A spooooky early Halloween WAC play.....


Big Kahuna
I have been reading Fresno press for the last couple of days......they have hit rock bottom.....

The team hasnt quit though....

Don't be deceived by the blowout they suffered to Hawaii....Hawaii was highly motivated.....

LSU is going to overlook these guys after seeing the score ....

Fresno's Parade High School All-American QB looked pretty good once he got in the game......

Think logically for a second......Fresno get blown out twice in a row by 31+ points????? Very rarely in college do you see that happen.....(unless you are Temple).....

It is worth a shot.....I think it will be a lot closer than people think......Fresno has hit rock bottom and these guys will be playing with nothing to lose.....

Fresno +32 1/2 440 to win 400
Fresno ML 10 to win 410:spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:
All this and more are why I am not on my boys this week. I think the over hits, but 32.5 is a bit much for the Tigahs.
actually, fresno barely lost to utah st, and then got blown out by hawaii. so they havent been blown out twice in a row.

im on LSU this weekend, but the only thing im scared of is the fact that lsu could overlook fresno and sleepwalk thru the game. one thing that i like about my lsu bet however, is i dont think the fresno kids will ever see a crazier environment than the one they are steppign into. they are not ready for a night game at lsu.
and i think teams like florida atl and temple have been blown out by that much like 3 times in a row this year
BLOW OUT CENTRAL in my opinion.. The moneyline is a joke in this one. LSU is way too physical for this team. They might be up 40 at one point in this game but they could allow a couple mooses, but as far as the moneyline goes... NO chance.
Only way LSU doesnt win by 40+ is if they play Flynn and Periloux for more than a quater, and even if they do they still might cover that number.
LSU in their home games this year
49 - 0
45 - 3
48 - 17 ( it was 35 - 3 at half )
49 - 7
BTW this is a 9 oclock kickoff.. If u have ever been to Baton Rouge, these jokers will be Fucked up!!