.-=5-0 on mnf sides=-.


Resident Bad Ass
check if you dont believe me!

gonna try to make it 6 in a row here...there isnt much more that can be said about this game, so here it is:

cards +12.5 (2 units) (this will count against my mnf record, the rest wont)
under 40.5 (1 unit)
cards ml (.3 to win 2)
Cool Shit man, I got the same with 2 units on the side, 1 each on ML +630 and under. Good luck to us both.
GL KK...against you on the side...but with ya on the total.
can't believe that horse cock of a game! i think it was worth 2 units just to see soemthing so unbelievable though

6-0 mnf