An ATS Play..Hit it now.. Week 4



-3 (-115) To win 2 units..

No team wants to be one dimensional.. especially against a hungry bears team looking for respect. This will be a tough road game for the Hawks who dont look half as strong away from their noise inflated stadium(5 - 3 last year, all wins came against teams who missed the playoffs). Sea looked strong against the Giants, but they got a ton of points off turnovers. The run game has been average at best. I like the bears to win this game and at worst get a push..
This line will be 5 + by kick off. I wont have many other NFL bets, but i really like this one.

BTW Gruden is a miserable qb coach. He has completely ruined Simms :hairout: Congrats now you will lose every game for the rest of the year.
Not sure I disagree w/ the play...but be careful not to overreact here...Maurice Morris is a very good back that would start on a lot of teams....

If this was cold weather I would be blindly playing it...but this is a tossup I think w/ how this SEA D is playing...
Yeah, I would say the same thing about the coach that got Brad Johnson a Super Bowl Ring.

Gradkowski is going to be good though. I watched that kid play in Toledo and he's going to be living the dream as a starting QB. How much of a loser does Rattay feel like when a 6th round QB rookie is starting in front of you?
scourge i meant for a young qb. The kid was 7 - 7 as a starter in the league i mean thats not bad. He ran awful plays and had no OL, yet he tore him publically on the sidelines.
abc ur killin urself on juice here. in 10 seconds after opening this topic i have seen -3 +105 at SIA, -3 +100 at wsex, -2.5 -110 at betus. i do love tha bears, but i never hit a line this early in tha week. great chance i will be on bears also, good luck on this
Damn tru i saw the juice pretty high at pinny so i went to betcris.. I was gonna buy it down but i didnt think it would matter. I also thought it would go the other way. We shall see..
abcs--thelegend said:
-3 (-115) To win 2 units..


Ill count it as a win since i need to go to bed. Pretty good day in the NFL. I actually had some other strong leans that i didnt play that cashed. All but oakland would have. Anyways, see yall next week
(2 - 0 + 3.5 units for the day)
Jump :cheers: abcs