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Best news Ive read all day...

Report: King no longer shopping Iverson on market

In a summer filled with NBA wheelings and dealings, many expected Allen Iverson to headline the list of players to change jerseys. To the comfort of many Sixer fans, it looks like that expectation will not be met.

Team president and general manager Billy King said Tuesday that he no longer expects to deal his All-Star point guard, and that keeping Iverson gives Philly the best chance to win.

"I fully expect Allen will be suiting up with us next season," King told the Philadelphia Daily News. "Allen and I have talked about it, and he wants to be here and is excited to be playing for us."

King admitted to the newspaper that he is "still working the phones, talking to people [about prospective deals]."

"We're trying to do what's best to make us a better ballclub," he said. "That's not including Allen in our discussions."

"Our conversations with other teams at this point going forward do not include [Iverson]," King told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Earlier this month, Iverson expressed his desire to remain with the club that drafted him No. 1 overall in 1996 -- if the team wanted him.

"I want to be a Sixer, I have said that since Day 1," Iverson said at a news conference at the time to promote his annual charity softball event. "But if I am not wanted, then I definitely don't want to be a Sixer and I am willing to start my career all over."

Iverson has played all 10 of his NBA seasons in Philadelphia. In 2005-06, the 31-year-old Iverson averaged a career-high 33.0 points per game and made his seventh All-Star team, but the Sixers struggled down the stretch and finished two games out of the playoffs.

"It's a business. I have some value," Iverson said earlier in July. "We didn't make the playoffs last year, and when something like that happens, you feel like you got to do something. I don't know why it has to be me, but I guess I have that type of value."

Now all they gotta do is get rid of that bum of a power forward (how the hell can you play basketball if you cant run or jump?? Oh well, at least its not like hes the second highest paid player in the league or anything...)

Get rid of Webber, turn the team into Phoenix East and run the hell out of the ball...cuz they damn sure aint playin no D
Smoke....this is their only choice...

I mean..his value plummeted once the original rumor went down. I think that a FEB trade will get more back.

I am glad for you Philly guys..shame to lose the heart and soul for last 10 years..he is only reason peeps go to watch your games..lol
well the celtics fucked it up when they traded the seven pick for telfair

if they woulda just stood pat, drafted Foye and sent him along with Jefferon and some salary, AI would be a Celtic right now...
Not sure why anyone would want him. Especially at that age, no way he can sign a long term deal. The guy has made his teammates worst the past 2 years.
good news for 76ers. They need to do a complete overhaul of the team though, or it's 82 games and that's it for them.
abcs does basically make a point that he better retire there now because his value isn't gonna go up anymore. I still think we'll see something happen at trade deadline this year.
i dont know why people dont understand that the problem with this team is not iverson...its that no good piece of shit chris webber...

look at the stats from last year when he didnt play....the sixers were actually a good team

I underatsnd what you are saying

AI is no prollem there..Chris is garbage no doubt

But...will this team build to contenders in next few years before AI is done?

I doubt it...so you need to get value soon..ya know...
Not sure why they drafted Carney.. him and Iggy will be fun to watch together though, but i dont see either one being any better than a 15 ppg guy.
well it's not only about PPG here, as long as AI is there Sixers are going to be his team, it's AI and the supporting cast. Never liked such teams, not even Bulls with Jordan were that much of a one man team as the Sixers are now.

Not that I liked the Bulls.
When the Sixers traded Barkley '89-90, the franchise went into a downfall normally reserved for such franchises as the Clippers, Hawks, etc. The drafting of Allen breathed new life into this franchise because not only did he have the skills on the court, he had the type of attitude that Philadelphia fans love. However, what is mostly overlooked is that the Sixers rise to prominance at the end of the 90's and into the early '00's would never have been possible were it not for Pat Croce. Croce has a heart that rivals Allen's and it was his idea to bring Larry Brown and Iverson together. Moreover, it was CROCE who made the relationship work to the extent that the Sixers were able to make it to the NBA finals. Too bad they ran into Kobe and Shaq.

Once Croce left, the organization fell apart. Brown soon followed Croce out the door, and the Sixers were left with coaches such as Chris Ford, Randy Ayers, Jim O'Brien (who got a bad rap), and now Mo Cheeks. With the departure of Brown and his style of basketball, the philosophy of the team should have changed. It never did. They were still trying to play defense first basketball with guys that couldn't defend. Billy King has tried to change the culture/direction of this team by bringing in a "number 2" option to compliment Iverson, which leads us to the current situation.

Iverson and Webber were the highest scoring tandem in the NBA last year, and the Sixers missed the playoffs. IMO, Sammy Dalembert and Andre Iguadala deserve much of the blame. Somwhere between 2004 and 2005 Dalembert lost his way. Anytime you get your starting role taken by Steven Hunter, something is wrong. People love to rant and rave about Iggie, especially after his perfromance in the slam dunk contest. While there is no question that he will be a premier defender in this league, he has GOT TO BE MORE AGGRESSIVE on the offensive end. There is no reason he should be dropping 29 one night, and then only attempt 3 shots the next. I can't count the time Iverson has gotten him the ball where he needs it and his passed up the shot, or begged off the drive. If I were Billy King, I would lock Andre in a room and make him watch Richard Jefferson highlights until he got the point. Andre SHOULD be Richard Jefferson on the offensive end. If he doesn't get that this year, then he never will, and it's time to go. Speaking of leaving, Chris has to leave. The way this team is constructed, he doesn't fit. His salary makes this virtually impossible, but are you telling me there isn't a contender out there who doesn't need 20 and 10. YES, it's the worst 20/10 you can get, but it's still 20/10.

Entering this season, the bottom line is that this team can't defend, so it won't contend. I love Allen to death, but he cheats too much on defense, which in turn puts too much pressure on the inside defense. The way they are built now, they should be an uptempo team. Carney, Bobby Jones, and Willie "ice" Green are gonna help. Korver should be put in a role where he plays 20 to 25 minutes a game and provides instant offense.

I thought Iverson had a wonderful season last year, but until he realizes that it's HIS RESPONSIBILITY to get people shots they want, when they are needed, this team will miss the playoffs again. Unless a change in attitude is adopted by the team, it's gonna be another pointless winter in Philadelphia.
seriously the best thing that could happen to this team would be for webber to blow out his knee in training camp

hes due for an injury...hes been pretty healthy for the last year plus...
Smokedawg said:
seriously the best thing that could happen to this team would be for webber to blow out his knee in training camp

hes due for an injury...hes been pretty healthy for the last year plus...

Either that or the Sixers take a page from the Phoenix Suns book and play an uptempo style. Webber would be effective shooting the 12 to 15 foot jumper. The problems start when he asks for the offense to run through him. That just ain't gonna happen. Not when AI has the ball. Wouldn't letting Allen drive and positioning yourself near the basket for dump off make more sense?
thats exactly the problem...they need to be running and uptempo and they cant do that with webber in there...hes like an anchor
agree when Croce left the team went on a free fall.....AI is fun to watch but that doesnt equal wins...Plus they get zero Offense from the Center with the hands of stone and a heart of marshmellow
Great post smh....

Would love to see a Phoenix East in Philly. Webber would be good in about 28-32 minute role there and the role guys fit well into that kinda system.
The SIXERS turned down a trade offer of Q. Richardson and Maurice Taylor for Chris Webber...

Taylors deal expires after the year

I woulda done this in a HEARTBEAT and then I woulda went to Chris' house picked him and drove him up there just to make sure he was really gone
LMAO...Isiah...looking after a boy that went to his summer camps in '80's..lol..when will it end

It would make Philly better...too bad..not much..but a bit