MUM ON THOMAS: Nearly two weeks have passed since defensive tackle Marcus Thomas was suspended indefinitely, and there's still no word on when he might return.
Monday, Meyer said he is not involved in Thomas' situation.
After a disappointing 21-17 loss to LSU last season, UF coach Urban Meyer called the offensive coaches to his house for a late-night session.
Meyer and his coaching staff started at about 10 p.m. and worked past 2 a.m., drawing up plays on anything they could find - napkins, papers, old notebooks - writing anything that popped into their heads to solve the Gators' offensive woes.
"We sat there with a little fan going," Meyer said. "That was a late one. We just tried to draw plays.
"We put in a counter. We put in a stretch. I just started grabbing things and drawing."
It took losses against Alabama and LSU to spark Meyer to change from a spread-offense to a more traditional, pro-style offense suited better for quarterback Chris Leak.
Plays for fullback Billy Latsko and tight end Tate Casey - positions that had been phased out under Meyer's original spread - became integral parts of the offense.
Meyer has kept spread formations at a minimum with Leak, and the Gators have gone 9-1 since.
This year, UF has new tools like quarterback Tim Tebow, receiver Percy Harvin and healthy speedsters Andre Caldwell and Jemalle Cornelius that allow the Gators to tinker with both the true spread and the blander version.
And with a second year of experience under Meyer's system, the Gators say the offense has grown.
"The guys understand and anticipate better," Leak said. "Guys are not thinking but just reacting.
"And if you do that, you play faster, which gives you an advantage of executing the offense the way you want to."
However, the offensive explosion that Meyer showed in his second season as head coach at Utah and Bowling Green has yet to come to fruition at UF.
The Gators struggled early against Alabama, Kentucky and Tennessee.
And if UF has any hopes of defeating No. 9 LSU, No. 2 Auburn and No. 10 Georgia in its next three games, the offense must come to life - at least to a degree.
Last year, the Gators defense forced five turnovers against LSU, but UF lost because its offense could not capitalize. Meyer said he is now running an offense more like his Bowling Green attack than his Utah one.
"[Last season], we kind of came up with the idea of, 'Let's move the chains a little bit; let's play some great defense,'" Meyer said.
Center Steve Rissler said the changes UF has made on offense will be the difference in protecting Leak.
"We have changed a little bit," Rissler said. "We've put in a few different protections to help [out on blitzes]. We'll bring in a receiver to help block or keep Billy Latsko in to help block.
"We've changed the schemes up a little bit, and that should help when they're bringing all that pressure."
Leak had little time to throw against LSU last season and has been hit hard a few times in UF's first five games.
And when Leak is hit, the Gators linemen take it to heart.
"We don't like him getting hit," left tackle Phil Trautwein said. "He's a fragile guy, you know."
Despite the changes in the offense, the subsequent confidence will be measured by points scored - the primary cause for that late meeting almost a year ago.
"They blitzed us, they hit our quarterback, and in hindsight, we would have done it differently," Meyer said.
Different is what the UF offense is all about this year.
It has different personnel, different plays and now, with a different game plan against LSU, the Gators expect a different outcome.
im sure mr mulligan isnt.. havent seen him around this week
If u get +105 on both sides you Might make enough money to get a #2 combo from mcdonalds.. ;)
I layed 2 UNITS on LSU -2 and here's why: Just answer the question -- why did the books make LSU -2 favorite in the swamp??

Well LSU is not balanced on offense AND we are likely missing our top returning OLmen from last year (Arnold).
We have however switched to a younger back that isnt coming off an injury. Also, it looks as though Miles learned we cant just keeping pounding the run if we are going to win these big road games.
If we keep the turnovers to a minimum we have a real shot to win.

It surely feels as though this offense we have been waiting on for 3 years is finally going to get going now that we are out of the championship race.

However, selling Florida short at home is rarely a good idea.
I don't expect the Florida team that slept walked through Bama and UK to show up on Saturday. But it wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit.
I think Urban Meyer is unbeaten at home.. but i doubt they have played a team like the tigers before there
For what its worth:

Miles took alot of heat from the call-ins/local press for his run-run-run playcalling vs. Auburn. It was beyond vanilla, it was stubborn. Personally, I think his persistence cost LSU a chance at that game b/c the passing game was there (relative to the run).

Last week vs. State, he let Russell throw quite a bit and we all know the result there. I'm telling you, LSU has the tools to be a serious offensive powerhouse (i.e., Florida in the 90's), but lacks the coach to make it happen. Not saying this has in any way changed his philosophy or playcalling tendencies, but I like to think that it has. Hopefully, we'll see him let Russell throw and utilize the great receiving corps that LSU has. If this happens, it would be wrong to make comparisons of LSU's offense to the Auburn game, but rather to the other ones where they average around 45 ppg (Arizona, Tulane, Mississippi State, ULL).

My number is pretty tight on the line, but I'm playing LSU -2.
abcs--thelegend said:
If u get +105 on both sides you Might make enough money to get a #2 combo from mcdonalds.. ;)

I'm a vegetarian, but I could get some fries and a shake.

At one time this line was Florida +120, and it was heading north. Perhaps it will get back.

What is your opinion on the Cats/Cocks this weekend ?? I just dont feel UK can hang within a TD. I hate fading my boys, but bidness is bidness.
Well Marcus Howard will be playing
He is the best DT in the SEC. He had been out for failing multiple drug test. No suprise that the coach let him back for this game.. ;)