9/17/06 NFL Sides/Totals


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operation stackola started off week 1 good, sides went 3-0, teasers went 1-0, totals slacked some but a profitable week regardless. onto week 2, will add more later

[2006-2007 NFL Season]
Dog Sides 3-0 +12.00 units
Fav Sides 0-0 +0.00 units
Overall Sides 0-0 +0.00 units
Over Totals 0-2 -8.60 units
Under Totals 0-0 +0.00 units
Overall Totals 0-0 +0.00 units
Teasers 1-0 +2.00 units
Mansion/Pinnacle Arbitrage +0.48 units

Oakland Raiders +13 -105 4 units
Houston Texans +13-110 4 units
Cleveland Browns +10 -110 4 units
Minnesota Vikings -2 -110 4 units
thanks guys, good luck wit all ur plays today, unless we against each other on some. looks strange sofar, doesnt look like there will be a total play for tha 1pm games. still 40 mins till kick off but nothin yet.

Teaser 2 units

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +14.5
Green Bay Packers +12.5
Washington Foreskins +17
damn houston now +11.5 at pinny, talk about a big muthafuckin move. glad i didnt wait till last minute like normally, woulda got fucked outa a few points.
thanks bar, good luck today dog.

yah crazy linemovement in tha hou/indy game. opened indy -14, sittin 13 mostly all morin till around 12, then less than 45 mins its droped from +13 to +11.5 at pinnacle.
anyone think its strange pinny has bears -9 when most other places have bears -7? pinny is screamin take lions +9 there. ive seen this before wit panthers las year, if this line stays this way i can see bears winnin by 10+. im not touchin this game, jus pointin it out.
St Louis Rams/San Francisco 49ers under 43.5 -105 4 units
New England Patriots/New York Jets under 38 +100 4 units
jus now noticed i missed a play on tha under in san diego, had a 2-0 consensus count to under, dont know how that game slipped by me. oh well jus hope late games go better than early ones. 2-3 early coulda been much worse