.-=6-0 Mnf=-.

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if you dont believe my mnf record:
1. fuck you
2. you can check yourself!

*this whole week i LOVED the giants in this situation (all the tikie hype and such, futhermore, the trend of the dogs covering/winning)

*yet, after re thinking this game over and over again, i couldnt fade the cowboys here! (i just noticed that everyone on ctg is on the boys too!)

biggest nfl bet of the year

$280 (+105) -3.5

COWBOYS -3.5:smiley_acbe:
Giants Moneyline....naw, that would take balls the size of churchbells but i had a great weekend and decided to place a medium Giants +1.5 halftime bet and a medium Giants +3.5 bet
Im predicting at least 3 picks by Bledsoe and 2 or 3 by Eli. Not saying this means anything but its gonna be a crazy game imo.
GL KK....Monster nuts to make your biggest bet on the niffel this year and keep that hook in there....

Hope you hit it bro..
wow, got quite a turnout in this thread in such a short time...i guess posting my record helps! ha!

anyways, i looked at previous matchups between these teams and give the edge to the giants, i also give an emotional lean to the giants (tiki)..but homefield adds damn near a td imo, and having the spotlight on TO is always trouble for a defense that is nothing special! btw, for totals betters, i would STRONGLY recommend the OVER!!! (mid 60's total)

tonight should be a great game to watch...and abcs, if history tells me anything, that hook WILL fuck me in the ass! :)
Whole World Vs Vegas

One of them will burst today. In this kind of situation, :7_17_4:
Good luck with your pix
Its O.K. KingKrunked-SMODOD:shake:

6-1 Is better than alot of others can do...Good record:cheers:
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KK - I'm sorry for your thread degenerating into this.

If I see anyone knock down another site or another capper, even hinting at it, I'm banning them for one week (no questions asked). I'm sick of how certain posters have been so immature lately, and I'm putting a stop to it right now. Worry about yourselves, worry about capping the games, and lets win some money.

First of all KK...great MNF record even after tonight. Look forward to your pick next week.

I totally concur with Fondulous here. There has been a bit too much bickering and that kind of stuff this weekend. Its basically limited to a handfull of posters. This handful all are capable of being great posters but they want to get into petty little disagreements.

Lets just cool it. Here at CTG we don't want our members bashing other sites. Not even using a sites name is no substitute. Peeople are smart enough to know which posters have vendattas against which sites.

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