2006 NCAAF Bowl Games: Leans & Plays


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Here's what I've got locked in so far. Will be adding a few leans as we draw closer to the Bowl games.

Bowl Game Card

South Florida -3 [2.5 Units] :D

Florida +8 [1.5 Units]

TCU -12 [1 Unit] :D

SJSU +4.5 [0.5 Units] :D

Bowl Game Leans

Kentucky +10

Miami(FL) -3

Any insight or feedback is greatly appreciated. GL fellas...can't wait for the Bowl games!!!


2006 Bowl Games Record...

Sides: 3-0 [+3.8 Units]

Regular Season Record...

YTD NCAAF Sides: 80-55-3 [+19.7 Units]

YTD NCAAF M/L Plays: 5-11 [-1.1 Units]

YTD NCAAF Totals: 2-0-1 [+2.4 Units]

YTD NCCAF Teasers/Parlays: 0-3 [-1.8 Units]

YTD NCAAF Overall: +19.2 Units

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ECU really got screwed getting stuck with USF as opposed to Troy, who I think they would have handled. USF looks like the right play there.
Looking good, Aztec.
Personally, i'd need double digits to consider the Gators...but the other two i really like. I'll be joining you on both, eventually.

SJST i'm hoping (i emphasize hoping) i'll see a 7...but i'll also consider a very small ML play here as well. If it wasnt' basically a home game for NM, it would be a decent sized ML play.
Thanks Yanks. I'm also hoping the SJSU line goes higher. If it reaches 7, I'll definitely jump on board. :cheers:
Notorious DOG - Thanks bro. I already placed a wager on the Gators at +8. I may heap a little more green on them if the line creeps up some more.
3-0 with only the Gators left on my card. I may add a few more plays down the road. GL on the remaining Bowls fellas!

Well, I definitely can't complain about my bowl plays. :smiley_acbe:

I'm already fiending for next season to start, so you can bet I'll be counting down the days.

I'll stop by throughout the offseason to check in on my fellow degenerates.

GL fellas, and enjoy the New Year! :cheers:
By the way...props to RJ, Fondy, HUNT, tru, Yanks, horses, Santa, and everybody else who contributes on this site. I've been swamped with work lately...but this is still my home away from home. LOL