76ers & Celtics off the board at Pinny. Why?

I thought you were serious!
The Celts have been playing better as of late. If this was OTB just for a few minutes, it could mean that some big bets came in on Boston. They will often take it off when that happens, but only for a few minutes. They are all probably still hung over from their party last night! HeeHee!

The Celtics are in Philadelphia tonight to play the final game of their three-game Atlantic Division road trip, and they'll be looking for their third straight win as they face the Allen Iverson-less Sixers.
The Sixers, losers of their last eight games, have deactivated Iverson since the weekend when they made it known that they were looking to trade the seven-time All-Star who is still leading the NBA in scoring average at 31.2 PPG. So with Iverson out of the mix, the Sixers are now a very different team as they look to replace the lion's share of their offense.
okay, this is weird. Wally gets announced probable, it goes off, and comes back at -3.5 instead of -4.

Someone must have hit it hard.
I think Wally announced was as probable earlier when it up to 4...the last time I believe it was being pounded......same as Indy going OFF momentarily someone hit that
Wally sucks...they have a better chance winning if he doesn't play

That being said, C's will not win 3 in a row on the road *sigh*
Captain Slap A Hoe said:
Wally sucks...they have a better chance winning if he doesn't play

That being said, C's will not win 3 in a row on the road *sigh*

I think a guy like Wally though commands the ball and with everything clicking so well that could possibly disrupt what they have been doing...for example feeding Al Jefferson...on paper its a plus but he could disrupt the flow of the game...gerald green stepped in nicely along with tony Allen
That's an interesting perspective, SN...It's pretty much how I think of Kobe...

and Wally won't ever put up 81 in one night...NEVER.
Captain Slap A Hoe said:
Add it to your ML dog's RB...sadly I can't because I wont bet against the C-Men

I still plan on it...I was just hoping for 160, and there is time left before tip-off. Perhaps the wally supporters will get in there and raise it up for me...
smh212 said:
If Wally is moving a line something is terribly wrong!!

Oh, yeah...see, we're discussing the Celtics.

And the Celtics went terribly wrong years ago...

So yeah, Wally might just be moving a line....

PHILADELPHIA 76ERS - *Forward Rodney Carney (12/13, stomache virus) is inactive for Wednesday's game against Boston