To the left, to the left, to the right to the righ
'05/'06 NBA Record ATS: 122-95 (56%)
'06/'07 NBA Record ATS: 30-16 (65%)

Nets 1Q Team Total O26.5 (-110 @ Greek)
Greek may be the only book that has these bets, I dunno. But Nets will bring an energized offense to an exhausted defense that happens to be the worst in the NBA. Should jump all over them. Cleared this number the last few meetings vs. Boston, and Boston routinely gives up 30+ on the road. I figure Jersey for about 31 or 33.


Dunno Dan. I honestly hate this card. Sell me on something.
GL Killa. I'm interested to see the pace of this game following the 2OT game the other night.
Killa said:
Dunno Dan. I honestly hate this card. Sell me on something.

I think I'm only playing the under in chicago for 2 units. my avatar made me 17 units today, so I'm not pressing too hard today for any more action as i have around 20 plays on my college card LOL

Maybe a play on philly ml? hard to fathom they stand less than a 15% chance to win this game.
I never checked greek's 1Q lines, if they had MLs for every quarter, id take a shot with philly ml's all on 4, but they only have 1q at +250.
Never shoulda been that close, we had 24 with 2:44 left. I love these 1Qs, I feel like an assassin. Quick and deadly baby.

Nice hit their buddy. Good thing you didn't take the combined total for the first. Wasn't sure the Celtics were going to score at all. You may personally force me to sign up for a Greek account.