2nd Half Play Thread


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Post em' up when you make em...

I'll be hitting Bears, Falcons, Rams, Giants it appears... 1H plays for me were awful...
Fondybadger said:
$300 Packers -0.5 (still think they win this SU)

-1.5 on fuckdog...i was lookin hard at buff (but have only been watchin my chiefs this afternoon)

ill take my winnings and lay off this 2h shit for now...gl to you fond
$425 Falcons -3 -120

and I'm emptied out of Pinny... need to get some of these before i can make 1Q plays in the late ones...
Lean towards Tenny +3 - but obviously a no play for me... I need to go take a deep breathe and settle down here, i'll be back in 15 or so...